Top 7 Studio Management Software For Photographers

Anyone can click a photo with their smartphone, but when it comes to professional photography, you need professional stuff like DSLRs with big fat lenses and stuff. And if handling these gadgets was not enough, photographers have to carry out other tasks like maintaining client relationships, running feedback surveys, handling projects and finances, bookings and sending emails, etc. This article focuses on the best photography studio management software which would allow the photographers to focus on their work and would take care of the rest.


best photography studio management software
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So, what is studio management software, you may ask! Well, photography studio management software are those applications that integrate all the extra tasks of running a photography business and keeping things automated and organized. It works on the management of marketing activities and finances along with maintaining client relationships.

Best Photography Studio Management Software in 2021

This article has handpicked the 7 best studio management software after evaluating several others which did not make it to the list.

1. Studio Ninja


Image: StudioNinja


One of the best studio management software is Studio Ninja which is easy to use with an intuitive interface. It allows users to take payments online and get contracts signed quickly. You can schedule this application to automatically send emails to your clients and get answers to questionnaires if any. The application has a mobile compatible application too and receives frequent updates from its developers.

  • Users can integrate with Google, Paypal, and Quickbooks.
  • Chat Support 24/7
  • Free training one-on-one.

Trial Period: 30 Days

Price: $ 21.80 per month

Click here to visit the official website.

2. Iris Works


Iris Works
Image: Iris Works


The next one on the list of photography studio management software is Iris works which make improving your photography business a simple process. It allows users to book clients online and organize new leads automatically and sends automated invoices to clients with the payment links of secure payment gateways.

  • Provides free questionnaires and contract templates.
  • Migration from any CRM to IRIS is done free of cost.
  • Iris lead pages will turn your web traffic into bookings.

Trial Period: 14 Days

Price: $ 22.50 per month

Click here to visit the official website.

3. Pixifi


Image: Pixifi


Moving forward we have Pixifi which is one of the best studio management software. This app provides exclusive Lead and Client management and supports online booking. Users can provide estimates and quick invoicing to their customers. It also supports integration with Zapier and syncing Google Calendar to your app.

  • Secure digital contracts.
  • Pipeline Tool and Visualizers.
  • Questionnaires and Automatic Emails, SMS, Texts.

Trial Version: Yes

Price: $29.99 per month

Click here to visit the official website.

4. Dubsado


Image: Dubsado


Dubsabo is a unique photography studio management software that allows users to start their photo business for free with limited resources. There are no time-bound limitations which means you can keep trying the software for as long as you want but with limited features. For more exclusive features you will have to purchase a monthly subscription.

Trial version: No time limit.
Price: $35 per month

Click here for download.

5. Sprout Studio


Image: GetSproutStudio


Sprout Studio takes the photography studio management software to the next level with digital galleries, sales tools, patenting, auditing, and many other features. It allows users to install contact sheets on your website so that this app can automatically gather inquiries and organize the information for you.

  • Includes Email Marketing feature.
  • Custom templates for contracts.
  • Invoicing and Bookkeeping

Trial Version: 21 days.

Price: $16 per month

Click here to download

6. Shootzilla


Image: Shootzilla


Shootzilla is a studio management software that simplifies all the tasks you have done and organizes what tasks you have to carry out next. There are a lot of template workflows for each photo shoot you want to carry out.  It allows you to send automated emails to your client on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries. It allows Shootzilla users to share referrals amongst themselves.

Trial version: None

Price: $24 per month

Click here to visit.

7. HoneyBook


Image: HoneyBook


Honeybook is photography studio management software that helps to provide its users complete control over payment booking, client communication, meeting and scheduling, and other invoicing and contract-related tasks. It has mobile applications to simplify the work and supports both Android and iPhone. It includes various templates for client communication and lets you track projects with ease.

  • Integrates Google Calendar, Zoom, Zapier, and Gmail.
  • The trial version includes all features
  • Easy to use with an intuitive interface.

Trial version: 7 days

Price: $9 per month (starter) & $39 per month (unlimited)

Click here to visit.

Your Choice on Top 7 Studio Management Software For Photographers

The best part while evaluating these apps is that you have a trial version facility. Pick out that Sunday when you had nothing to do and download each one and try to use it. I guess that if you don’t understand the software in the first 30 mins then you probably won’t get it. But if you can understand at least 25% in a short while then it is worth the time and effort. It is high time you opt for studio management software and stop relying on Google calendars and Google Sheets alone.

Always consider this expense as an investment to your business rather than an expenditure on comfort. The more you are organized, the more your business will grow and recover the costs in a short while. If you ask us, then we would recommend Iris works as the first application you must try.


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