Best Online Resources For Books, Games And Movies

While most of the world population is under the threat of contracting the COVID-19, lockdown is observed in most places. So, how are you dealing with a sudden lifestyle change, and you being prohibited from stepping out at all? The isolation period stretches longer; we are left wondering how to kill time. Though it is a paradox for many as when we are passing a regular day, we crave for getting spare time, but now as we have it, we are clueless. So, we thought to help you out a bit by providing you with a fruitful way to spend time at home. Don’t worry, what we tell in this post won’t require you to get out of your couch, yes, we know you love your comfort.

With all of us left with the best of the world’s invention, technology and internet, which helps us connect with those sitting miles apart and research or study about almost everything that exists. Looking for the best place to read e-books, watch movies, & play games that interest you? So, let’s learn about the best online resources for finding the e-books, movies and games to keep you busy.

Best Online Resources For Books (Free & Paid)-

Best online sources for books

While there are book lovers who love to get the collection in their homes, you can still get over with all of them at this time. So, we present to you the online services which have millions of books on it so that you are never out of options. There are books from all categories and for all age groups. All one needs to do is get one of the services or to look into these free e-books.

S.N. Resource Description
1. Audible A fantastic service by Amazon where you hear the stories and books on your device. It is fun as you can relax or get busy with your work while the smart devices like Alexa and Google Home play the audios. Home entertainment is worth giving a shot as all family members can gain from it.
2. Free eBooks As the name says, this site specializes in all kinds of eBooks, from economic, non-fiction and erotic fiction to textbooks and audiobooks.
3. International Children’s Digital Library A collection of digital books online for children, which includes books in categories such as age groups, location and genres.
4. Open Culture It is a website which has a broad approach and connects people with free content online. It has several e-books, audiobooks, courses, and movies. One can read online as well as download these free e-books and audiobooks to their devices like iPad, iPhone and Kindle.
5. Manybooks- Read the most popular titles here on the website, which is free for all. The books are available in different languages, and many can benefit from it. With the download option, one can read it whenever they want and don’t need to depend on the internet for it.
6. Read Print  books along with the books club where you can discuss them. This website aims at bringing all the bibliophiles together to create a space where you can freely put up questions and opinions on the books you read here.
7. Open Library- This is true as it name suggests a free collection of e-books and audibles in one roof. Set up an account on the website if you want to keep track of the books you read. Fictional and non-fictional, all categories of books can be found on this website.
8. Librivox On this website, you can select to read or listen to the free e-books. Search the books by the author, title, subject or language or just scroll through the latest posts.
9. Feedbooks Based in Paris, this is a free cloud service, which contains several digital books. You can find the books on the public domain as well as some original books. Read the books from all categories of fiction and non-fiction both on this website.
10. BookBub This one requires an account to login, which needs you to sign up with your email address or to connect with Gmail. You can find e-books from all categories on its website and mobile application.
11. Library of Congress Find all the classics here as the researchers use the library run by the government. Search by the online catalogue or use the service to ask a librarian to get help in searching the books in the pool of books on this website.
12. Wikisource Enjoy the free books available on this website, which is similar to the Wikipedia page. The free books in the text on Wikisource are easy to read on your phone or computers.

Best Online Resources For Games (Free & Paid)-

Best Online Resources For Games

  1. Cartoon Network Games: Enjoy the free games of the famous cartoon characters you grew up watching. Be it Ben 10, TeenTitans Go, Adventure Time, Gumball and many more.
  2. Steam This is a place where you can find so many options for games. This is a gaming community, and therefore it is also used for discussions. An extensive directory of games includes free games too.
  3. Arkadium Another free gaming website, which has hundreds of games. It can be accessed from the web or as an app for smartphones and tablets. You can find Crosswords Puzzles, Word games, Spelling games, Spider Solitaire and Olie Bridge over here.
  4. Microsoft Store:There are plenty of games, which can be played on Windows PC or laptop. All you need to do is look for them in your Microsoft Store. Classic games like Minesweeper, Motor X3< Bike Race, Super Cario World, Forza Horizon 4.
  5. A website which offers several free games to be played online from any device. Either it’s a card game or a bubble shooter, you can find it all here.
  6. Disney Games– Can’t go to Disneyland? Not to worry, enjoy these games with the best of graphics. Choose from Star Wars, Gravity Falls, The Descendants games. It also includes Disney junior games, separately for the kids.
  7. PBS Kids Games: This website has the perfect game collection for your kids. This will keep your kids involved in some exciting games such as Story maker, Sesame Street,Scribbles and Ink, Arthur and Sandcastle.
  8. Zynga:It is most famous for providing games, which can be played online with your friends. It was formerly played on Facebook, and has a collection of games such as Game of Thrones slots casino, Words with Friends 2, CSR 2 and Merge Dragons.

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Best Online Resources For Movies (Free & Paid)-

Best Online Resources For Movies

Best Online video streaming services are –

Here is the list of the best online video streaming services for watching movies. One can rely on these as they stay indoors and wish to spend time watching some flicks. There are thousands of movies available on each of these services, and you can takeyour time browsing all of them. Satisfy your inner Filmophile and check all of the Netflix alternatives, as now you will know, it is not the only option around.

The beautiful part is that these will only require a smartphone, computer and internet connection and viola, you can dive into the pool of movies from all around.

  1. YouTubeThe free video streaming service has numerous movies in different languages. One can use this free entertainment on the web browsers as well as the app on devices.
  2. Netflix The subscription service is the most popular due to thegrasping content it provides. Want to explore, one can get Netflix for free for a limited period.
  3. Amazon Prime Video Another subscription service, which has several movies for all the age groups. One can get a monthly or yearly plan to enjoy video streaming from multiple devices at a time.
  4. Disney+ With Disney+, one gets access to several original movies. Along with its videos, you can watch Hulu and ESPN too.
  5. Hulu This US-based subscription service will have a lot of shows and movies to watch online. You can avail the services with the advertisements.
  6. HBO NowThis is another web-based streaming service, which has several good movies and TV shows on it. You can get access to it with a subscription to HBO.
  7. HotstarThis web-based video streaming service can also provide you with a lot of good movies to watch. Subscription-based service is available to be accessed from the app as well.
  8. IMDB TV-It not only offers excellent information on the cast, storyline and rating of the movies but you can watch movies too.
  9. Apple TVAnother excellent service to watch movies, it comes as a subscription-based service. It is free for all those who have purchased the Apple hardware recentlyand have a new Apple ID on the same.
  10. CrackleSome of the free movies on it might be worth watching again. Try the original content as well in the form of films and TV shows. Access it online with the website.
  11. Sling Free-For now, Sling is providing free content without any use of an account on its services. So, enjoy the free movie streaming fromSling’s library for Free.
  12. Plex- It is a free to use service for watching TV shows and movies. You can stream free movies on your web application.
  13. Kanopy- It is an excellent service for all university students. A library card ID can access it as it is made especially for the College students.
  14. Pluto TV- Watch more than 250 channels for free and enjoy the movies on it. Thousands of on-demand movies are also available.
  15. Vudu- Another free entertainment for providing movies and TV shows. Get the app for Windows, Android or iOS.

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To Sum Up-

We would recommend you to learn a new thing or to get into that exercise regime you always had on your list. Since we are staying indoors, we must learn how to get acquainted with this lifestyle without losing our minds. Getting benefitted by one of these online sources for either reading, playing games or watching movies is what we want from our post.

As conclude the post, we would like to know your views. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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