Truecaller Restores Call Recording on Android and iPhone

Truecaller Restores Call Recording on Android and iPhone – Discover How to Start Recording

In a major update, Truecaller, the popular phone app, has recently unveiled the revival of call recording capabilities for Android and iOS devices. This sought-after premium feature will now be exclusively accessible to users who opt for the paid service. To ensure seamless operation, the company has implemented an effective AI-driven dedicated call recording line. The reintroduction of this feature holds particular importance as both Google and Apple prohibit native phone recording within their platforms.

After a temporary absence, the call recording feature has made a grand comeback following an unexpected departure last year due to an API hiccup with Google. While currently accessible to users in the US, Truecaller is determined to extend this valuable functionality to a wider audience globally.

Let’s Take Have A Look At How This Call Recording Works

Capturing a conversation with Truecaller has never been simpler. The straightforward process involves seamlessly merging the dedicated recording line with the desired call. With a quick tap on the “Record a Call” button within the app, users can initiate the recording process by placing a call on the dedicated recording line.

Once the conversation concludes, Truecaller conveniently generates a recorded file for easy access. Users can effortlessly listen to, rename, share, or delete these files as needed. It’s worth noting that for outgoing calls, the process follows a slightly modified approach, ensuring a hassle-free experience regardless of call direction.

Truecaller has enhanced its call recording feature to capture conversations from both sides, providing a complete record of the call. To ensure openness and ethical practices, Truecaller cleverly includes a unique beep sound that lets the other person know the call is being recorded. This way, everyone involved is aware of the recording, promoting transparency and respectful communication.

To Record A Call on iPhone –

For Apple iPhone users, initiating call recording on Truecaller involves dialing a specific phone number using the app and then merging both calls to begin recording. Truecaller ensures that iPhone users can conveniently store a backup of all their recordings in their iCloud storage.

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To record incoming calls using Truecaller, follow these easy steps:

Record incoming calls

    • Answer the incoming call as you normally would.
    • Open the Truecaller app on your device.
    • Navigate to the Search tab within the app.
  • Locate and tap on the ‘Record a call’.
  • Place a call to the dedicated recording line, which is a special number provided by Truecaller explicitly for call recording purposes.
  • Once you’ve dialed the recording line, the call screen will present you with the option to merge the two calls seamlessly.

When it comes to recording outgoing calls, Truecaller offers a hassle-free process. Here’s what you need to do:

Recording outgoing calls

  • Open the Truecaller app on your device.
  • Navigate to the Search tab within the app.
  • Look for the ‘Record a call’ option and tap on it.
  • Dial the dedicated recording line provided by Truecaller.
  • To add a call, you can select a contact from your phonebook or manually enter the desired number.
  • Once you’ve established the second call, simply merge the two calls together.

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To Record A Call on Android –

To initiate call recording on Android devices, simply launch the Truecaller app and access its dialer interface. Within the dialer, you’ll find a particular call recording button that serves as your gateway to start capturing your conversations effortlessly. Android users have the option to back up their recorded files to Google Drive.

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Truecaller Call Transcription Feature

In addition to the highly anticipated call recording capability, Truecaller also introduced a feature that can transform your calls into convenient text messages. This innovative functionality proves to be exceptionally handy, especially during crucial engagements such as significant meetings, where having a transcription of the conversation is invaluable. As of now, the text translation feature supports the English language, enabling users to effortlessly capture and refer back to important discussions.


By following a few simple steps, you can effortlessly begin recording your calls and never miss out on important details again. Whether it’s for business purposes or personal convenience, Truecaller ensures that you have the tools you need to capture and revisit those crucial conversations. So, why wait? Take advantage of Truecaller’s call recording feature today and stay one step ahead in managing your smartphone communication like a pro.

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