Tips to Help You Master Google App For iPhone

Currently iPhone users are limiting the capabilities of Google to search option only, they are undervaluing the potential of Google. However, this ambiguity exists because they are unaware that Google app for iPhone are the hub for Google’s shadow operating system and is efficient enough to let people live a more Googly smartphone life.

From fast access to search tabs to different tools updating about trends, Google encompasses everything and meet the demand of variety of audience. However, there is a lot to uncover and discover things that Google can offer to iPhone users. Let’s explore them one after another.

1. Google Feed Knows Your Interests

google feed know your intrest

Based on your activities on Gmail, search history, location and other platforms linked to your account, Google predicts your interests and hobbies. As a result, the search feed of your Google is bursting with articles of your interest. Your feed, in general, shows you the link of several popular categories including sports, entertainment and weather along with cards providing information that Google thinks you seek for.

If any of those cards are not of your interest, you can easily swipe it away or you can tap the overflow menu and inform Google that you are not interested. Overflow menu is the three vertical dots located at the top right of your phone. Also, you can include topics of your interest and never miss any important update.

2. Augmented 3D Touch

Augmented 3D Touch

Google encompasses 3D Touch feature in its app and meanwhile, it can also grasp the system offered by iOS. The 3D feature of Google is largely used for fast searching option and can be activated by simply tapping “Quick Search “option. With this touch, you are directed to search bar instantly and you don’t have to wait for the feed to load.

3. Multitasking with Google

Tap the card icon located on the top right of the screen to go through your search history and previous activities. Google’s material design let you format each card separately. Also, you can swipe away cards that it is no longer of your interest and in case, if you cannot find “clear all” button, keep scrolling until you find it on the top right of the screen. It is useful if you are trying to remember the details of any specific previous search.

4. Tweaking the Settings

The setting section of the Google holds the capability to tweak even the smallest things making it little overwhelming. Here, you can customize and upgrade your app accordingly. You can give commands to Google about the kind of news you prefer in feed. Google, in turn, will refine itself and offer better services to you.

5. Turn Incognito

Turn Incognito

If you don’t want to share your search history with Google, just click on the profile picture at the top left and turn on the incognito mode. Now, none of your search history will be saved in Google. This doesn’t mean that now you can protect yourself from malware attacks or hide your IP address but can keep your records off.

6. Getting Google Doodle

The doodle that appears on Google’s homepage is also available on Google’s app. You can have some fun with this feature as you click on the doodle and watch the animation or learn something amazing.

7. Weather Reports

Though this feature doesn’t offer information like a dedicated weather app but can give suffice weather data of the incoming days. Just type “weather” in the search bar or click card especially meant for weather for receiving information that you seek. You will find a little jumping frog that rides on the bicycle and changes its action based on the forecast. For instance, If the frog is under umbrella or is sweating, you can understand the possible weather in next few hours or days.

Weather Reports

There is so much one can do with Google app for iPhone. If you have anything to share, which is missing here, you can comment in the section below.

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