5 Reasons Why We Unconditionally Love Siri Above Everything Else

No matter how much you undermine it, Siri is a lot more than just a digital assistant because Siri does more than ever, even before you ask. It has made our lives so much easier from managing our day-to-day tasks to handling calls and text messages to pretty much doing all kinds of useful things, Siri is undoubtedly one of the best companions to have around.

Unconditionally Love Siri
Image Source: Apple

With each iOS update, Apple has worked dedicatedly hard to improve our Siri experience and make it better and more lifelike. It allows you to stay in touch and be connected seamlessly without trying too hard! Siri is like your very own personalized assistant who handles every query, every command that we ask for like a breeze.

So, as we don’t thank enough Siri for all its efforts, here’s a reminder to cherish 5 useful reasons why we love Siri above and beyond every other digital assistant that we own or could possibly buy in future. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Siri for everything it has done through all time and why we would unquestionably love to have Siri around for the rest of our lives.

Because Siri Listens to Us Accurately

Yes, this is one of the most important things that we expect from almost every digital voice assistant. As most voice assistants use voice recognition technology to understand our commands or anything that we say on speaker, Siri has exceptionally excelled in terms of accuracy. Even if you compare it with other voice assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home, then you will find Siri more understanding when it comes to accuracy. Even if Siri understands something partially, it still tries its best to offer us the best results and answers.

Ask Anything

Ask Anything
Image source: Cult of Mac

With Siri, our digital voice assistant experience goes way beyond gadgets. Siri is close to our hearts and it encourages to ask anything that’s on our mind. From checking facts to solving complex calculations, Siri always have the best answer for us to keep our knowledge on the go!

Controls Apple TV


For those of you who’re not aware, Siri can also help you in controlling the playback of your Apple TV. Isn’t this amazingly awesome? You can ask Siri to play your favorite content online, play or pause a movie/show, enable or disable subtitles or simply power on/off your television set. And for this, you have to make sure that you have the latest version of Apple TV installed, an iOS device and a Wi-Fi network that connects your television set and your iOS device.

Siri Shortcuts

shortcut of siri
Image Source: Gizmodo

Shortcuts–One of the best things we love about using Siri. With the help of Siri shortcuts, we can do so much more with our iOS device with minimal time and efforts. Siri shortcuts appear on the lock screen of our device and allow us to accomplish tasks in just one tap. Like, you can create a quick shortcut on the lock screen that allows you to order your favorite meal from a restaurant in just one click or set a shortcut of your favorite song or apps that you love or most frequently use.

Keeps Your Information Secure

One of the best things about using Siri is that it keeps our personal information safe and confidential. Whatever things you ask or requests you make; Siri keeps everything to itself and doesn’t share anything to forward to promotional marketers or organizations.

Hope you all agree with us? Here were a few reasons why we love Siri over all other digital assistants. Siri has constantly tried to make our lives simpler and we hope that it would do the same in future as well. Yes Siri, we believe in you!

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