How To Enable The Moon Phase Calendar In Your Google Calendar?

The Moon has been around since the beginning of time, and so has the different phases fascinated us ever since we knew what happened. Many people across the globe observe these moon phases as everyone has a different reason for doing so. Most of us follow the moon schedule for religious purposes. While Astrologists predict the future, Meteorologists try to predict the weather changes and occurrence of tides which is beneficial to harness tidal energy. Finally, Astronomers observe the moon schedule for their research. I almost forgot you could also keep track of the full moon calendar to plan a moonlit dinner with someone special. So let us learn how to integrate the Moon phase calendar into the Google Calendar.

moon phase calendar Moon phases
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How To Enable The Moon Phase Calendar In Your Google Calendar?

Most of us use the Google Calendar daily to set up appointments, events, reminders and check our holidays. And now, after you enable the moon phase calendar, you can also know about the current moon phase. Here are the steps to do so:

moon phase calendar google claendar

Step 1. Launch the Google Calendar on any browser on your computer and click the Gear/Cog icon on the upper right section and from the drop-down menu choose Settings.

moon phase calendar settings

Step 2.In the Setting tabs, Click on Add Calendar from the list of options mentioned on the left side.

Step 3. Once you click on Add Calendars, it will reveal further options from which you must choose “Browse calendars of interest”.

moon phase calendar browse calendars

Step 4. Click once on the right side of the pane and scroll down till you locate “Phases of the Moon”. Place a tick on the checkbox next to it. You can also preview how the moon phase calendar would look like by clicking on the Eye icon.

moon phase calendar phases option

Step 5. Once you place a tick in the checkbox, observe that under the heading “setting for other calendars on the left pane, you will see a new entry titled as “Phases of the Moon”.

moon phase calendar other calendars

This way, you will find an entry of the current moon phase on a particular day, indicating that the moon phase calendar has been integrated into your Google Calendar.

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How To Check The Full Moon Calendar On Your Smartphone?

moon phase calendar my moon phase
Image Courtesy: Google PlayStore

Unfortunately, for now, the Google calendar on your smartphone cannot display the Moon phases Calendar on Android and iOS. For that, we may have to use a third-party app that can display the full moon calendar and inform us about the current moon schedule. There are a few apps that can help you with the current moon phase:

  • Phases of the Moon Calendar & Wallpaper Free. Android
  • The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases. iOS
  • My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar & Full Moon Phases. Android ||iOS

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How To Check The Current Moon Phase And Complete Moon Schedule Online?

moon phase calendar check online
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If you want to know about the next no moon or full moon schedule to plan something out and would not want to install an app or integrate the moon phase calendar, then here a few websites that can tell about the current moon phase online:

  1. Time and One of the best websites that will tell you about the time, date, weather, Sun/Moon phases, day-light savings and much more.
  2. This website is dedicated to Stargazing and has a lot of information on all the celestial bodies, including the moon schedule and full moon calendar.
  3. This is a simple site explaining about the current moon phase details like the current age of the new moon, the angle, sun’s angle and the distance from sun and earth.

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Bonus Feature: Analogue Watches That Denote The Current Moon Phases

moon phase calendar watches
Image Courtesy: MonoChrome Watches

When you thought that analogue watches were moving out of the mainstream market after the innovation of smartwatches, notably the fantastic Apple Watch, there is something that these watches have developed, and that is denoting the current moon phase.

A moon phase watch displays the current moon phase just as you see it in the sky. There is a miniature version of different moon phases that move in a circle in an aperture on the dial. Some of the rather expensive moon phase watches are:

  • Rolex Cellini Moonphase: One of the most elegant watches designed as it is a Rolex.
  • Andreas StrehlerPapillonSauterelle à Lune Exacte: Advertised as the most accurate moonphase watch ever.
  • Jaeger-LeCoultreDuometreSpherotourbillon Moon: This watch has tourbillon rotating sphere to cancel out the effects of earth’s gravitational force.

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The Final Word On How To Enable The Moon Phase Calendar In Your Google Calendar?

moon phase calendar moon lit dinner

Note: A moonlit dinner is only possible on a full moon night with a clear sky.

That concludes our journey into the various methods of determining the current moon phase and integrating the moon phase calendar along with the Google calendar. The online websites are the easiest way of deducing the moon schedule from the full moon calendars, and they need not be installed on your system. If you frequently require knowing the moon phases, then you could install an app on your Smartphone.

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