Need Voice Assistance? Try These Siri Apps For Android

Smartphones have certainly become much more than mere communication gadgets. Thanks to the surge of AI assistants thrown in the mix, and smartphones are literally treated better than some unfortunate people. Even if you do not own an iPhone, there’s plenty of Siri apps for Android that can get all your work done with the help of.

But, before you install and start using Android Siri apps, give your Android device a thorough cleaning and boost up with Smart Phone Cleaner. This further helps in cleaning device junk, managing already installed apps and boosting your device’s battery level to a greater extent.

Coming back to voice assistant apps, Apple’s Siri came into the mainstream but that is not available for Android devices. There are many apps like Siri for Android.

5 Siri Alternatives for Android

1. Google Now

Google Now

Google Now Launcher is a mind reading personal assistant for Android users. With many updates, it has been made one of the best smartphone companions for a lot of things. Google now helps in making user’s life easier, here’s what it can do- Ask your phone anything, get reminders, helps in staying up to date, how far you’ve walked, helps you travel without stress.


  • Swipe left from your Home screen quickly access Google Now that bring you just the right information.
  • Say “Ok Google” to make voice search or let your phone know what to do.
  • It can help you in sending a text message, get directions, play a song and much more.

2. DataBot


DataBot is more than just a personal assistant Siri apps for Android. This app answers your requests with voice based on the topic you’re interested in. Any app or service that is integrated within DataBot can be used to search for images, information and other media alongside a variety of tasks. Use DataBot as your personal assistant anytime anywhere. Whether you travel, work, study or play, it will search for you what you wish to know or listen within a few seconds.


  • Smart assistant to quickly identify what is required.
  • Creates customized presentations based on your queries using voice, texts and messages.
  • Provides answers to specific queries using platforms like Google, Wikipedia, and another web material.
  • Allows you to share results through SMS, Email and social networks.
  • It speaks your language. The popular ones are English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese.

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3. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

It is the modular version of Google Now. It is smarter digital assistant that understands your voice and quickly responds to your commands or questions. It has entered the world of digital assistants with Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. To start with it just say, ‘Hey Google’ and it will start listening to what you speak.


  • Allows you to play music and videos with your voice.
  • Helps to stay in touch with hands-free calls, texts and emails.
  • Quickly find answers for all your queries including traffic information and directions.
  • Being your personal assistant, this application allows you to get timely reminders. Ask Google Assistant to remind you of drinking water every hour, set an alarm for you etc.
  • Hands free help for a user when and wherever needed.

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4. Jarvis AI

Jarvis AI

It is said to be the best digital assistant companion for all smartphone users. This Siri like app for Android can assist you anytime, anywhere with its cool and amazing features. It has a special voice recognition feature that makes it a cool assistant app for everyone to use while travelling or outdoors. You can train your personal assistant with your own and self-made commands and responses. The reply you’ll get them will be more fun.


  • Jarvis AI helps in making calls, setting alarms.
  • Opens relevant apps to play music.
  • Tell you about your phone’s battery level.
  • Reminds you with quick alert, hot-word detection and much more.

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5. Extreme Go- Personal Voice Assistant

Extreme Go

Unlike other assistant apps, Extreme Go protect your privacy. All your conversations with personal assistant are stored at a secure place within your device. Also, if you uninstall this app, recorded data will be automatically deleted. The major benefit of having Siri like app for your Android device is that it works offline too.


  • Want to ask a question off the internet? Just say it to Extreme and let it get you the answer.
  • Extreme Go acts as a selfie expert for you, just ask ‘Extreme, take a selfie’ and here you go! It will be done.
  • Get daily scoops on your area of interest, simply ask Extreme to update you on today’s latest news etc.
  • Ask Extreme to send Skype, WhatsApp or text message to any of your contact.

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Which Siri App For Android Is Best For You?

We all have our own needs and choices of Siri apps to use for Android. According to us, the best option amongst all is Google Assistant as it works pretty well. But for your own convenience and choice we have compiled a list of top five Siri apps for Android. Your choice of assistant apps might differ from ours. So if you aren’t happy with these apps, you can also try for Lyra Digital Assistant, Andy, Robin etc.

Share with us your personal favorite assistant app in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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