Fixed: ‘The Remote Connection Was Not Made’ Error Message

You must already be aware of the fact that your online activity is being monitored continuously & tracked. Be it by advertisers, the Government, your Internet Service Provider, or cybercriminals. With so many eyes trying to monitor and tap your digital footprint, protecting your online identity or maintaining anonymity has undoubtedly become a paramount interest. That’s where Virtual Private Network (VPN Services) shines. These solutions have become an ultimate asset for hiding your IP Address, blocking online tracking, making you completely anonymous. Reliable VPN Services offer varying degrees of IP Protection and restriction bypassing.

Lately, these VPN services have become an integral part of online security toolkits. Therefore, things can become cumbersome when establishing a successful VPN connection results in error ‘The Remote Connection Was Not Made.’ But don’t worry, you can explore the following solutions to fix the annoying error message in no time.

Causes: ‘The Remote Connection Was Not Made’

Well, there are not a plethora of reasons why this error message appears, but when it does, it usually happens because of the following reasons:

  1. VPN Server issue – With the network that you are trying to connect to.
  2. Improper system’s network connection – Can happen due to DNS cache.
  3. Third-party Antivirus solution – The program might impose restrictions on establishing a connection.

Fixes: ‘The Remote Connection Was Not Made’

Whatever be the culprit, we urge our users to try the below-mentioned workarounds in the same order as discussed below to resolve the issue ‘The Remote Connection Was Not Made’ as soon as possible.

Workaround 1 – Run A Reliable VPN Service

One of the best things about the VPN industry is that there’s no monopoly. The market is packed with a plethora of VPN services to choose from. An excellent example to consider when you are highly concerned about your privacy and look for reliable yet speedy connections, choose none other than Systweak VPN. The Virtual Private Network solution is simply a jack of all trades. It helps organizations & individuals to secure their network with strong encryption. It offers features like Kill Switch to protect your data from accidental exposure, bypasses ISP throttling, masks your IP Address, has DNS leak protection, supports OpenVPN protocol, and so much more.

To know more about Systweak VPN, you can quickly go through the links mentioned below:

Systweak VPN

Workaround 2- Clear DNS Caches & Reset Winsock

Simply run a few command lines in the Command Prompt window step by step and restart the system to implement the changes. Executing the following command lines will help you renew your IP Address, reset Winsock & flush DNS caches.

ipconfig /releaseipconfig /renew

netsh winsock reset

netsh int ip reset

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

The Remote Connection Was Not Made
Note: Make sure you run the Command Prompt in Administrator mode before running these command lines.

Once you have executed all the commands, try connecting to your VPN Service again and check if the issue ‘The Remote Connection Was Not Made’ persists.

Workaround 3- Disable Third-Party Antivirus Temporarily

You must already know the benefits of running antivirus software by now. Still, various antivirus solutions are overzealous and are responsible for common PC issues. In case your system is running an antivirus tool that is mistakenly blocking a file and flagging it as Malicious content or maybe attempting to prevent a network setting from getting activated. This might be the reason you are facing ‘The Remote Connection Was Not Made’ error.

To ensure your currently running Antivirus software is not causing the issue, try disabling it for the time being and notice if it’s responsible for the unsuccessful remote connection establishment. You can navigate to the Control Panel, find the antivirus solution, and try disabling or uninstalling to resolve the issue.

Writer’s Tip: Looking for a PC Security Software that offers maximum security without causing any issue when it comes to performance or any other system error? Consider using Systweak Antivirus. It provides multiple scanning modes for fast & thorough scanning & tools to protect you against new and existing malware threats, malware, adware, spyware, trojan horse & many more.

PC safe

To know more about Systweak Antivirus, you can check out the detailed review right here!


Workaround 4- Disable Windows Firewall

Besides running a dedicated antivirus solution, a Windows Firewall also helps users shield their system from malicious threats. It simply blocks unwanted connections to and from the Internet to ensure nothing can harm your PC. In case your Firewall is accidentally blocking proper connections between your computer and VPN servers, chances are you are witnessing ‘The Remote Connection Was Not Made’ error due to this.

To disable Windows Firewall, all you have to do is navigate to the Control Panel > Go to the View by section and choose Large icons > Hit the Windows Defender Firewall. From the new window, make sure your Turn off Windows Defender Firewall. Check if it resolves your issue successfully!

The Remote Connection Was Not Made


Workaround 5- Try Turning Off The Proxy Settings

Well, if you are someone who uses a private proxy to stay protected while surfing the Internet, then there are chances that your settings may conflict with the VPN service you are running. That makes evident why you are witnessing the ‘The Remote Connection Was Not Made’ error.

Hence, try disabling your Proxy Settings for once, and see if it makes a difference. To do so: Go to the System Settings > click on the Network & Internet module > Go to the Proxy. At this point, you need to toggle off the settings “Automatically detect settings” and “Use setup script.” By now, ‘The Remote Connection Was Not Made’ error should be resolved!

The Remote Connection Was Not Made

In case none of the aforementioned solutions have helped you resolve the issue, you might need to contact your VPN Service Provider and submit your queries.

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