The Best Thesaurus Apps for Writers

Say it amateur writers or pros, everyone who are into writing or just loves to write gets tired of using same words again and again. Thesaurus synonyms is an excellent tool to learn and discover similar & opposite words. Most of the people rely on these thesaurus apps to explore fresh, unique terminologies and avoiding word repetition. Apart from this Thesaurus is used to clarify the meaning of a particular word when its definition in a dictionary is not understandable.

Get into the pool of vocabulary- avoid monotonous overuse of a word and enhance your writing style!

Best Thesaurus Apps

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Best Thesaurus Apps for Android & iOS

So, we have assorted the best ones for you: Top 5 Thesaurus Apps

1. Pocket Thesaurus

The best writing app is the one which could support valuable tools that helps users to develop and enhance user’s writing style. With such features our first app is Pocket Thesaurus, which has over 90,000 commonly used words with their synonyms and antonyms. This offline thesaurus app is best while doing projects or for writing on the go. Just search your word to explore similar and opposite words, save words for future reference and share new words with your friends.

Switch between dark and light themes, so that you don’t distress your eyes at night. You can unlock its premium version as well for more features.

Pocket Thesaurus

Download here for Android & right here for iOS!

2. Power Thesaurus

Personally, my favorite app which turns to be very helpful & efficient in writing daily articles- Power Thesaurus is crowdsourced from real writers and vocabulary lovers across the world. What I particularly find much useful, is when I start typing the word it automatically displays suggestions you might be looking for and a customizable list for your word searches. Also, what makes this app stands out, is its ability to show real-time data, that means you can discover what other users have searched for & commonly what words are used in trend.

This online thesaurus app has simply gorgeous interface and its very light on your system resources as well.

Power Thesaurus

Install Now for Android & iOS!

3. Online Thesaurus

Another good option you have is Online Thesaurus. It’s a multi-language app which supports dozens of languages such as English, French, Danish, Italian, Czech, Greek, Polish, Spanish and more. The streamline user interface allows you to random search in case you are just curious to learn and know fresh and decent words. Also, users can bookmark their favorite terms and their synonyms for quick recall. What makes it stand out from other thesaurus apps, is it supports camera search via OCR Plugin.

Though first you have to download the OCR Plugin from Google Play Store and then Settings > Floating Action Button > Camera.

Online Thesaurus

The app is available for free.

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4.  Synonym Quiz + Thesaurus

Games are a good way to learn! And Synonym is certainly a simple, clear and handy tool for those who want to learn from basics, and actually learn things with fun! The app is an excellent platform to test your knowledge with synonyms quiz. The app displays four alternatives & user has to choose the correct one. The application is loaded with over 4000 words and you can learn new definition for every word at the end of each game.

And anyways, quizzes are fun and keep your mind sharp. Also the app prepares you for following English tests (GRE, TOEIC, TOEFL, ESL/EFL, GMAT, SAT).

Synonym Quiz + Thesaurus

Download Now!

5. Roget’s Thesaurus

The app is well-known for its dynamic search capability, which proffers a convenient way to look for cognitive synonyms, antonyms and ‘related terms’ section to broaden your word selection process. Works without an internet connection, Roget’s Thesaurus is absolutely a must-have to lead you towards precise and effective communicator. The app includes six primary classes, and thousands of semantically linked words, with over 98,000 terms and phrases. Huge Community!

The app has simple layout with low ad-count. Get this thesaurus dictionary right here!



 The more you use words, the more you’ll remember them! So, what are you waiting for?  Download these best thesaurus apps for Android & iOS now, and brush up your writing skills.

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