Parallels Toolbox Review: Quickly Optimize your Mac

While working on a Mac, productivity stays on the top of our heads. Yet, ironically when we have to shuffle with settings on our Mac to deliver a task – create or save content, our efforts go down the drain. Our productivity takes a backseat when we have to find the right application first to create the content, keep track of space on our Mac and what not.

How about we tell you that now you can pack your Mac with an efficient Mac optimizer that does several things for you. Yes! Parallels Toolbox for Mac is a one-stop-shop which comes with more than 30 tools that help you create quality content, save hard drive space and even quickly optimize your Mac if you want to make an impeccable presentation.

Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? It did to us too, so we installed the application and checked it inside out to see if the Mac optimizer delivers what it promises.


The setup is pretty straightforward. After you’ve installed the application, a setup wizard will take you through the complete installation process without you needing a finger to lift. Click on accept the terms > hit the next button> and click on install and you are all good to go!

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The first aspect of any application or software that meets the eye is the interface and to be very honest; Parallels toolbox has a simple and elegant and clean interface. Each option is placed appropriately and tells you correctly what function it carries. All the options are placed in alphabetical order. You can also hide options in the libraries section and favourites section all by one-click.

What we liked is the fact that settings are mentioned with a particular tool. You can easily make changes to the settings by clicking on the cog icon next to the tool. Also, each setting comprehensively tells you about what a specific tool is meant for and what it does. In fact, with so many tools, you might want to have a quick guide for a particular feature handy, isn’t it?


At first glance, you might be astounded seeing so many tools packed in one space. But, as and when you see their functionality, you would say that yes! This is the application you’d been looking for. But, to find out if they are too good to be true, we installed 6 of these features –

1. Archive And Unarchive

Archive And Unarchive

Want to zip multiple files or unzip multiple files. This tool easily lets you drag and drop files that you want to zip and unzip.

2. Clean Drive

Clean Drive

If you are witnessing a slowdown in your PC, you probably have caches and temp files across several locations. Manually hunting such files can be painful. Parallels Toolbox for Mac helps you lay down all such files in front of you at a glance in a matter of minutes.  Hit the clean button, and they’ll be gone.

3. Find Duplicates

Find Duplicates

With time, our Mac gets cluttered with duplicates files. Especially if you have a knack of working with several versions, you might not even realize, but they do take up a lot of precious space on your computer. And again, if you try to tackle them on your own, you are in for grave trouble. You might even risk deleting wrong files.

Parallels Toolbox is a Mac cleaning tool which lets you find duplicate files in a blink of an eye. Drag open a location on your Mac and all duplicates will be right in front of you.

4. Energy Saver

Energy Saver

 For a long-lasting battery, you might have to sift through several power-saving settings in your Mac. And, if you are someone who has just started out working on a Mac, things can be tough. Why not leave the labour to a Mac optimizer which activates all such settings with one-click while you can focus on other essential tasks.

 5. Download Audio And Video

Download Audio And Video

 If ever you wanted to download a YouTube video or extract audio, what would you do? Probably download a video to the audio converter or YouTube video downloader. Well! Now you can paste the link of the video you are watching, and in no time, you can get both audio and video.

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 6. Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode

What is it that you would expect when working on a crucial presentation? You would probably want to let go off annoying desktop notifications, hide unnecessary desktop files and prevent PCs from snoozing off to sleep mode abruptly. And, here we are not just talking of one desktop screen, what if you work on multiple desktops?

There you go! With the presentation mode of Parallels Toolbox for Mac, you can quickly optimize your Mac to perform all these functions. You can even choose the timeframe for which you want this setting to be enabled.

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What Other Functions Did We Like?

Parallels Toolbox for Mac also lets you record the screens of Mac. You can choose to record a specific area or complete screen. You can even resize the image which can especially be great if you are uploading it on the web. And, last but not the least with one click, you can change the screen resolution. 

What Do We Think?

All in all, you’d fall in love after working with this tool, because I have. The free version of Parallels Toolbox for Mac is available only for 7 days after which you will have to sign up for a premium version which starts at $ 19.99 per year. This could be costly for some; however, the features offered with this Mac optimizer, makes it worth every penny spent. There are several other tools which are pricier and offer fewer functionalities.

Give this Mac optimizer a shot and tell if you saw a surge in your productivity. Also, tell us those particular Mac cleaning tools that helped you a lot. For more such reviews, listicles, troubleshooting guides and a variety of tech-related content, keep reading We The Geek. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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