MacBook Air Not Charging? Here’s the Fix!

Whenever you’re considering buying a new laptop that is sleek, powerful, and reliable, MacBook Air forms to be a decent choice. Yes, it is the perfect option as it excels at all the fronts when weighed in terms of speed, performance, or durability.

MacBook Air is Apple’s thinnest and lightest device that comes supercharged with a powerful M1 chip. The M1 chip enhances your Mac’s performance and makes it 3.5x faster. It allows you to run multiple tasks with core efficiency simultaneously. MacBook Air promises to deliver a reasonably optimum 18 hours of battery life. However, no laptop or device you buy requires a good charging routine.

MacBook Air not charging
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MacBook not charging? Did your MacBook’s battery stop charging even while plugged to power? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In this post, we have listed a handful of solutions that you can use for fixing the MacBook not charging issues. So, if you happen to own any of the below listed MacBook Air models, you can refer to this guide for resolving the issue:

  • MacBook Air 2020 with M1 chip.
  • MacBook Air 2018 Intel.
  • MacBook Air 2017 Intel.
  • MacBook Air 2015 Intel.

Let’s explore these solutions so that you can get your Mac’s battery life up and running again within no time.

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Why is MacBook Air Not Charging?

MacBook Air not charging

MacBook Air models are pretty durable. As per the experts, the MacBook’s Air battery is good to go for about 1000 cycles, and after that, the battery’s performance slowly starts draining as per your usage. But if you recently bought a new device and if it fails to charge, here are some of the most common reasons why you face this issue.

  • Corrupt system settings.
  • Faulty power cable.
  • Incompatible adapter.
  • MacBook is stuck on low power mode.

You can use the below-listed troubleshooting methods to fix the MacBook Air not charging issue.

How to Check the Battery Health Status on MacBook Air?

To check the battery health status on Mac, follow these quick steps:

Tap on the Apple icon placed on the top menu bar and select “About this Mac.”

MacBook not charging

Tap on the “System Report” button. Switch to the “Power” tab from the left menu pane.

MacBook not charging

Now, check the maximum capacity value of the battery’s health. If the battery health capacity is below 85%, we recommend visiting a nearby Apple Store and getting your device checked. However, if the value is above 85%, you can use the below-listed methods to perform troubleshooting at your end.

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How to Fix MacBook Air Not Charging Issue?

MacBook Air 2020 (With M1 Chip)

Solution 1: Disable Optimized Battery Charging

Tap on the Apple icon placed on the top menu bar and select System Preferences> Battery.

Switch to the “Battery” section from the left menu pane.

MacBook Air not charging

Now, uncheck the “Optimized Battery Charging” option in the settings window.

Reboot your Mac, plug it into a power source, and check if the battery is functional again.

Solution 2: Turn OFF Low Power Mode

Like the iOS has a dedicated low power mode, Apple also introduced it on MacBooks and the macOS Monterey update. The low power mode reduces the energy consumption of your MacBook by lowering the brightness levels, decreasing the processor clock’s speed, and so on. In our next hack, we will try turning off the low power mode on Mac and see if it helps.

Tap on the battery icon placed on the top right corner of the menu bar, and select “Battery Preferences.”

Switch to the “Power Adapter” section with from the left menu pane in the Battery Settings.

MacBook not charging

Uncheck the “Low Power Mode” option to turn it off.

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MacBook Air (2018, 2017, and 2015 Intel-Based Models)

Solution 1: Reset NVRAM

NVRAM, aka the Non-volatile random access memory on RAM, is responsible for storing important system settings like information-related to time zone, startup disk, sound, and so on. Resetting the NVRAM on MacBook Air models (Intel Based) might help resolve the issue. Here you go!

Shut down your Mac. Press the Power button to turn ON your MacBook Air device.

Press and hold the Command + Option + P + R key combination for about 20-22 seconds after your device reboots. Releases the keys once you see the Apple logo on the screen.

MacBook Air not charging

Once the NVRAM has been reset, plug your Mac into a power source and check if the issue was resolved.

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MacBook Air (All Models)

No matter which MacBook Air model you own, some generic tips and tricks might help.

Check the Power Cable and Charging Adapter

First things first, as they say! Before you start worrying about replacing your Mac’s battery, here’s something you can try.

MacBook not charging
Image source: Apple Toolbox

You need to ensure that your MacBook is well-connected to a power source. Just make sure that the adapter isn’t loose and the cable has not been tampered. You can also try using an alternative power outlet, adapter, or cable to ensure all the physical connections are in place.

Cool Down your Device

Is your MacBook overheating? If yes, then cool down your device for a while. While working on high-end tools like video editing software, or playing games, your MacBook might start to overheat at some instance. Hence, quit all the applications, shut down your Mac, and then turn it off after a while. Replug your MacBook Air and check if the issue was resolved.


Here are a few simple yet effective solutions to fix the MacBook Air not charging issue. You can use these methods to perform basic troubleshooting at your end to resolve  battery charging issues.

Was this post helpful? Do let us know which method did the trick for you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box!

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