10 Best File Copy Software For Windows PC (2024) | Transfer Files Faster & Easier

Transferring a large amount of data on your Windows PC can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially when you’re using the default Windows file copy functionality. But what if we tell you there’s a more convenient, faster, and more efficient way to transfer files? Well, you may consider using a file copy utility software. It’s a dedicated program that can help you copy, move, or synchronize files and folders between your computer and the removable device, or between two removable devices connected to your computer.

These fast copy software also offers various features and options that can enhance your file transfer experience, such as speed, performance, reliability, security, and customization.

Our Top 3 Choices

easus disk copy utility


  • Fastest & Safest File Copy Utility For PC
  • Allows You To Create A Clone Of Whole Drive/Disk
  • Lets You Create A Bootable Disk

Best choice

fast copy tool


  • Updates Outdated, missing or corrupt drivers
  • Scans Windows Registry for invalid entries
  • In-built Web Protection blocks malicious sites

Best choice

tera copy software


  • Flexible File Copy Utility For Windows 10
  • Skips Problematic Files During Copying Process
  • Supports Drag & Drop To Copy/Move Files

Best choice

Best File Copy Software For Windows PC: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Each Tool

Whether you are a casual user, a power user, a developer, or a gamer, you will find a file copy utility software that suits your preferences and needs.

1. EaseUS Disk Copy

PRICE: Free trial, $19.90/Month, $29.90/Year, $59.90/Lifetime (with free upgrades) 


COMPATIBILITY: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Discover the power of EaseUS Disk Copy, a top-notch data copy software for Windows 11. This efficient tool allows you to seamlessly clone entire drives with speed and precision. With compatibility across various Windows versions, EaseUS Disk Copy offers reliable disk cloning and even supports bootable disk creation. Whether you’re dealing with small or large drives up to 16 TB in size, this software has got you covered. Try EaseUS Disk Copy today and experience hassle-free drive duplication.

Easeus Disk Copy Demo Version File Copy Software


  • One-click OS migration is supported.
  • Supports both local and network disk copy.
  • Ability to clone one hard drive to multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Easily clone the entire OS or used sectors of the source disk to a smaller SSD.
  • Create WinPE bootable disk.


  • Best-known for its accuracy in making clones
  • Fastest & Safest File Copy Utility
  • Capable of rescuing damaged hard drives
  • Helps in creating partitions & boot disk


  • Higher prices compared to other alternatives
  • Heavy File Copier Tool

Reason To Buy – It can copy hard disks to other hard disks without breaking the original configuration, which makes it the best copy utility software in the market.

Get EaseUS Disk Copy From Button Below

2. FastCopy

PRICE: Free 

VERSION: 5.2.0 

COMPATIBILITY: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

FastCopy is one of the best file copy applications available for Windows 11 users. While its user interface may not be the most visually appealing, it excels in usability and delivers exceptional performance. With its rapid speed, FastCopy swiftly moves files between networks, ensuring seamless file transfers. By utilizing multiple threads for reading, writing, and verification, as well as employing overlapped and direct I/O systems, this Windows tool maximizes transfer speed and efficiency.



  • There are a lot of transfer and copying options.
  • Comes with ‘Include/Exclude’ filters.
  • Lets you copy the entire directory from one place to another.
  • Offers a number of buffer options to tweak the performance.
  • Features the NSA File wiping utility to securely delete files.


  • Free File Copier For Experienced Users
  • No. of buffer options to tweak the performance
  • Offers options to add context menu entries
  • Light on system resources
  • Auto-Select settings for copying


  • Complicated & typical interface
  • Not designed for novice users

Reason To Buy – Justifying its name, FastCopy uses multi-threads to Read, Write, Verify, Overlapped I/O, to bring out the highest speed.

3. TeraCopy

PRICE: Free, Pro = $29.95/One-time fee (Get 20% OFF through CoinPayments)

VERSION: 3.9.7 

COMPATIBILITY: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista 

TeraCopy is a widely recognized file copy tool for Windows 11 and other popular versions. It is known for its enhanced file transfer features and improved efficiency. TeraCopy provides advanced error recovery and verification capabilities, ensuring the integrity of your files during the copying process. The latest version of TeraCopy introduces an improved dashboard with enhanced access to previous transfer history, allowing for more efficient resumption from the exact point where you last left off.

Tera Copy Fastest Copy Program for Windows


  • Drag or copy any file or documents to your external/internal drive.
  • Keeps a complete history of recently used directories.
  • Displays folders that are open in File Explorer or other third-party file managers.
  • Preserves original date and time stamps while copying/moving data.
  • Prevent you from moving folders accidentally from one location to another.


  • Exclude problematic files during copying task
  • Drag & drop to prevent moving large folders
  • Advanced tools available for experienced users
  • Portable version is available using Installer


  • Resource usage

Reason To Buy – It’s relatively fast, lightweight, and a more reliable choice than its counterparts. Plus, it can be installed as portable software also.

4. GS RichCopy 360

PRICE: $49.99 


COMPATIBILITY: All Windows Versions

GS RichCopy 360 is a feature-rich file copy utility software that allows you to copy, move or synchronize files and folders from one place to another. The program uses multi-threads and parallel processing techniques to enjoy optimized file transfer speeds. GS RichCopy 360 also offers a dedicated feature to copy files with long path names, up to 32,000 characters, without any errors or limitations.  It even supports incremental backups and real-time file synchronization. It even supports AES-256 encryption, which helps users safeguard your files during file transfers ensuring the security and privacy of your data.

GS RichCopy 360 


  • NTFS Permission Support. 
  • Ideal data migration, replication, and backup software. 
  • Set sync mode to one-way or two-way. 
  • Schedule automatic backup at a specific time or interval. 
  • Supports syncing data between Windows servers, NAS devices & major cloud services. 


  • Free trial available. 
  • Easy to install and use. 
  • Offer free support and upgrades for one year.
  • Receive email notifications when file transfer tasks are completed. 


  • Poor customer support. 

Reason To Buy – If you want to buy a data copy software that can encrypt your files during file transfers, ensuring the security of your data. 

Download now

5. Copy Handler

PRICE: Free 

VERSION: 1.46 

COMPATIBILITY: Windows 11, 10, 8, 8, Vista, XP

Looking for the best file copy application to effortlessly transfer a large number of files between PCs? Look no further than CopyHandler. Notably, incomplete tasks automatically resume when your PC restarts, ensuring seamless file copying without any interruptions. It has queue support and hence can run one or more operations simultaneously in a specific order. You can check detailed statistics like the current file, progress by size, buffer sizes, average speed, time elapsed & more.  

Copy Handler to copy files in windows 11


  • Get complete control over file transfer using pause, resume, restart and cancel features.
  • Detailed statistics about copy/move operation like time elapsed, average speed,
  • Over 60 configuration options to customize copy/move thread – buffer size, priority,
  • Integration with Windows Explorer so that you can add more commands to context menus.
  • Multiple language support.


  • Features – Pause, Resume, Restart, Cancel tools
  • Multilingual data copy program
  • Lets you transfer files between drives & PCs.
  • Has drag & drop functions
  • Check the wealth of stats & other operations.


  • Requires little tech know-how to use the tool
  • Issues while setting up the file copier
  • Tricky to uninstall the product

Reason To Buy – Holds the potential to copy/move data between various storage media, including hard disk, floppy disk, local networks, CD-ROMs, and more in a few clicks.

Download Now

6. File Fisher


VERSION: 2.0.3 

COMPATIBILITY: Windows 11, 10,

The best portable file copy utility available for Windows 10 is File Fisher. You don’t have to install the program on your PC; instead, you just have to drag & drop it to your desktop to start using it. You can simply keep the Windows app on an external device, in case you wish to install it on your PC anytime. File Fisher gives the ability to pause, resume, or cancel the copying process anytime.

File Fisher Ver 2 for copy software in windows pc


  • Preserve the original file structure in a click.
  • Remembers all the file extensions & suggests them automatically.
  • Flexibility to pause, resume, and even cancel a file transfer.
  • Ability to rename or replace files.
  • The program comes as a portable executable


  • Supports almost all popular file formats
  • Copy bulk files from one PC to another
  • Suitable utility for novice & experienced users
  • Ability to preserve the file structure
  • Tools to create zip, manage context menus, etc.
  • Allows you to filter & transfer files based on formats


  • Fundamental user interface
  • Requires Java Runtime Environment to run

Reason To Buy – Besides copying/moving files in bulk, it offers features to auto-update, organize folders and compress files as per your preferences.

Download Now

7. ExtremeCopy

PRICE: Free, $19.95 


COMPATIBILITY: Windows 11, 10, 8

As the name entails, ExtremeCopy assists users in copying data from one PC to another at an enormous speed. But honestly, you can only obtain the fastest speed if your machine is working at its best. The super-fast copy software brings options to skip & pause the copy process for a particular file.

extreme copy pro 2.4.0 copy software file


  • Options to pause, cancel or skip a file copy or transfer process.
  • Comes with an in-built error management system.
  • Rename all files with the same filename or replace them.
  • Enable the auto-closing of Windows, once the file copy/transfer process is completed.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Has an integration with Windows Explorer
  • Options to Skip, Pause & Resume
  • Offers standard & pro version of Copy Utility


  • Advanced tools are available with a pro version
  • Terrible for network transfers
  • No main window available for the standard version

Reason To Buy – It automatically optimizes copying speed based on your machine’s resources. Hence, no background performance is hampered.

8. UltraCopier

PRICE: Free 


COMPATIBILITY: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP 

An open-source file copy utility, UltraCopier is working quite fast to copy files from one place to another. Like several options mentioned here, UltraCopier allows users to Start, Stop, Resume to make the entire copying process hassle-free. Additionally, it offers an error management feature, to manage problems or corrupted files to some extent.

ultracopier for windows


  • Pause and resume the task at any point.
  • See the transfer speed rate and check the percentage of file transfer completion.
  • Ability to customize the interface & look and feel of the file copy utility software.
  • Provides error/collision management while keeping your data completely secure.


  • Best for beginners
  • Runs in the background, occupy fewer resources.
  • Perform copy task from one server to another
  • Open-source file copy software with nice UI
  • Copy queue tray to check the copy progress


  • Some users face difficulty to add copy tasks.

Reason To Buy – UltraCopier certainly manages the copy & transfers of large quantities of folders and files or huge-sized files in a more reliable and efficient way.

9. MiniCopier

PRICE: Free 


COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10 & limited versions

One of the best interactive Windows Copy Software anyone can use is MiniCopier. To start using this super-fast file copier, all you have to do is drag & drop files or folders into the red basket in the program’s window & the process will begin automatically. You can find the standard Pause & Skip buttons as well.

minicopier files folder transfer software for windows 10


  • Users can queue several transfers in one go.
  • Pause or Skip the current transfer to proceed to the next one.
  • The original directory structure is preserved.
  • It enables overwriting of files and bug fixing.
  • Keeps a complete track of the file transfers that previously failed.


  • Add multiple files/folders to basket
  • Pause/Resume process when required
  • Allows you to skip current transfer to the next
  • Gives you an option to overwrite files
  • Keep track of the transfers which gets failed


  • Basic user-interface

Reason To Buy – It’s a graphical copy manager that provides a convenient way to control file copy and transfer operations in the most effortless way possible.

10. FF Copy

PRICE: Free 


COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10, 7

Considered one of the most excellent Windows file copy utilities & there are a lot of supporting reasons for the same. You can add the file to a transfer queue that you would like to copy so that it can be downloaded in order. Known as the super-fast copy software because of the divergent transfers, push parallel transfers & ability to allocate disk space, and eliminate disk fragmentation.

FF Copy version 1 for copy files


  • Provides fastest transfer speed due to non-parallel transfers.
  • You can start/stop/pause/resume transfers.
  • Options to automatically start tasks and clear the completed ones.
  • Pre-Allocation of disk space to reduce disk fragmentation.
  • Get detailed information such as name, action, status, size, speed, progress, ETA & destination.


  • Shows complete status progress
  • Buttons to pause or resume copying
  • Significantly boost the speed of the entire process
  • Super-fast file copier & mover for Windows 10
  • Pre-allocation of disk space to reduce fragmentation


  • Basic dashboard

Reason To Buy – It allows you to transfer numerous files or directories, at once. And, it is certainly quicker than a lot of Best file copy utility software.

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Is It Faster To Move Or Copy Files?

Though it depends on the situation & the amount of data being copied or moved, in general, moving will always be faster than copying files. If you are using one of the best copy software for Windows 10, it certainly will help you with the transfer speed.

If you are moving files & folders in the same drive, then it will probably take less time than copying them. Because when you move data, it only re-indexes the files & re-allocates the pointer to a different location, but data remains in the same places. Whereas, while copying the data, it erases the reference & rewrites the files to indicate the data is transferred to a different location, which probably takes a little more time. Though, you can’t feel a significant difference in the time gap in both the actions!

Best File Copy Software 2024 (Compared)

Here’s a brief comparison of the Top 9 Windows file transfer software that can help you copy files at the fastest speed from one place to another.

Top 10 File Copy Utility For PC Key Highlight Price Latest Version Try Now
EaseUS Disk Copy Amazing Tool To Copy Entire Drive At A Great Speed $19.90 5.0 Try Now
FastCopy Best Tool To Enjoy Fastest File Copy Speeds Free


5.2.0 Try Now
TeraCopy Features A Robust & Interactive Interface $29.95 3.9.7 Try Now
GS RichCopy 360 Ideal data migration, replication and backup software $49.99 Try Now
Copy Handler Best Tool To Transfer Multiple Files From One PC To Another Free 1.46 Try Now
File Fisher Portable File Copy Tool, Doesn’t Need To Install It On Your PC Free 2.0.3 Try Now
ExtremeCopy Full Control Over File Copy/Transfer Operations $19.95 Try Now
UltraCopier Useful Customization Options To Alter The UI. Free Try Now
MiniCopier Enables Overwriting of Files and Bug Fixing. Free 0.5 Try Now
FF Copy Enjoy Fastest Transfer Speed Due To Non-parallel Transfers. Free 1.0 Try Now

Streamline Your File Transfers With These Excellent File Copy Tools For Windows (2024)

With an array of powerful file copy tools at your disposal, you can now enjoy blazing-fast transfer speeds and seamless file copying experiences. Whether you need to clone disks, move files across networks, or enhance your overall file management. 

Among the top file copy utilities available, EaseUS Disk Copy stands out as a powerful and efficient solution for all your file transfer needs. With its interactive UI, rapid file copying capabilities, and both free and paid versions, you can elevate your file copying experience without any hassles!

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Which is the best software for copying files?

EaseUS Disk Copy is easily the best copy software. This is a must-have utility for your PC if you frequently work on copying numerous files. It also allows you to create a clone of your hard disk. This one comes number one for the fast copy software for Windows list.

Q2. Why does my PC copy files so slow?

PCs tend to get slow over time, that is why the fragmented disk processes the copy function slowly. If you are worried about wasting time, all you have to do is install one of the best file transfer software for Windows 10.

Q3.  How do I increase the disk transfer rate?

To increase the disk transfer rate, you can get one of the best copy software for Windows 10. It will work efficiently and save your time and effort. We recommend using EaseUS Disk Copy for additional features.

Q4. Does increasing RAM increase file transfer speed?

Yes, increasing RAM will increase the file transfer speed. However, having more RAM on your PC does not essentially promise you the fast transfer as the disk might be full and it will still affect the speed. Therefore, it is best to rely on one of the aforementioned fast copy software.

Q5. How Can I Make A File Copy Faster?

Copying files between storage devices can be frustratingly slow on Windows PCs. To speed up the process without relying on third-party software, try these effective methods:

  1. Check HDD for Corruption
  2. Use Different USB Port
  3. Disable Antivirus
  4. Update USB Drivers
  5. Run Disk Cleanup Utility
  6. Format USB in NTFS
  7. Adjust the Drive’s Removal Policy

Implement these tips to experience faster and more efficient file copying. Or, for a seamless solution, consider using a top file copy utility.

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    your article is good, but for me and after 3 years in this field, I can tell you that the best 2 copying software ever, are fastcopy and gs richcopy360 , both are amazing to handle and solve long path names and have great speed, but the main problem for me was the long pathname, thanks for the developers of the 2 programs.

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