Upgrade Your MacBook Pro With SSD

MacBook Pro is one of the best machines to work on and once you’ve used it, it makes you all the more resistant to work on any other computer. But, when your MacBook Pro gets old, it loses some of its efficiency due to various reasons. If you own an old MacBook Pro, which doesn’t work as it used to, you might want to either replace it with a new one or hope to improve its performance. As the cost of a new MacBook Pro is not easily bearable by everyone, you’ve got another option to upgrade your MacBook Pro with an SSD.

Upgrade Your MacBook Pro With SSD

SSD or Solid State Drive replaces the hard-disk of your machine that not only enhances the efficiency but also adds life to your laptop. This is the power of SSD that all the modern laptops and MacBooks are sold with SSDs in them instead of the conventional spinning discs. Although, you might want to get your head around your warehouse to search for specific tools like 6T torx-head screwdriver that are required to open the device, but if you’re skeptical about opening it, remember that it is not as hard as it sounds and takes less than an hour to be finished. Before you start, arrange the following items:

  • A 2.5-inch SATA SSD. You may check the best SSDs for MacBook Pro.
  • SATA-to-USB cable or dock
  • Tiny screwdriver to open your laptop
  • Download SuperDuper Software
  • Torx head screwdriver for disassembling the old hard drive


Getting started:

Step 1: Prepare the SSD:

Before you change the hard disc of the machine, it is important to prepare the new SSD to work. For that, you need to download the SuperDuper tool that helps you cloning the data from one to another drive. To do that, connect your SSD to your MacBook Pro with a cable or dock. Once it is connected, go to spotlight and type Disk Utility or launch it directly. Once there, click on the SSD shown from the left sidebar. Proceed to erase the SSD by clicking on the Erase button available at the top of the window. This would format the new SSD and make it available to accept the data we’re going to load.

Prepare the SSD

Source: softonic.com

As soon as the erasing finishes, launch the SuperDuper program and set it to clone the data of your MacBook Pro’s hard disk to the new SSD. Select your SSD and proceed with Backup All Files followed by Copy Now. The transfer and cloning might take around an hour or more, depending on the size of data you’re transferring. Once it finishes the transfer, eject the SSD safely and shut the machine down.

Step 2: Disassemble the Hard Drive:

Once your system is properly shut down, you need to remove the back cover of your MacBook Pro by unscrewing the screws. Once the back cover is removed, you may see dust all around internal parts of the machine. It happens because you can’t clean it inside on a regular basis. Start cleaning it gently with a soft brush or by blowing air. Make sure you use adequate force while cleaning or it may damage the circuit.
Now that you’ve cleaned it, aim to the bracket that secures your hard drive. You need to use regular screwdriver to unscrew the two black screws holding the bracket. After removing the bracket, place it securely and gently lift your hard drive. Pay extra attention while de-attaching the SATA ribbon as it needs to be unplugged from its wiggle. Make sure you don’t pull the ribbon itself or you may end up losing it.

Disassemble the Hard Drive

Source: ifixit.org

As soon as you hold the hard drive, remove the holding sticker and place it on the SSD to help remove it in future. Also, you need to unscrew the four torx screws on the hard drive.

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Step 3: Install the new SSD

Before you do anything with the new SSD, screw-in the four torx screws that you removed from the old hard disk. After that, carefully connect the SATA ribbon to the SSD and place the drive at the same place as the old hard disk. Don’t forget to cover it by reattaching the bracket and place the back cover of your Mac by screwing all the ten screws.

Install the new SSD

Source: computers.tutsplus.com

You’re almost done, just switch on your MacBook Pro without any doubts. Be informed that it might take longer than usual to boot up for the first time. However, it would be faster from the next time. Once you see the home screen, congratulate yourself for doing it yourself instead of going to the store and buying a new one.

Taking everything into account, you can observe that it is too easy to replace the hard disk to an SSD of your MacBook Pro. Doing this would not only save you some good amount but also trains you at DIY. Now that you’ve got the old hard disk with you, you may either place it somewhere or use it as an external hard drive to get extra space.

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