Most Popular Screen Reader Software For Windows (2023)

Screen Readers for Windows are quintessential pieces of software designed and developed for blind or visually impaired people. These programs assist blind individuals in using computer systems by either reading the text aloud that appears on the screen or display them on a braille display for easy understanding. Screen Reading Software acts as a dedicated platform for visually impaired users to communicate with their computers without any hassles.

We are sharing a list of Most Popular Screen Readers for Windows 10 & other versions. However, before installing any of these programs, ensure that it is compatible with your operating system and braille screen (if you are using one).

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So, let’s check out the Top 9 Screen Reading Solutions For Windows (2023).

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  • Best Free Screen Reader
  • Helps in sending emails, use social media & other apps
  • Use braille display with a speech synthesizer

Best choice (Recommended)



  •  Best Paid Screen Reading Tool
  • Highly compatible with Windows & most refreshable braille displays
  • Allows you to draft emails, surf the web & more

Best choice



  • Brings speed, versatility & simplicity of chrome to blind users.
  • Read out the chrome webpages loud
  • Narrates words, text, and number typed on the keyboard

Best choice


Which Screen Readers Are Available For Windows?

Apart from these three great software to read screens. Here are some helpful programs for blind and visually impaired people to use computers without any hassles.

Here is the list of the best screen readers for Windows 10, 8, 7, and older versions:


NonVisual Desktop Access is one of the most popular open-source and free screen readers, supporting popular browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), Windows apps (like Microsoft Word, Excel, Music Player), and Email clients. It’s quick, simple, and requires the no-fuss installation to read the screen faster. It supports several refreshable braille displays and uses an easy to use the talking installer to make the entire learning & using experience effortless.


best screen reader


Price: Free Screen Reader Tool



Job Access With Speech is another famous screen reading tool for Windows, designed and developed for users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing the content and using other peripheral devices for navigation. Using JAWS screen readers, individuals will be able to surf the web, write documents, read emails, make presentations & do a lot more. The screen reading solution is available for Home users, School users & Business individuals.


best screen reader


Price: $90/Year


  • Surf the Internet with web browsing keystrokes.
  • Fill out web forms without any hassles.
  • Readout docs, emails, webpage content, apps & more.

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 3. ChromeVox

ChromeVox is a browser extension (add-on) designed for blind users to read the web page content or communicate with friends and colleagues. Using this free screen reading tool, users can get help in the form of voice feedback, and it will narrate all the on-screen activities while highlighting the areas that are being read aloud. The browser extension works well on Windows, but it is quite popular with macOS users as well.


screen reader for Windows


Price: Free Screen Reading Tool


  • Magnifies selected text.
  • Read the Chrome webpage’s content aloud.
  • Basic screen reader for Windows & Mac users.

4. WebAnywhere

As the name entails, WebAnywhere is your ultimate screen reader on the go that allows visually impaired users to access and use the Internet from any computer. The screen reader software is highly compatible with almost all OS versions and runs on every popular browser without any fuss. Using the screen reading solution, individuals can read any documents, draft emails, surf the web, and do much more. 


screen reader for Windows


Price: Starts at $500


  • Runs on Windows PCs from a USB key without prior installation.
  • Access any browser on any desktop.
  • Can be used without installing any software.


COBRA is a paid screen reading solution that does much more than any ordinary screen reader available for Windows users. It helps visually impaired individuals to modify and personalize their desktops as per their needs and requirements. This certainly helps in enhancing overall productivity. It supports a clean and natural-sounding speech synthesizer and is highly compatible with braille or magnification of content.


screen reader software


Price: Starts at $749


  • Supports speech, braille & magnification of content.
  • Enjoy free updates for up to four years.
  • Supports popular Windows programs & email clients.

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6. Dolphin Screen Reader

Dolphin’s screen reading software is another paid utility, highly popular among individuals and organizations, thanks to its high- quality feature set. Unlike other popular software for reading screens, Dolphin provides users with natural voice feedback & instant text to speech translations. It makes email drafting, browsing the Internet, writing documents, and scanning posts completely effortless.


screen reader software


Price: Starts at $795

HIGHLIGHTS: Dolphin Screen Reader

  • Speak out words as you type them.
  • Can scan & read PDFs (via OCR).
  • Supports speech & braille.


Although the screen-reading program is highly popular among Linux users, BRLTTY’s Windows version is also quite useful for blind or visually impaired users. The software holds string potential to turn any on-screen information into Braille form so that it is highly convenient for users to read & navigate through the Braille display. Additionally, it supports plenty of voice features & speeches, making it the Best Windows Screen Reader tool.


screen reader for Windows


Price: Not specified by the website


  • Popular among LINUX users.
  • Basic speech support.
  • Ability to identify unknown characters.

 8. System Access

Designed & developed by Serotek Corporation, System Access is another popular screen reader software for Windows & other OS. The software is well-known for helping blind users by giving full access to Windows environments for easy learning and usage. System Access, Windows 10 screen reading tool supports popular programs such as Office, Skype, Adobe Reader & video chat platforms like Skype.


Windows 10 screen reader


Price: Not specified by the website

HIGHLIGHTS: System Access

  • Supports text enlargement.
  • Supports Braille access.
  • Never have to pay for software updates.

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9. ZoomText

ZoomText by Ai Squared is another paid screen reading program perfect for visually impaired users as it supports crystal clear magnification from 1.25x to 60x, which makes the reading process effortless. Like COBRA, Windows 10 screen reader, it helps users make desktop customization, change text colors, manage brightness/contrast, and a lot more. It even allows individuals to manage the reading out loud feature according to the needs & requirements.


screen reader for Windows

Price: $80/Year


  • Can increase the size of text & other objects on the screen.
  • Echoes your typing & other program activities.
  • Automatically reads web pages & emails.

Frequently Asked Questions: Top 9 Screen Reading Solutions

Have some queries? Let’s discuss some of the most frequently asked questions related to screen reading:

Q1. Does Windows 10 Have A Screen Reader Program?

Yes, the Narrator is a dedicated screen reading software that comes pre-installed with Windows 10. But if you are looking for a solution with more features & functionalities, you can install any of the third-party programs mentioned above.

Q2. How Much Does A Screen Reader Program Cost?

There are various screen reading applications for Windows with different command structures, and most of them are compatible with multiple speech synthesizers. Usually, the price range for a good screen reader software costs between free to $1200.

Q3. Can Screen Reading Tools Read PDFs?

Yes, a good screen reader can read portable document files, regardless of the security restrictions in place.

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