PWN2OWN 2021 Final Results: A Remarkable 90% Of Hacking Attempts Were Successful

The finals of the Pwn2Own ethical hacking battle are finally over with the last events conducted on 08th April. The results were divided among 50% complete success and the remaining 50% were partial wins. The event started in a great manner at 0900 in the morning when Benjamin McBride won $40000 for executing code on host OS from within Parallels desktop.

Image: Zeroday Initiative

The next set of four events towards Microsoft Exchange, Ubuntu desktop, Windows 10, and Parallels Desktop were termed as a partial success because of all the methods used in these four events and the bug reported was already known by the respective organizations. There were no cash prizes awarded here but the winners were given points towards Master of PWN. The main highlight of these events was Alisa Esage, the first woman to participate as an independent researcher, and targeted Parallels Desktop in the Virtualization category.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

The final three events towards Ubuntu Desktop, Parallels Desktop and Windows 10 desktop all resulted in success and were awarded cash prizes. Vincent Dehors claimed $30,000 to escalate to the root of the Ubuntu desktop through a double-free bug. The next prize of $40,000 was claimed by Da Lao who completed guest to host via OOB Write in Parallels Desktop. The final win of the day and the tournament was achieved by Marcin Wiazowski who won a whopping amount of $40,000 after using a UAF bug to gain System Access on a Windows 10 PC.

The entire event was sponsored by VMware and other partners included Adobe, Zoom, and Tesla. The vendors of the event have 90 days to produce a fix for the vulnerabilities reported. Here is a summary report of all three days in case you missed it.

Sn No

Date Time Event Person/Team



Apr 6, 2021 1000 Apple Safari Jack Dates Success
2 Apr 6, 2021 1130 Microsoft Exchange DEVCORE



Apr 6, 2021 1300 Microsoft Teams OV Success


Apr 6, 2021 1430 Windows 10 Viettel Success
5 Apr 6, 2021 1530 Parallels Desktop Star Labs


6 Apr 6, 2021 1630 Ubuntu Desktop Ryota Shiga



Apr 6, 2021 1730 Oracle Virtualbox Star Labs Failure
8 Apr 7, 2021 0900 Parallels Desktop Jack Dates



Apr 7, 2021 1000 Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge Bruno Keith & Niklas BaumStark Success


Apr 7, 2021 1130 Microsoft Exchange Viettel Partial
11 Apr 7, 2021 1300 Zoom Messenger Daan Keuper & Thijs Alkemade


12 Apr 7, 2021 1430 Windows 10 Tao Yan



Apr 7, 2021 1530 Parallels Desktop Sunjoo Park Success
14 Apr 7, 2021 1630 Ubuntu Desktop Manfred Paul



Apr 7, 2021 1730 Windows 10 z3r09 Success
16 Apr 8, 2021 0900 Parallels Desktop Benjamin McBride



Apr 8, 2021 1000 Microsoft Exchange Steven Seeley Partial


Apr 8, 2021 1130 Ubuntu Desktop Star Labs


19 Apr 8, 2021 1230 Windows 10 Fabien Perigaud



Apr 8, 2021 1330 Parallels Desktop Alisa Esage Partial
21 Apr 8, 2021 1430 Ubuntu Desktop Vincent Dehors



Apr 8, 2021 1530 Parallels Desktop Da Lao Success
23 Apr 8, 2021 1630 Windows 10 Marcin Wiazowski


One glance at the table above would tell you that out of the 23 events scheduled, only 2 failed as the team was not able to complete the task in the allotted time and with 5 Partials, 16 events were a complete success. The 5 partial successes were so-called because the method or bug used was already known before the contest.

For complete results and more details, click here


The reason for concern here is if you count the actual total number of successes then it amounts to 21 out of 23 which amounts to 91% success (including partial wins). This brings a serious thought to our mind “Are the operating systems and software we use so vulnerable by hackers?” I leave you to think and ponder over this and please share your comments in the section below.

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