Top 7 LifeLock Alternatives With More Effective Features

Okay, so I have a little confession to make!

I’ve been pretty casual when it comes to maintaining digital security. And if you’re in the majority chunk, you’ve probably been guilty of it too. You might have a counter like “I changed my Password Frequently” or “I Am Old Enough to Not Keep My Password as My Girlfriend’s Date of Birth”. But well, guess what? This is certainly not enough. We live in those times where identity theft seems pandemic, and thousands fall prey to it every day, and this number keeps on inflating. So spending $20, $40 or $60 a month seems pretty good insurance against such nightmares.

Well, when we search for the Best & Most Secured Identity Theft Protection Service, LifeLock is one such constant suggestion, given by most of the popular websites and forums. To be honest, we can’t agree more that it’s an excellent ID Theft Protection solution that provides comprehensive monitoring for your accounts, including real-time alerts, has dark web monitoring and more such brilliant features. Despite being one of the most prominent players in the ID Theft Protection game, it does have certain unavoidable cons that prevail users to search for LifeLock Alternatives.

Why Should You Look For Best Alternatives To LifeLock?

Also, based on Google Search Analysis, Systweak discovered that users are very interested in learning about Top LifeLock Competitors!

  • LifeLock cost is a major concern.
  • The monthly LifeLock subscription increases after the first year of purchase.
  • LifeLock’s plan, complete family coverage is quite costly.
  • The identity restoration service is only available during business hours, which means if ID theft happens at other times, you have to wait to get in touch with the service.
  • You might get tired of receiving the constant vague notifications.
  • Delayed alerts are also a major
  • If you want to rely on LifeLock, it’s the most expensive tier of service available.

We believe these cons are enough to change your mind, and you might want to look for better LifeLock alternatives that don’t come with such disadvantages.

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Advanced Identity Protector

Advanced Identity Protector







Identity Guard

Now, let’s take a look at their features set, pros, cons and other details briefly.

Seven Best Alternatives To LifeLock 2021

Check out this list of LifeLock alternatives you can try using for ideal security and privacy.

1. Advanced Identity Protector

AIP by Systweak Software is a lifesaver in the Cyber World. It helps users freely transact over multiple websites with their confidential information protected with best-in-class security. Using this strongest LifeLock Competitor, you can scan your machine & find all the identity exposing traces, which may easily be available for cybercriminals. You can further lock down the sensitive data in Encrypted Safety Vault or Shred information permanently.

FEATURES: Advanced Identity Protector

  • Capable of detecting identity exposing traces, without hassles.
  • Provides a Secure Vault to safeguard all the personal information.
  • Helps you organize your confidential data.
  • Areas protected by Advanced Identity Protector: Web Browsers, Email Clients, Documents & Files, and Windows Registry.
  • Helps to shred your private data for making it unrecoverable.
  • Offers 30-Days free trial.

Other Highlights: Advanced Identity Protector 

Compatibility Windows & Mac
Pricing $39.95/Year

Advanced Identity Protector


Scans your PC & browser to detect hidden identity traces.
Lets you consolidate all your private info in a single secure vault.
Offers AES-256 encryption for robust security.
Automatic scheduler to proffers 24*7 protection.

Limited free trial period.

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2. IdentityForce

Protecting the identities and privacy of people for several years, IdentityForce is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and trustworthy ID theft protector solutions. Not only has it helped individuals & businesses to protect their private & credit information, but it also has extended its services towards reputed government agencies.

FEATURES: IdentityForce

  • Thorough monitoring.
  • Offers two-factor authentication.
  • A dedicated mobile app to monitor spyware & spoof networks.
  • Provides quarterly credits scores and reports.
  • Utilizes advanced ID theft protection techniques to ensure digital safety.
  • The LifeLock competitor ensures that your PINs, keystrokes & credit card info are fully protected.

Other Highlights: IdentityForce

Compatibility Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Personal Plan:

UltraSecure – $14.99/Month

UltraSecure + Credit – $19.99/Month


Family Plan:

1 Adult & 1 Child – Additional $2.75/Month After signing up for any of the above two plans.

2 Adults & 2 Children –

UltraSecure – $25/Month

UltraSecure + Credit – $36/Month



Offers extensive coverage, including medical record screenings & court records.
You can have credit reports from all the three bureaus.
Take advantage of the Credit Score Simulator, which lets you monitor how your credit will be affected based on your spending.

The costly alternative to LifeLock. The cheapest plan starts at $14.99.

3. Identity Guard

The big pitch for Identity Guard is that it utilizes IBM’s Watson. The service not only monitors & safeguards your personal information like credit files, SSN & more. But the security solution also advises you on identity management. It has evolved from basic credit protection & has now become one of the closest LifeLock competitors with comprehensive coverage across several domains.

FEATURES: Identity Guard

  • This alternative to LifeLock alerts every time if it detects your info on the Dark
  • Constant monitoring with alerts.
  • Helps you analyze your social media insight report for maintaining your reputation status.
  • Effective customer service.
  • Comprehensive data monitoring.
  • Dedicated case manager.
  • Free 30-Day Trial.

 Other Highlights: Identity Guard   

Compatibility Windows

Basic Value – $8.99/Month

Total Protection –  $19.99/Month

Premier – $24.99/Month


Family Plans: Works for single address

Couple – $14.99/Month

Parent & Child – $29.99/Month

Identity Guard 


A complete package of Antivirus, Password Manager, AdBlocker, Anti-Phishing Mobile App & More.
ID theft insurance for up to $1 Million.
Reliable LifeLock alternative that derives its horsepower from the IBM Watson AI framework.

No refund policy.
No protection offered for medical or tax information.
Ineffective tech support.

4. ID Shield

Now you don’t have to worry about Social Security scams, unauthorized transactions in your name, or any other data breach. Because, you have the best alternative to LifeLock, the most comprehensive privacy protection tool – ID Shield. It offers top-class theft protection services along with expert private investigators to protect your stolen identity.


  • SSN (Social Security Number) Monitoring
  • Dark web surveillance
  • Unlimited consultation with Fraud experts
  • Financial account monitoring (401K)
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Manage private info, id discoverable on social, web & data broker sites.
  • 12 Month credit score tracking.

Other Highlights: ID Shield  

Compatibility Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Individual Plan:

One-Bureau – $12.95/Month

Three-Bureau – $17.95/Month


Family Plan:

One-Bureau – $25.95/Month

Three-Bureau – $32.95/Month

ID Shield


Get up to $1 M for financial loss due to ID theft.
A licensed private investigator is assigned to restore your stolen identity.
Add up to 10 Children, if using the Family plan.
The app is available for Android & iPhone users.

No free trial available to use this LifeLock Alternative.
Canceling the plan is a time-consuming process.
Have setup issues.

5. ProtectMyID

It’s an ultimate Identity theft protection service by Experian & offers robust ID theft security and resolution services for maintaining 360-degree security. In addition to providing the standard

$1 million insurance for any data theft. ProtectMyID is best known for working at a much faster rate than other alternatives to LifeLock when it comes to providing instant resolutions.


  • The LifeLock alternative sends you a text and email alert to notify if anyone attempts to steal or use your personal information.
  • Be it an issue with your credit report or anywhere your private data gets leaked, you will get to know about the incident immediately through alerts by ProtectMyID.
  • Their ability to leverage the strong relationship with Experian, which is the World’s leading credit report agency, gives an extra edge to the ID Protection solution.

Other Highlights: ProtectMyID 

Multilingual Windows

Individual Plans:

Plus – $9.99/Month

Premium – $19.99/Month


Family Plans:

1 Adult & Up To 10 Children

Plus – $14.99/Month

Premium – $24.99/Month

2 Adults & Up To 10 Children

Plus – $19.99/Month

Premium – $29.99/Month




Affordable alternative to LifeLock
Enjoy up to $1 M insurance coverage
An exclusive identity restoration official can be assigned, if really needed.

The sign-up process takes relatively longer and gets confusing.

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 Few More Honorable Mentions: Best ID Theft Protection Services

Well, these are some of the most famous & secure LifeLock competitors that deserve to be in this list.

6. ID Watchdog

Similar to LifeLock, ID Watchdog works exceptionally well to protect your financial & personal information from data breaches & other ID thefts. The security solution has Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists that works dedicatedly until your case is resolved. Read more about ID Watchdog, its features, pros/cons and other details.
ID Watchdog

7. IdentityProtect

Identity Protect is an exceptional alternative to LifeLock that assists users with instant identity resolution, restoration & also covers users for credit freezes. The identity theft protector service provides Internet surveillance monitoring, credit fraud consultation & three-bureau credit monitoring.


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Now You Know The Closest LifeLock Competitors

As you can see, all the aforementioned LifeLock alternatives have their distinct Pros & Cons. Sure, not all of the options will suit everyone. Certain factors are needed to be considered, such as budget, level of security required, and so on. So, if you want extensive coverage and an affordable option, then consider using Advanced Identity Protector. Similarly, if you have a large family and you want all of the devices to be protected, then IdentityForce will suit you better!

Since you are here, let’s take a look at How Identity Theft Risks Can Target You at Different Stages of Your Life?

Closest LifeLock Competitors

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