What Are The Best Alternatives To Google Calendar?

Google is undoubtedly one of the world leaders when it comes to technology, and the Google Calendar is no different from its vast collection. It has all the features one could want in a calendar to schedule your meetings and appointments. However, you cannot customize it and can look for an alternative to Google calendar instead. There are many options for youto choose from, and the best ones are listed below.

Best Alternatives To Google Calendar

1. Outlook Calendar

alternative to Google Calendar Outlook
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The best alternative to Google Calendar is Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar. Some of you might not consider moving from one software conglomerate to another, but Outlook is the closest alternative to Google Calendar. Use Outlook Calendar; you can create and share schedules and meetings and even create multiple calendars if required. I found that all the tasks I could perform with Google Calendar were possible on Outlook Calendar. Probably there might be something which I never carried out on a Google Calendar that may not be possible on a Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a free web application that can be used through any browser on your computer. You can also download the free app for Android and iOS smartphones. However, if you want to use the app on the computer, then you will have to purchase an Office 365 subscription, which includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook.

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2. Zoho Calendar

alternative to Google Calendar ZOHO
Image Courtesy :Zoho

Another alternative to Google Calendar is the Zoho Calendar that has recently gained popularity to several different products that the company has developed. Other apps include document editors, cloud computing, automating work with Zoho flow etc. However, the Zoho Calendar surpasses this entire app as it is the easiest to use and looks attractive. Users can share details with other users in quick steps. Zoho Calendar also allows the users to sync with other calendars, especially Google and Outlook. All the normal features like scheduling meetings, coordinating groups and pushing events to other calendars are available.

Zoho Calendar is available for Android and iOS smartphones, but I found that these apps did not contain all the features as the Web version. Despite being lightweight apps, they were able to complete the essential functions and requirements. The privacy policy of Zoho Calendars is better than Google as you can never be sure what all Google does with your personal information and browsing history.

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3. Nextcloud Calendar

alternative to Google Calendar Nextcloud
Image Courtesy: NextCloud

If you are looking for an alternative to Google Calendars that is not owned by a big organisation and it is available for free and open-source, then you search ends with Nextcloud Calendar. There are no mobile apps, and you will have to run the application on your server. This ensures that the data is always secure as it is not stored on any third-party server and you will not face any downtime as it all depends on your server. The interface is easy to understand and use without too many complicated options. The normal functions like inviting, scheduling, sharing, and syncing exist as other calendars with big brands.

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4. Teamup

alternative to Google Calendar teamup
Image Courtesy: Teamup

The final entry on the list of best alternatives to Google Calendar is Teamup, which is a paid alternative if you want to enjoy all the features. The free option is suitable for personal or small businesses and allows you to create and schedule events in a calendar without signing up. Teamup also will enable users to send single events as standalone web pages; a feature not available in Google Calendars as well.

The Android and iOS apps are much better than any other apps on this list and have almost all features as the complete web version. There are many features in the web version, which are not available openly can be accessed by the Hamburger button on the top right. However, I was not able to keep track of personal schedule in daily life using Teamup, and on the other hand, it worked fine when there were more than one people and while managing group activities

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How To Make The Change To The Best Alternative To Google Calendar?

If you have chosen any one of the best alternatives to Google Calendar, then the transformation is a natural process. Instead of bringing all your events and schedules manually one by one, you can export an iCal file from Google Calendar and import it any of the alternatives. This will make a copy of all your events and also maintain sync between both the calendars.

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