PUBG Crash Issues and Problems With Frames On NVIDIA Graphics Card

PUBG, the battle royale game, has now become a worldwide sensation. With updates and addition of new maps and gameplays, it has garnered attention from all age groups, making it one of the most widely played games on PC and mobile. But, crashes in PUBG gameplays and graphics card compatibility issues caused due to lower frames have been a common concern reported by players. 

It’s not a major blunder. Most games undergoing continuous upgrades are full of bugs and errors that cause the game to crash. But PUBG has come a long way from its early release stages. However, problems keep occurring. With PUBG, players have reported that despite having top graphics cards such as NVIDIA have experienced low frame rates. There can be many reasons causing such a problem, and this does impact game performance. 

So, if you own a PC with NVIDIA graphics card, go ahead and learn what could possibly be hampering your raids in Miramar:

PUBG Crash Issue due to Game’s Video Settings

Image Source: EuroGamer

So, the first reason causing PUBG to crash mid-game maybe your video settings. It’s quite understandable you wish to experience PUBG battles and all the gunfights and plotting in the most immersive settings. But, to play PUBG at higher frame rates, you need to have a system with specs compatible with your desires. In most default settings, the game is locked at 60fps; however, for the ones using 4k and ultra-HD monitors such as Philips, Samsung, and Sony, these settings are a bit low. For such monitors, they require the game to be set at a high frame rate to enhance graphics output on-screen. 

Image Source: Dexerto

But it’s not going to happen despite having a good monitor. Every NVIDIA graphics card has its own capabilities, and not all of them can get you your desired video output. In case, you have NVIDIA 1070 or using an even lower version, you are in for regular PUBG game crashes and lower frame rates. If you set your game at high graphics settings under NVIDIA graphics card versions 1070 or below, you won’t be able to play PUBG properly. Mostly you’ll experience stuttering, more time in loading up gameplay lags in loading up of graphic landscapes in all maps, and if the load on your graphics card increases, a complete game crash. 

So, for users using the NVIDIA graphics card below version GeForce 1070, it is recommended to play the game at Medium Settings and maintain a 60fps frame rate. 

What are the System Requirements to play PUBG at 60fps?

Image Source: PUBG Forums

Despite playing at 60fos, there are some other hardware requirements that your PC must meet to play PUBG at 60fps. These specifications have changed with the regular upgrades, but the ones listed here are in accordance with the current update on which the game is being played worldwide: 

Category Minimum Specifications
Operating System Windows 7/8.1/10
Processor Intel Core-i5-4430/AMD FX-6300
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 960 2GB
DirectX Version 11
Storage 30GB
Memory 8GB

The minimum specs for NVIDIA graphics card were GeForce 660, and the game was playable on i3 processors. However, with the latest update, users having system specs below what’s listed above may experience PUBG game crashes mid-game or may even face issues in loading up gameplay from the start. So, it is clear that having a video monitor of the best type alone won’t help you. You’d be needed to boost your PC’s other hardware and software specs to the best level as well. 

How To Resolve Stuttering Frame Rate on PUBG?

Despite fulfilling the above specs, you may face a bit of stuttering in frame rates. Well, mostly because of the low-speed internet. Being a completely online game, a lot of performance measures for PUBG depends on your broadband. This may cause micro-stuttering, especially during rapid angle change in gunfights, fast movements, and sudden change of weapons. 

But other PUBG game crash reasons may relate to the amount of load it is putting on your system memory. To resolve this and avoid PUBG crashing mid-game, check out these two points:

Image Source: PUBG Forums
  • Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and check for processes. If PUBG is taking up a lot of system resources, then you may lower your graphics settings. PUBG game process is named Tslgame.exe.
  • Check if other apps and processes are running on PC, that requires the web. For example, Chrome, video/music streaming on net, and any other app that runs on broadband. Close them all to lower down stuttering in frame rates.

Prevent PUBG Game Crashes by Updating PC and NVIDIA Graphics Driver

1. You need to keep a check on system updates, especially if you’re using Windows 10 OS. Windows 10 undergoes regular updates, which the user gets a notification for once a while. Make sure you connect to your broadband and install these updates to continue enjoying crash-free gameplays on PUBG. You can check for updates in Windows settings under Update & Security.

2. Keep a check on updating drivers for Video output on your PC. These drivers ensure that your peripheral devices like your monitor screen are communicating well with the OS and are offering desired video graphics on-screen. You can check for them in Device Manager.

3. Also, check for Intel HD graphics card update on Windows 10, integrated within the system. These drivers are responsible for managing basic graphics settings and output on your display screen. You can check for reinstalling graphics drivers on Windows 10.

4. Keep a check on updating NVIDIA GeForce graphics card driver as well. Graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA rolls out graphics card driver updates regularly when required. If you do not install them on your PC, your graphics card output may stumble and cause your games like PUBG to crash.  

Automate Driver Update Process

Updating all those drivers needs you to keep a regular check so as to install them as soon as they are rolled out. But, that requires doing a manual scan on PC, which is not only time-consuming but a lengthy and lazy process. But, you can save yourself all that hassle by using Advanced Driver Updater.

Advanced Driver Updater is a software tool for automating the driver update process. Advanced Driver Updater performs a scan for finding available driver updates. If they’re any, it lists them on-screen for users to know. After that, all you need to do is click update all and continue doing your work. Advanced Driver Updater would download all updates, including the ones for your graphics card, and make your system game ready. Just restart the system ones to make sure all the new driver versions are in place, and your system is updated to its best overall version.

Given the game’s requirements, there’s a lot that you should already have in a pocket before you start playing. But, without driver updates, even fulfilling those requirements would cause crash issues. With Advanced Driver Updater, you can prevent most of PUBG crash problems, at least those associated with driver updates, and enjoy a carefree gaming session.
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