9 Tweaks to Supercharge Your Gaming PC

Gaming is one aspect of having a PC and not all computers are meant for gaming. Only the mean, high-powered PCs docked with bulging CPU & GPU components are fit to play games. However, it is not always the hardware configuration that is responsible for an optimal gaming experience. That burden is equally shared by the Software installed on your PC as well. This article describes a few tweaks that will help improve and make better performance of your Windows 10 computer and optimize the PC for gaming.

Different Methods To Tweak And Supercharge Your Gaming PC

Tweak 1: Install the Latest Graphics Drivers

Advanced Driver Updater

You won’t want to go into combat, race around a track or rocket into space without the most recent Nvidia or AMD graphics drivers installed on your GPU. It’s one of the most crucial pre-game inspections you can make, and it’s also simple. Updating drivers manually is a difficult task that consumes time and effort and we recommend using driver updater software that will do the job for you within a few mouse clicks. Advanced Driver Updater is one such software that we are personally using and seems to keep all our drivers updated automatically by performing the functions of scanning the system, downloading, installing, and updating all the drivers.

Tweak 2:  Examine the Game’s Options

Examine the game's options

Every game has its own set of setting options, and it’s worth taking the time to become comfortable with them, as tempting as it may be to jump right into the action. These adjustments can make a big difference, and it’s worth losing a few pixels in the long run if it means the pixels that remain on-screen move more smoothly.

Tweak 3: Examine any pre-installed software

If you bought a prebuilt gaming PC or laptop from a reputable gaming brand like Razer, Alienware, Gigabyte, or others, it may have come with a utility or two to help you get the most out of your gaming experience. If the utility wasn’t installed when the computer was built, you may need to manually download it. If you want to squeeze out some more performance from your PC, you can also increase the processor and graphics card speed in exchange for a larger power drain and louder fan buzzing.

Tweak 4: Use A Third-Party Game Optimization Software

Game Optimization Software

You don’t have to stick with the optimization software that came with your computer; there are plenty of other options. Advanced System Optimizer is a multipurpose optimization PC tool that keeps your Windows PC or Laptop in good shape by clearing superfluous temp files and residues to maintain high performance. This gaming PC optimizer is simple to use and ensures that your PC runs smoothly after each scan. Its Game Optimizer module allows users to easily transition between games and other duties without compromising game performance. When you use Game Optimizer mode, the game will run in sandbox mode without any distractions.

Tweak 5: Free Up Space On Your Hard Drive

Making sure your hard disk has lots of space is a tedious but useful approach to improve your chances of a smooth gaming session. If your computer’s storage space is limited, you may have observed that games are struggling and slowing down as a result. Remove no longer-used games, applications, and files to enjoy the benefits—you can backup files to the cloud if necessary, and remove programs via the Apps area of Windows Settings.

Tweak 6: Computer Overclocking

Computer Overclocking

Overclocked components result in speedier gameplay, but you’ll require a CPU and/or GPU designed for overclocking. Many are now but double-check your computer’s specifications. If you buy a prebuilt gaming PC that is designed to be overclocked, it may come with software to let you do it. It’s also worth noting that overclocking is done entirely at your own risk. To discover what’s possible on your computer, try apps like AMD Ryzen Master, Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, Asus GPU Tweak, and MSI Afterburner.

Tweak 7: Use Plug-in Electricity

When you’re away from a power outlet, Windows adjusts the performance settings to save battery life, so you should always be gaming while plugged in if at all possible in the case of laptops. The same goes for Wi-Fi networks as it is recommended to use a LAN cable for a smooth gaming experience.

Tweak 8: Background Processes Should Be Turned Off


When you’re gaming, you’ll want as little as possible operating in the background, hogging CPU, GPU, and RAM resources as well as internet traffic. Remove non-essential, non-gaming programs from the taskbar by right-clicking on them and selecting Close window from the pop-up menu. To see what’s happening in the background, right-click a blank space of the taskbar and select Task Manager, then Processes.

Select anything on the list that you’re not currently using and choose End task to turn it off. If you’re not sure what a process is, look it up on the internet—some of them may be required for your games and Windows itself.

Tweak 9: Disable Notifications

Disable notifications

Receiving an email message halfway through a particularly difficult capture of the flag level may not make a significant impact in terms of performance, but it is unlikely to aid concentration. For you or your team, it could make the difference between win and defeat. Disable all notifications in Windows Settings by going to the  System and Notifications section and disabling all notifications for some time till you play the game.

Your Thoughts on Nine Tweaks to Supercharge Your Gaming PC

I hope the above tweaks help improve the gaming experience. You can start using Advanced System Optimizer to optimize your PC in one go and then use the gaming module to provide you with a seamless experience.

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