How Can I Remove IDP.Generic Virus From Your Windows

IDP.Generic or Identity Protection Generic is a dangerous threat that pops up on your system when your Antivirus program detects a malicious code. Such viruses are designed and developed to infiltrate your PC stealthily. Hence, you might not find clear symptoms of the problem, as the virus runs in the background and steals confidential and private information. 

What Is IDP.Generic?

IDP.Generic is a term that appears when Antivirus Software detects generic malware on your system. Several possible infections could be generalized as IDP.Generic threats. For example: If a game file is detected as a threat, there’s a high probability that the game won’t start properly. Though the IDP. Generic virus threat is commonly categorized as false positive detection. 

Well, no clear symptoms are indicating the IDP.Generic threat, but you must look out for the following issues: 

  • High CPU resource usage 
  • Frequently occurring BSOD errors 
  • Software crashing suddenly without any reason 
  • Unexpectedly redirected to suspicious & malicious websites 
  • Sluggish & slow performance on system 
  • Programs opening unexpectedly without commands 

What Causes IDP.Generic Warnings?

There are several causes for receiving IDP.Generic Warnings. However, the most common causes are: 

  • Running an outdated antivirus program that flags legit apps as malicious.
  • The potential cause could be running outdated Java Software. 
  • Installing updates from unofficial sources. 
  • Clicking on spam campaigns, emails & attachments. 
  • Running software cracking tools.  
  • Opening a malicious executable file. 

These are some of the most common methods by which malwares such as IDP.Generic infiltrate your system and cause further damage. Fortunately, these issues are hassle-free to resolve. Here’s how you can avoid the spread of IDP.Generic virus on Windows 10 and other versions. 

How Do I Remove IDP.Generic Virus On Windows 10?

In case you have received IDP.Generic warning, here’s what you need to do to remove it from your PC instantly. In case the file is not attached to anything important, you can let the Best Antivirus Software do its job! 

STEP 1- Restart Your Windows System In Safe Mode

Windows Safe Mode is a perfect environment for users to find out common threats and critical errors and resolve them immediately. To boot your PC in safe mode, all you have to do is: 

  • Open the Start menu and hit the Power button. 
  • While holding down the key, press the Shift button and click to Restart your PC.
    (Make sure to hold the Shift button, until the menu pops-up)
  • Click on the Troubleshoot option and navigate to the Advanced options followed by Startup Settings.Remove IDP.Generic Virus From Your Windows
  • Simply restart your system and select the option to restart into the Safe Mode type of your choice. 

The instant boot will bring your system into the normal working state again. Want to know more about How To Boot Into Windows 10 Safe Mode?

STEP 2- Uninstall Suspicious Applications

If IDP.Generic virus is still residing on your system, then it is highly recommended to locate and uninstall the problematic program as soon as possible. There are multiple ways to uninstall software on Windows 10. However, the safest way to remove single or multiple apps in one-go is through using a dedicated uninstaller – Advanced PC Cleanup. 

  • Download, install and launch Advanced PC Cleanup on your system.

  • Navigate to the Uninstall Apps section from the left-panel. 
  • As soon as the list of programs appears on your screen. 
  • Locate the ones you would like to uninstall from your PC. 

Advanced PC Cleanup

Follow the on-screen instructions and restart your system to implement the changes successfully. 

STEP 3- Remove Temp Files

Sometimes, temporary files can also be a carrier of malicious code. Therefore, we recommend deleting all the temp files for super smooth running. Thankfully, Advanced PC Cleanup allows users to clear unnecessary clutter from your device and free up valuable resources without much hassles. 

  • Download, install and launch Advanced PC Cleanup on your system.

  • Navigate to the One Click Care module from the left panel.Advanced PC Cleanup
  • Advanced PC Cleanup allows users to locate and remove multiple kinds of junk files, temp files, trash items, faulty registry entries and other residues that can hamper overall performance. 
  • As soon as the problematic items appear, go through them and hit the option Clean Now! 

Advanced PC Cleanup

STEP 4: Reset Web Browser Settings

In case your favourite browser is behaving stubbornly due to IDP.Generic virus, then we suggest resetting it to its default set and get rid of the error. To do so, all you have to do is:

  • Chrome browser users need to launch the web browser and navigate to the Settings.Remove IDP.Generic Virus
  • Scroll down on the next window and locate the Advanced section
    Remove IDP.Generic Virus From Your Windows
  • From the Advanced section, you need to locate the Reset and Cleanup option. Beneath that, you need to click on Restore settings to their original defaults.Remove IDP.Generic Virus
  • Hit the Reset settings (Blue Button) on the next popup! 

Relaunch your browser to get back to the state when everything was working normally@ 

Note: Resetting the Browser, will disable all the installed extensions, clear temporary data such as cookies and so on.

STEP 5- Run A Thorough Security Scan (Recommended)

Well, manually removing the security threats can be a cumbersome task and will utilize a lot of your time and efforts. That’s where you need to use a robust security solution like Systweak Antivirus. The software helps in detecting potential viruses, worms, trojan horse, adware, spyware and other threats, including IDP.Generic virus that might hamper overall performance. Systweak Antivirus is an award-winning security solution and has earned VB100 Virus Certification.

To use this reliable solution and protect your system from various kinds of new and existing threats, all you need to do is: 

  • Download, install and launch Systweak Antivirus on your Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista PC.

  • Click the Start Scan button and let the security solution locate all the potential threats, including IDP.Generic virus that can harm your system. 

Systweak Antivirus would take a few moments to detect all the hidden and notorious security threats and you can remove or quarantine them in a few clicks. 

Pricing Models: Suitable For:
$39.95 For 1 Device/1-Year Subscription Individuals
$49.95 For 5 Devices/1-Year Subscription Multi-Device
$59.95 For Up to 10 Devices/1-Year Subscription Family

To know about Systweak Antivirus in detail, check out the complete review here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is IDP Generic Harmful?

When shown as a false positive, the IDP.Generic warning is not harmful. But when it is shown as a malware program, it can cause potential harm to your PC, hence you should quickly scan your PC with a dedicated antivirus software like Systweak Antivirus to fix the issue instantly.

Q2. What Is A Generic Virus?

A generic virus is commonly referred to as an identified program or a file that shows a similar behaviour to a virus or trojan horse.

Q3. What Is Generic Malware?

Generic Malware is often indicated as a malware threat which secretly infiltrates your computer through a variety of sources such as freeware, malicious websites, spam email attachments & so on.

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