The Dangers Of YouTube Proxy Sites

Wouldn’t it be an utter disappointment if a certain YouTube video is blocked or when you are simply unable to view its contents due to any reason? To overcome this hindrance, most of us switch to a proxy server to access restricted content. Isn’t it?

YouTube Proxy Sites
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The whole idea behind using a proxy server is to hide your IP address information while you’re browsing the Internet. When you’re connected to the Internet via a proxy server, it boosts your online anonymity and gives you an easy pass to watch and access restricted content. But yes, no matter how tempting all this may sound, relying on proxy servers can expose you to multiple potential risks.

In this post, we have highlighted the dangers and risks involved with using YouTube proxy sites so that you can keep your online privacy intact. We have also covered what is considered to be more reliable between proxy servers VS VPNs.

Let’s begin!

What Are YouTube Proxy Sites?

What are YouTube Proxy Sites
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We’re all briefly aware of the idea about how proxy servers work, right? Using proxies is mainly targeted to hide your IP address info from third-party intruders. Hence, if you cannot view a certain YouTube video or if it’s blocked in your region or at your current location, you can take the help of a YouTube proxy site and render the video while bypassing the restrictions. One simply has to copy and paste the YouTube URL on the proxy site, and that’s it!

Although, using proxy sites has its own set of pitfalls that may put your online privacy at risk.

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How Dangerous Are YouTube Proxy Sites?

From as much as we have heard or know, proxy servers encrypt your IP address info to boost online anonymity. We’re sure now you must be wondering how is using YouTube proxy sites any bad? And why does it put your digital privacy at immediate risk?

How Dangerous are YouTube Proxy Sites
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Using proxy sites indeed hides your IP address and browsing activities from intruders, but the proxy site owners can still monitor your sensitive information. Cybercriminals can easily vent in and steal this private information through many vicious tricks and strategies.

So, does it imply that you should stay away from proxy servers? To an extent, affirmative. Using proxy servers puts you at so many uncalled risks and threats that may breach your sensitive data and online privacy.

Identity Theft

Accessing YouTube proxy sites is not as safe as you think. As we just mentioned, your IP address may be hidden on the Internet, but the proxy website owners still hold your sensitive information. Also, what if, in worst-case scenarios, your proxy address being used by someone else to carry out cybercrimes? What if someone steals your online identity to conduct deceitful and illegal activities on the Internet.

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Use A VPN Service Instead? Yes!

Use a VPN Service Instead
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Wondering how to unblock YouTube videos, if not using proxy servers. Use a VPN service instead!

If you’re comparing the risks involved with proxy servers VS a VPN service, relying on VPNs is much more secure. Using a VPN service is always an excellent idea for accessing restricted content on the web. A VPN establishes a secure connection between your device and the Internet while following a strict no-log policy.

You can download and install any VPN service on your device to easily bypass geo-restrictions on any app or website, be it YouTube, Netflix, SoundCloud, or any other webpage that you are unable to access. VPNs are far more secure as it doesn’t put your online privacy and sensitive data at a stake while you’re using the Internet. It offers you a safe platform that you can use to explore restricted content while keeping your identity concealed.

Download Systsweak VPN For Windows

Download Systsweak VPN for Windows

Systweak VPN is a must-have security tool for Windows that enables you to enjoy ultra-fast speed and connection while browsing on the web. Systweak VPN for Windows keeps your digital privacy 100% anonymous and allows you to explore a wide variety of entertainment content, including movies, TV shows, webpages, and more.

We hope we were able to highlight the dangers and potential risks involved with YouTube proxy sites. Compared to proxy servers, VPN services are a safe bet to access blocked and restricted content on the Internet as it establishes an encrypted tunnel between your device and the remote server. So, now the choice complete lies in your hands. Better safe than sorry, right? Follow us on social media – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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    VPN in better than the Proxy option for security.

    4 years ago
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    Camila Saunders
    Is VPN capable of hiding our location while using proxy sites?

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Gajendra singh
    Systweak VPN works perfectly in this case

    4 years ago

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