Can I Add Movies And TV Shows To My Google Watchlist?

Many of us know that Google is the search engine in the Android Phone and a browser too. But did you there is an endless list of all Google products like Google forms, Stadia, Calendar and many others? One such Google app is Google Play Movies, which is a different entity from Google Play Store and allows you to add movies to your own My Google Watchlist.

My Google Watchlist logo
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As the name suggests, Google Play Movies contains an extensive collection of Movies and TV shows which you can rent or buy as per your discretion. This procedure is perfectly legal, and you are not breaking any copyright laws. Renting movies is cheaper, but it will only stay with you for 48 hours after you start watching it. On the other hand, buying a movie means it will always be available in your account no matter which device you sign into.

My Google Watchlist Google Play Movies Screen

Google has introduced a My Watchlist Google feature, which will help the users to maintain a list of movies they have watched or want to watch shortly. This is a useful feature for many times we come across a movie title that we wish to watch over the weekend. Unless you have an eidetic memory, it is recommended to make a note of it somewhere. The issue arises only if you face the same problem as me, which is that I can’t remember where I made a note of it. In such cases, it is a better solution to add the movie to your Google Watchlist for future,

How To Add Movies and TV Shows To My Google Watchlist?

Now that you have become aware of one of Google’s yet another feature, it is time to find out how to use this feature:

Step 1. Open Google Search in your browser and type “What To Watch” in the search box and press Enter.

Step 2.  The search results will, of course, display many blogs written on these keywords. However, you will see a new Google Watchlist feature before other search results.

My Google Watchlist what to watch

Step 3.  Choose the Browse tab underneath the What to Watch heading and tap on the movie you wish to add to your google Watchlist.

Step 4. When you tap on any movie, the movie summary page will open, and there you will get all the details of the movie, including a new button on the left side which when tapped will add this movie to yourGoogleWatchlist.

Step 5. If you tap on the My Watchlist Google tab next to the Browse tab, you will find a list of movies that you have added to your Google Watchlist.

My Google Watchlist my movies

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What Are The Benefits Of Adding Movies And TV Shows To My Google Watchlist?

My Google Watchlist Add to watchlist

Now that you know about the My Watchlist Google feature and how to use it, it is important you know a few features to the Google Watchlist, which would help you decide if you want to use this feature or not.

The Google Watchlist feature helps you to maintain a bookmark of all the movies that you found interesting at some time and want to watch later.

The Google Watchlist feature has started rolling out on mobile devices and is available to use on the Web version and Google Discover search app.

Google has a mighty AI which is running based on robust algorithms, and the result of this has been observed in the recommendations featured by Google based on your search history. The same is true for the movies Google Watchlist suggests you watch.

Like all features, Google watchlist feature can be synced on all the devices signed in with the same Google account. This means if you added a movie to your Google watchlist on your smartphone, then you can see it among your watchlist movies on your computer as well.

Finally, Google watchlist feature is available in a few countries for now and is slowing rolling out across the globe.

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The Final Word On Can I Add Movies And TV Shows To My Google Watchlist?

Google watchlist is a useful feature for you if you love spending time watching movies and TV Shows. It can help you resolve the dilemma of what to watch on the weekend and suggest you movies of your choice based on the history of what you have watched before. Do try this feature out and share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. Follow us on social media – Facebook and YouTube and subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates on the tech world.

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