Best Amazing WhatsApp Text Formatting Tricks For Android in 2023

The user base of WhatsApp runs in billions, which means a large part of the world population is already using WhatsApp. And, why won’t that happen, WhatsApp gives its users everything that you would expect from a messenger, in fact much more than that. Yet, there are tricks that many users are not aware of. For example, formatting text.

So, if you have taken WhatsApp text formatting in hand, you are in luck. After all, a nicely written, the well-formatted text is appealing and at the same time conveys your thoughts better.  We’ll try and put down all the WhatsApp tips and tricks that will help you create a decent WhatsApp text, just you want. Let’s break the WhatsApp tips and tricks for formatting text in three parts –

Manual WhatsApp Text Formatting

1. Generating A Bold Font In WhatsApp

whatsapp bold format

A bold text is great when you wish to emphasize something, just as you would do in a word document. To have a bold font in WhatsApp, type your desired text and place the asterisk (*) sign on both sides of the text.   

 *make this text bold*

2. Italicize A Given Text

whatsapp italic format

Let’s take a scenario, where you have a heading in bold and now, you need subheadings in a different format. You can put the subheadings in italics. Using italics in a WhatsApp chat or italicizing a given text or word is simple. For this, add underscore before and after a given text.

_italicized text_

3. Strike-Through

whatsapp stroke format

Striking through a text means overlapping a given text with a horizontal line. It could be used to mark a mistaken text.  For striking through a text in WhatsApp add a tilde sign (~) before and after your desired text.

~let’s strike off this wrong text~

4. Monospace

whatsapp monospace

In one sense, using monospace you can break the monotony of having the same text font. Monospace provides the same amount of horizontal space between letters and characters. To enable this add three backticks (“`) before and after the desired word or sentence.

```sentence with monospace```

5. How To Use Multiple Text Formatting Tips In One Line

whatsapp blod and italic

You can use multiple WhatsApp text formatting components in a single line. For this again, type your desired text and then use formatting symbols in order of formatting that you wish to happen.

For instance, let’s say you wish the text to be bold and italicized. Place the symbols as shown below –

_*bold and italicized*_

Note: You may or may not be able to use monospace with multiple formats.

Automatic WhatsApp Text Formatting

whatsapp text format

The best part about Android is that you can format the WhatsApp text directly without having to individually type in formatting symbols or remembering the symbols per se. To format WhatsApp text automatically follow the steps below –

  1. Write a text
  2. Copy the complete text
  3. You’ll then see a bar with multiple options. Click on the three vertical dots and choose the format that you wish to apply to the text.

On iPhone: Write text, select it and you will get options Cut, Copy, BIU, and other options. You can choose from here to highlight your text.

The Need Of Using Apps

There are some WhatsApp font tricks that are not possible without a third-party app. These include changing the WhatsApp font color or underline text.  Here are some of the possible apps that can help you change a font color, underline text and add other effects in WhatsApp chats

  1. Blue Text – you change the WhatsApp font color to blue
  2. Cool Fancy Text Generator – Generates attractive and fancy WhatsApp fonts
  3. WhatsBlueText – You get more than 25 stylish fonts to choose from

Can I Increase Text size Every time In WhatsApp Chat?

You might wonder if you can change the font size of every word or line in the text as you do in a Word document or any text editor. The answer to this is no. As of now, it is not possible to change the size of WhatsApp font with every word or line.

You can change the WhatsApp font size just once by following the path below –

Settings > Chats > Font Size (Small, Medium and Large)

This would imply that the WhatsApp font size that you choose will be applicable to all your chats. Also, your chosen font size is applicable to your chats only i.e. the other person will not be able to see your font size.

So, these are some of the tricks that can come handy while chatting on WhatsApp to format text and emphasize. Did you enjoy this post and found the WhatsApp tips and tricks pertaining to text formatting useful? If yes, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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    Debra Fife
    My font will not change from small to large….followed instructions and useless ! Worked fine before updates

    4 years ago

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