Shadowsocks vs. VPNs: Which Should You Use?

You might have questioned if a VPN or Shadowsocks is the better option if you wish to bypass internet censorship. Both are effective instruments that will help you overcome any obstacles, but each has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

Most of these blocks operate comparatively straightforwardly by blocking IP addresses, the distinctive identifier used by every website, either expressly or even in a range. It is easy to use but efficient. Going to an unblocked IP address first, assuming that IP address, and going to the blocked IP address you wanted to visit is preferable to going directly there.

How To Unblock IP Addresses?

Use A Proxy


Your internet connection can be rerouted in several methods, proxies being the most popular. For example, if you’re in the United States, you may use a proxy to pretend to be in Canada, the UK, or any place. These are little programs that allow you to bounce your signal around.

But censors all across the world are now aware of how proxies operate. Generally, they are only handy for issues beyond YouTube’s copyright prohibitions. Furthermore, proxies don’t provide privacy, so if someone is monitoring people who bypass blocks—like China is allegedly doing—you can find yourself in trouble.

Use A Shadowsocks


The closest thing to a proxy is Shadowsocks; it simply employs a better protocol—a set of guidelines that enables two or more machines to “speak” to one another—than other proxies. It is known as SOCKS5, and among its many advantages over standard proxies is its ability to encrypt connections.

The result is a straightforward proxy that anyone with some technical knowledge can easily set up and looks like regular internet traffic when downloaded. We appreciate how discreet it is and that no one has yet reported being in trouble for using it.



Virtual private networks are an adaptation of the same concept. A VPN will redirect your connection much like a proxy. Still, it encrypts communication using a VPN tunnel, making it hard for anyone to figure out what is happening unless they have a few billion years to spare to break the encryption.

Because of the encryption a VPN uses, copyright watchdogs cannot determine your location or view what you are doing. More than just torrenting, VPNs help bypass censorship, geographical limits like those imposed by Netflix, and a few other restrictions.

Shadowsocks vs. VPNs: Which Should You Use?

VPN and Shadowsocks

Shadowsocks and VPN appear remarkably similar at first glance, and the two pieces of technology are indeed related in many ways. But there are some significant distinctions between the two, particularly in terms of detection. Shadowsocks is harder to detect but easier to decode than VPN connections, which are typically easy to detect but difficult to crack.

Overall, your intended application will determine which of the two you choose. It’s an excellent solution if you have the technical know-how to set up Shadowsocks and you need to avoid blockages above all else. No one should be able to determine what you’re doing by examining your traffic or usage since it’s free to use.

However, if you have the cash, VPN services are attractive because they can do much more than just get around censorship. Having said that, it is quite unsettling that your traffic may be recognized or that internet snoopers may become aware that you are using a VPN.

Extra Tip: Use Systweak VPN to Hide Your Identity and Protect Your Online Activities


A VPN program is the simplest way to protect yourself from destructive attacks. VPNs create an encrypted tunnel between you and the VPN server through which they route your connection. All of the data you send and receive online is shielded from prying eyes by a VPN connection. With a VPN, your IP address is concealed, and your traffic is mixed up with other users, making it more difficult for third parties to identify you. Even if a hacker managed to intercept your traffic, they would not be able to read or utilize the data passed across the encrypted VPN tunnel because only the VPN server can decode the data.

More than 4500 servers spread over 200 cities and 53 countries are accessible to Systweak VPN users. You may conceal your IP address and location in 200 places spread across 53 distinct nations. Considering the benefits listed below makes it clear why Systweak VPN is the ideal option.

  • You may now view all geographically restricted information in one place while traveling.
  • Systweak VPN offers military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to protect your privacy.
  • Your internet connection will be immediately terminated if the VPN server experiences a problem, guaranteeing that none of your data is ever exposed.

The Final Word On Shadowsocks vs. VPNs: Which Should You Use

Finally, both VPNs and Shadowsocks should be effective in evading censorship blocks. However, both carry a risk of being discovered. Just a decreased chance of detection for Shadowsocks. However, it’s unsettling to know that you can be identified once found. We appreciate that it will be difficult to identify you even if you are discovered.

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