What Are The Benefits of SOCKS5 Proxy

We all slightly agree that between VPNs and proxy servers, VPNs are considered to be more reliable and secure. Isn’t it? VPN allows you to establish a secure connection via an encrypted tunnel, whereas proxy servers don’t guarantee you enough safety while browsing the web.

Benefits of SOCKS5 Proxy
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So, have you ever heard of the term Socks5 Proxy in VPN terminology? Well, you can consider Socks5 a more secure version of proxy servers that gives you an added advantage to boost your privacy and security.

Here’s everything you need to know about Socks5 proxy, the benefits of Socks5 proxy, and most importantly, why should Socks5 Proxy be used with a VPN to set up a secure connection.

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List of Benefits of SOCKS5 Proxy

Let’s explore.

What is a SOCKS5 Proxy?

Socks5 Proxy is the latest security protocol used by many proxy servers. The SOCKS stands for “Socket Secure,” It offers you a more flexible approach to generate and route network traffic. So, Socks5 protocol is used to hide your IP address information, and it acts as an intermediary link between your device and a remote server.

What is a SOCKS5 Proxy
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Talking strictly in terms of security, Socks5 Proxy lies somewhere between a VPN and a proxy server. Yes, it can hide your IP address info, but it doesn’t encrypt the traffic, a primary security feature that a VPN service offers us!

Benefits of SOCKS5 Proxy
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Compared to proxy servers, SOCKS5 proxies offer you enhanced security and better connection speeds. Also, SOCKS5 proxy can be used without any limitations and null authentication, which indicates that you are not required to enter your login details to set up a connection. So, you want to connect to the web securely without revealing your IP address information or any other details, using the SOCKS5 proxy is the best bet.

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How Does it Work?

The SOCKS5 Proxy uses both TCP and UDP protocols to set up a secure connection. On the one hand, using TCP ensures that a secure connection is set up between the device and server while providing all the packets transfer securely. And UDP offers you better connection speeds and reliability as it doesn’t waste much time to keep track of whether all packets reached the destination or in what order they are received at the server’s end.

What are the Benefits of SOCKS5 Proxy?

Benefits of SOCKS5 Proxy
Image source: Nord VPN

Here are a few key benefits of using the SOCKS5 Internet protocol to boost online anonymity while browsing the web.


  • Bypass Restrictions


The SOCKS5 proxy allows you to circumvent Internet blocks easily locks and bypass any kind of restrictions, specifically in situations when a specific IP address is blocked or blacklisted in your region.


  • Flexible and Secure


Unlike proxy servers that are meant for HTTP links, SOCKS5 proxy can work with almost any traffic. It is a more advanced form of proxy servers that offers you enhanced flexibility and security to handle any traffic, program, or protocol.


  • Enhanced Speed and Performace


SOCKS5 Proxy uses both TCP and UDP protocols that make it far more enhanced in terms of offering better speed for connections. Also, while the packets are being transferred between the device and server, SOCKS5 involves fewer errors or misrouting the traffic. This protocol does not rewrite packet header info that makes it less prone to errors.

SOCKS5 Proxy VS VPN? What’s better?

A VPN uses an encrypted tunnel to set up a connection between your device and the remote server. We know the drill, right? SOCKS5 Proxy, on the other hand, does not encrypt the traffic, but yes, it does hide your IP address information, allows you to bypass Firewalls, download Torrents, access restricted content, and more.

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Hence, depending on your purpose or requirement, you can use any of these services to surf securely. If high-end security is not your ultimate concern, then SOCKS5 Proxy can very well get the job done for you.

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Here were a few benefits of using SOCKS5 over proxy servers. SOCKS5 Proxy undeniably offers you a flexible approach to unblock the Internet. Yes, it may not encrypt the network traffic, but SOCKS5 is quite a great option to access restricted content on the web if you overlook this particular aspect. Although you combine SOCKS5 proxy with a VPN service, it enables you to add an extra layer of protection to keep your browsing activities secure. Choose wisely!


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