Third Monitor Not Detected On Windows 10: What To Do

Is Windows 10 giving you a hard time? Are you not able to connect the third monitor on Windows 10? Don’t worry; it could happen due to incompatibility issues, especially with monitors that aren’t identical or from the same generation. In this guide, we’ll focus on the best fixes to resolve monitor connectivity issues on Windows 10.

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Fix: Windows 10 Won’t Let Me Connect Three Monitors

After upgrading to Windows 10, several users might face connectivity issues while connecting to three monitors altogether. Don’t worry; you can just implement the following methods to fix the issue once and for all.

Quick Workarounds   To Resolve Third monitor not detected on Windows 10
METHOD 1- Reconnect All The Monitors In Order  This might sound like a superficial fix, but users already working with a three-monitors setup have to reconnect all of the devices, sometimes to ensure everything works smoothly.
METHOD 2- Update Graphics Drivers (Recommended) This is probably the best bet to make all the three monitors work smoothly on your Windows 10. Ensure all the device drivers, especially graphics drivers, are compatible and are the latest.
METHOD 3- Change Project Mode Several times the ‘third monitor not displaying on Windows 10’ error can simply be resolved by making certain changes in the Project Mode. To do so, follow the steps below:
METHOD 4- Change Display Settings  Sometimes changing the monitor’s status can also help in resolving the monitor connectivity issues. Learn how to fix the ‘third monitor displaying issue’ from the Control Panel?
METHOD 5- Check Multiple Monitors Settings If your third monitor remains not detected on Windows 10, then it’s a good idea to check and fix all the necessary connectivity settings once.

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How To Fix Third Monitor Not Detected On Windows 10 Issue?

Apply these methods step-by-step & get rid of all the desktop connectivity issues at once:

METHOD 1- Reconnect All The Monitors In Order

Although you might think that everything is in order, sometimes it’s better to reconnect the entire monitor setup to prevent any technical glitch. Simply unplug all the monitors one by one displayed in the Advanced Display Settings window. After that, you can plug them accordingly. After a few attempts, it should detect the third monitor.

METHOD 2- Update Graphics Drivers (Recommended)

Windows 10 users, especially running NVIDIA Graphics Cards, tend to witness ‘the third monitor being not detected issue’ the most. It’s best to update graphics drivers to the latest version and see getting the problem resolved automatically. To update faulty, outdated, or damaged graphics drivers, we recommend using a dedicated Driver Updater Software like Smart Driver Care to automatically replace your current drivers with the most compatible and latest ones.

Note: If you are running the free version of Smart Driver Care, note that it allows you to find and update two drivers per day. If you need to update more drivers, you need to switch to the premium version, currently priced at $35.41 (Latest Offer)

STEP 1- Download, Install & Launch Smart Driver Care. 

STEP 2- Register to the paid version, and click on Start Scan now button.

Windows 10 Won’t Let Me Connect Three Monitors 

STEP 3- Once Smart Driver Care lists all the faulty drivers, go through it. It should include outdated or damaged NVIDIA Graphics Drivers. Click on Update All button to update all the drivers at once. 

Smart Driver Care

Once your system is running the latest and most compatible driver versions, you’ll hopefully get rid of all the potential monitor connectivity issues.

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METHOD 3- Change Project Mode

Run the following troubleshooting steps to change your project mode and fix the issue:

STEP 1- Hit the Windows logo key and P altogether.

STEP 2- Choose the option: PC screen only. 

STEP 3- Now, unplug all the connected cables to monitors safely. 

STEP 4- Power off your computer and keep patience for a while.

STEP 5- After some time, reconnect all the monitors one by one. Hit Windows logo key & P once again and this time, choose the option: Extend. 

Change Project Mode

Hopefully, doing so makes your third-monitor start working usually.

METHOD 4- Change Display Settings

Try altering the Monitor’s status from Display Settings to see if it resolves the ‘third monitor not detected on Windows 10’ issue.

STEP 1- Go to the Search menu and look for the Control Panel. 

STEP 2- From the Control Panel window, go to the Display menu. Head towards the Change Display Settings option. 

STEP 3- Find Disconnected screen option & select Extend desktop to this display from Multiple displays options. 

Change Display Settings

After changing the display settings a few times, users have reported that the auto-detect feature pops-up automatically, and the third monitor will get detected properly.

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METHOD 5- Check Multiple Monitors Settings

Keep a check on the following settings to ensure everything is selected aptly.

  • Go to the Display Settings using the Control Panel.
  • Confirm all the displays are detected; if not, click on the Detect option.

Check Multiple Monitors Settings

  • Next, you need to verify the NVIDIA Control Panel settings. To open that: right-click on the desktop and choose NVIDIA Control Panel > Display > hit the Set up multiple displays button.
  • Ensure all the displays are checked here.

Your third monitor not detected on Windows 10 problem should be resolved as of now.

Know some other tips & tricks to resolve the monitor connectivity issues on Windows 10? Shoot them in the comments section below!


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    Being a video editor and an avid gamer, I was completely frustrated when the third monitor could not be connected. Thankfully before I could jeopardize my monitors, I happen to read this blog and methods 1 and 2 worked for me…..

    4 years ago

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