5 Apps To Empower Your Public Speaking Skills

Poor communication becomes the biggest hurdle in your path to success. Employers judges interviewee based on how persuasive, power and articulate speaker he is. It takes a lot of courage to give a presentation in front of mass. Butterflies and too many ‘ums’ shrinks your credibility and nullifies your chances to get a job.

People suffering from several chronic disorders such as autism, Parkinson’s disease, ALS and cerebral palsy or some traumatic stroke suffers speech impairment frequently. This is due to neurological delays in their systems. This impairment can be made acute with training and practices. We have sorted some apps to boost up your public speaking without shilly-shallying.

Improve Public Speaking with these Amazing Apps

1. SayIt

sayit public speaking apps

The neurological affliction makes it difficult to predict words you are looking for. SayIt helps you to find the word you’re gazing for. For example, if someone types ‘pls‘, the word ‘please ’ will be predicted automatically and you can switch to it by taps of fingertips.   

People with speech disability can speak with SayIt by its text to speech functionality. It makes your device read out loud any text, article, PDF or web pages in 50+ languages. Download SayIt for Android and iOS.

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2. LikeSo

LikeSo-public speaking apps

SayIt media has been up and running in developing speech analysis and training apps, thus prevailing the streak they developed LikeSo.

LikeSo is your personal speech coach that monitors your speech and filler words such as ‘OK’, ‘actually’, ’basically ’ etc. you use that brings in unnecessary judgments. The app asks you to play two games: TalkAbout and FreeStyle. Talkabout is a opinion based game in which you have to speak upon some topics instantly. Freestyle lets you speak on your preferred topic.

When you speak the app monitors how many times you spoke filler words and at the end it gives you a detailed report to track your progress. This eventually boost up your confidence as a public speaker by diminishing nervousness.

Click here to download for iOS.

Note- This application has been discontinued for android

3. Promptsmart pro

Promptsmart pro

Next Public Speaking App is Promptsmart Pro.

If you are on a budget of $2, this is the best option for enhancing your public speaking skills. It is the only teleprompter app available for Android and iOS. The app converts your smartphone or tablet into a teleprompter giving a intuitive hold on the script to the presenter.

Users cherish its Voice Track functionality which works offline and comes with a preset scroll speed calibration. Video and audio recordings with VoiceTrack’s speech recognition helps in analyzing your performance.

The extended subscription comes with remote control, file sync and multiple script import functions.                                        

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4. Presentation Timer PRO

presentation timer pro

Improve Public Speaking with Presentation Timer PRO.

If you are a TED talks follower, you must’ve seen the clock at the bottom of stage to tell speakers how much stage time is left. It is important to project your content in the time allotted to you. Presentation timer Pro allows you to master your timing by a showing you how much stage time is left. The app automatically silences the device during the presentation. Download available for Android and iOS.

5. Orai

orai public speaking apps

Finally yet importantly next public speaking app we suggest is Orai.  The KPI of this app is the instant feedback on filler words, energy and vocal clarity. Orai comes with a lot of lessons on public speaking skills. You can simply copy/paste the script and record it to get detailed performance including the energy levels to direct the audience towards your content. This app also suggest Public Speaking Tips. Orai is available for Android and iOS.

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It takes practice on a consistent basis to be a great communicator and luckily technology can help us. Your speaking skills leaves a deep imprint on the people you meet. Keep practicing always and be a pronounced public speaker. Do share public speaking tips in the comment section below.

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