Are You Hit With “Unmountable Boot Volume” Windows 10 Error? Here’s How You Can Fix It

“Unmountable Boot Volume” Blue Screen Windows error prevent the computer from starting, completely locking out the users of their computer. Read further to know what Unmountable_Boot_Volume Error means? What causes this specific Windows 10 error? & What can you do to fix it?

What Is Unmountable_Boot_Volume Error?

Basically a ‘boot volume’ is a partition of a hard drive that holds Windows system & boot files. The error message, Unmountable_Boot_Volume appears when your computer becomes incapable of loading the Windows OS properly. Most users encounter this BSoD error during bootup, installing/uninstalling software or app or while updating Windows OS.

Reasons Behind Unmountable_Boot_Volume Error

The main causes behind this error are hard drive related, indicating Windows failing to mount the boot file system properly. The other reasons are listed below:

  • Defective Boot Volume
  • Corrupted System Files
  • Damaged RAM
  • Memory Issues
  • Major Windows Update
  • Improperly Configured BIOS (Rarest of all, Unmountable_Boot_Volume Error doesn’t occur until and unless you’ve altered the BIOS settings yourself)

How To Fix Unmountable Boot Volume Error On Windows 10?

Though the BSoD error is quite a pain, that doesn’t mean you cannot fix it. Check out various methods below to fix this Windows 10 issue.

Fix 1: Restart Your PC

Sometimes Windows systems do run a temporary hiccup which causes various BSoD errors. So, before you proceed with some advanced ways to fix your issue, go for just a plain restart. There’s a good probability that you might recover from such an error.
Fix 2: Run Windows Automatic Repair

If restarting your Windows PC doesn’t help to fix the Unmountable_Boot_Volume error on your system, then you should go for Windows Automatic Repair.

Note: You’ll be needing a bootable Windows Installation Media for this method. If you don’t have any Windows 10 media available, you can visit this page to know the steps of creating one.

  • Insert the Installation Media and restart your system
  • In the Windows Setup box > Next > Repair your computer
  • Choose Troubleshoot option & head towards Advanced Options
  • Click on Automatic Repair and wait for the process to get completed

Hopefully, the run would fix your problem and you won’t face the Unmountable Boot Volume error from the next boot up.

Fix 3: Repair Master Boot Record

If the previous method didn’t turn out to be helpful for you, then repair Master Boot Record might be a useful fix. Master Boot Record (MBR) is responsible for storing information related to where the OS is installed and helps simultaneously to load the boot process properly.

  • If by any chance the MBR gets corrupted, your system would not boot appropriately. Explore how to fix MBR and get rid of the Unmountable Boot Volume error.
  • Start your PC using a Windows 10 DVD or a USB Drive.
  • Choose Repair your computer option from the Windows setup box
  • Select Troubleshoot > on the Advanced Options > hit on Command Prompt
  • In the CMD window type and execute the following command to run an MBR repair – bootrec /fixmbr
  • Wait for the run process to get complete and execute the following commands for additional repairs:
    bootrec /fixboot
    bootrec /rebuilddbcd

Leave the Command Prompt & patiently wait for the Master Boot Record to fix everything. Reboot your system to apply the changes. If you still witness the Unmountable Boot Volume error continues to pop-up, try the next method.

Fix 4: Check For Memory Issues

If none of the aforementioned methods are working for you to fix the Unmountable_Boot_Volume error, Probably there are some issues with your RAM. You can run the Memory Diagnostic tool to find and fix common RAM issues. You can refer to this article to learn how to run a Memory Diagnostic tool!

Fix 5: Reinstall Windows 10

Unfortunately, if nothing works for you to Fix the Unmountable Boot Volume BSoD error. You should try to reinstall Windows 10 on your system.
Note: Reinstalling Windows 10 will apparently erase all your data and files. So, it’s suggested that you take a backup of all your important files before you proceed with this method.
To reinstall Windows 10, follow the instructions below:

Shut down your computer and Restart it using Bootable USB Drive

Once your computer starts > click on the Install Now button and follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall Windows 10 successfully.

Unmountable Boot Volume Windows 10 Error: FIXED!

If the aforementioned solutions were helpful for you to fix the Unmountable_Boot_Volume Windows 10 error. Do share your experience and feedback in the comment section below. Also, you’re struggling or wish to know about any other Blue Screen Windows 10 error, check out the list of articles mentioned below!

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