Friday Essentials: 8 Highly Useful Gadgets for DSLRs and SLRs


Here we are again with something new to share with you this Friday. This Friday Essential post is dedicated to passionate photographers.

We have put together a list of creative, unique and cool photography gear you will definitely want to get your hands on. The list comprises of gears and gadgets both for sLRs and DSLRs that could enhance your photography experience.

  1. Super-Secret Spy Lens –

It is one of the most creative gears for cameras and has the working as the name suggests. If you want to shoot some candid pictures without alerting the person being photographed then this is the best gear. This lens is made in a way to fit the end of your SLR’s zoom lens. This lens has a cutout on the side and a mirror assembly inside the lens which lets you point the SLR at 90-degree angle to what actually is being snapped.


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With this lens, you can capture pictures directly to the right or left of where your camera is pointing. The built-in rotating barrel lets you adjust the height adjustments and is sized to accommodate viewing distance from near to wide-angle to full zoom. The mirror assembly has been manufactured in a way that it helps you capture bright, crisp, distortion free images.

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  1. Lensbaby Lenses –

This creative gear is for those who want some change from their standard DSLR lenses. Lensbaby offers 3 different lenses each suiting to every different kind of photographer. Lensbaby manufactures a line tilt-focus lenses which lets you capture very unique images with an area of sharp focus, surrounded by fading blur.


Image Source-

The lens mechanism is different from the traditional shifting mechanism where you cannot slide up, down or sideways while mounted on the camera. Instead you tilt the lens which allows the photographer to shift the area of focus in the image they are capturing. These lenses have manual settings for aperture and focus unlike the other lenses.

Some of the lenses offered by Lensbaby are Sweet 35, Double Glass, and Edge 80. Both Sweet 35 and Double Glass optics is used for a circular area of focus, whereas the Edge 80 gives you the slice of focus.

  1. Gigtube Instant Digital Screen Remote Viewfinder –

The Aperture Gigtube is a creative but cool device that equips your camera with a remote which has a built-in LCD live view screen. This is a plug-in external camera gear for digital SLR cameras which is compatible with all the major digital SLRs (except Sony).


Image Source –

The LCD screen is rotatable for different angle view and even has a feature of remote shutter release. It comes with a 2m extension cable or you can attach it to the camera via the flash hot-shoe.

This innovative gear is useful for shooting in the below scenes –

  1. Self-portraits viewfinder
  2. High-angle viewfinder
  3. Off-camera remote shutter release
  4. Low-angle viewfinder


  1. Nano DSLR Rig –

Many good shots could go wrong if the camera is not stable or your hand shivers. Especially when you’re shooting a video it becomes all the more important to have your camera in a stable position. Redrock Nano DSLR Rig combines stability and size for the ideal run-and-gun DSLR support rig.


Image Source

This Nano DSLR Rig provides a compact light-weight solution for stabilizing DSLR by giving it 3 points of contact between the camera and the camera man, they are handgrip, body pad and camera grip. The flexibility of the rig could open a whole new world of different possibilities on how it could be used to click various kinds of pictures.

  1. Cloak Bag –

It is a bag that not only provides you a cover for your camera but also allows you to click pictures without having to remove your bag and assures that you don’t miss a perfect shot. It even has a dedicated side slits to give you an easy access to the camera’s manual adjustments and an open bottom so that nothing comes in the way of your lens.


Image Source –

To put your DSLR in the cloak bag all you need to do is remove the camera strap and attach it with the Cloak Bag Straps. Put the camera in the bag with camera base on the screw track inside the bag and once inside the bag screw the bag’s screw to the camera’s tripod mount.

When you spot a photo opportunity, unzip the bottom of the bag, roll the sides up and start capturing, clicking and shooting.

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  1. Gorillapod –

This GorillaPod Focus Tripod Stand is designed keeping professionals in mind. It is a super-versatile, compact and flexible tripod which comes in different sizes for all kinds of cameras. It can handle all sorts of cameras like Heavy-duty cameras with massive zoom lenses, video cameras, and professional tripod heads with ease.


Image Source –

Some its features are:

  1. It has flexible wrappable joints that can secure camera to objects and position it at any desired angle to capture better shots.
  2. The rubberized ring and grips gives better stability on any surface.
  3. It is flexible and lightweight legs which makes it portable.


  1. SLR Pinhole Lens –

The SLR Pinhole Lens comes in a form of Body Cap which has a small, countersunk hole at its center. There is a covering of an opaque film on the hole and the center of the film is tiny dot of transparent material.


Image Source –

If you don’t want to buy this you can actually make you own pinhole lens by drilling a tiny hole in its cap. But it will not be as uniform as the one in the actual pinhole lens and it will even expose your lens to the dust particles.

There is one more variety of Pinhole Lens which is the first Multi-Aperture Pinhole Lens for DSLRs. It has been designed by Thingyfy for moth the DSLR and SLRs. This 50mm lens offers 8 different pinhole sizes from 0.1mm to 0.8mm.


Image Source:

  1. Solar Powered Camera Strap –

Weng Jie designed a wonderful gear for all the photography lovers which assures that they never run out of battery when they are clicking perfect shots. The innovative thing he thought of is that he converted the normal camera strap into a solar strap by introducing the solar panels across the width of the strap.


Image Source –

This device provides the power generated by the strap to the camera through the DC-in socket via cable at the end of the strap. This idea is still in its concept stage. Whenever you are out taking picture the strap would continuously generate power for future use.

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