6 Android Apps That Every Blogger Must Try

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Blogging is all about expressing yourself & sharing your thoughts and opinions via internet. But that time has certainly passed, when bloggers used to stick to their desktops & laptops to update fresh content.

Today in the age of mobile responsiveness, where entire web has been retrofitted in the palm of our hands. With huge amounts of innovation sparking technological advancements in mobile phones and apps, bloggers can capture their day-to-day life and update things as they happen directly via their mobile phones.

If you’re a writer or blogger, there are numerous apps on Play Store that can assist you in several ways. To narrow down your list of options, we present top picks of android apps for bloggers to make their task easy & evident.

Best Android Apps For Bloggers


weebly app for android

If you’d like to channel your own blog, this is the place to start. With Weebly, you can create your own website to showcase your thoughts & opinions from one place only. You can monitor all of your site activity in real-time from Weebly’s dashboard. With free blog hosting, your content is available to your reader & loads in no time. You can instantly reply to blog comments, customer inquiries and stay connected to your fans from anywhere.

Start your own blog with Weebly App anytime, anywhere.

Weebly by Square
Weebly by Square
Weebly, Inc.

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2. Quora


Always in a struggle to find interesting blog post ideas? Start using Quora App to draw, out of the box & extraordinary viewpoints that will make your blog sizzle, viral, or “hot”. Quora connects you with more quality audience who shares an interest in the topics you write about. It makes the writing experience as good as desktop. You can ask questions and get helpful answers from credible sources with first hand knowledge. There are also some amazing blogs, which you can follow on Quora:

  • Poetry (poetries.quora.com)
  • Think Fast (thinkfast.quora.com)
  • Techie Delight (techiedelight.quora.com)
  • Curious Facts (curious_facts.quora.com)
  • The World- In Color (the-world-live.quora.com)
  • You Arts (youarts.quora.com)

3. Google Drive

google drive for android

Google drive is a safe place for all your files. The most useful app considered for Bloggers, as it allows to save their work in word documents, excel sheets, photos, audios, videos and many more in the Cloud. Apart from the storing feature, google drive allows you to synchronize your account with multiple devices as well. So, if you have a blog post that is halfway completed on your desktop/laptop, you can continue to work on it using your phone, just after your app syncs all your documents, with your Google account.

Google Drive
Google Drive
Google LLC

4. Merriam Webster

merriam webster

Words have a power to build up people, confine them from where they are & most importantly it can leave a positive impact on people. So, it’s very essential for bloggers to use new & rights words for their blogs. To be sure about the exact meaning of a word or to find an alternative word to use in your post, you can rely on Merriam Webster Dictionary for vocabulary building.

5. WordPress

wordpress for android

Definitely the most prominent blogging platform on the Internet. It is considered as the best blog/content management platform. Blogging through WordPress provides you the community features that bring blog commenters back and keep them engaged. With WordPress app, you can monitor audience’s comments, give feedbacks and keep the engagement level on heights, despite being away from your desktop/laptop. WordPress allows you to write, edit, check stats, and get inspired with great posts in the Reader.

Automattic, Inc


6. Flipboard


Flipboard lately launches its android app, it allows bloggers to browse through their social media handles including Google Reader feeds in a beautiful & easy to use interface. It offers you to select your interests/passion and provides you important stories related to your choice. It’s super helpful for the people who are too busy to go through everything. Choosing this app will surely serve you refreshing content daily and give you crisp ideas for your next blog.

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The best part about these blogging apps are that they’re extremely easy-to-use & free of cost. These apps will  help you easily publish your new articles, even when you have no access to your system or laptop. We hope the above list will help the avid bloggers and writers to work more efficiently & effectively. Regardless of what apps you use, your mind has at least been opened to some new ideas today. Happy Blogging!

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