How to Fix Premiere Pro Unsupported Video Drive

When you run Adobe Premiere Pro, you get the “Unsupported Video Driver” message, and the software merely crashes? Unfortunately, this is a relatively standard and straightforward error to resolve.

In this blog, we will talk about all the possible manual fixes and a third-party software, Advanced Driver Updater to prevent Unsupported Video Driver message from appearing. Follow the fixes until the issue is fixed. Continue reading to learn how to fix video drivers right away.


Quick Tip: If you don’t have time and want to get rid of this error quicly, then you can take help of Advanced Driver Updater, a utility that will display the list of outdated/ faulty drivers, which can be updated with authentic and reliable driver versions swiftly. Want to know,

Before addressing the issue, let us know how and why the error occurs.

Why Would The Unsupported Video Driver Issue Appear?


This error displays when using or attempting to use Adobe Premiere Pro on a computer with both a specialized and embedded GPU. A driver dispute triggers the problem, although it is possible to resolve. Please remember that this issue will not prohibit the program from functioning because it will show only a warning notice, so you may choose to dismiss it. Nevertheless, when you do this, you might face problems in the future.

Even though the window contains a Fix option, hitting it will take you to a web page instructing you on how to update the computer’s GPU drivers.

How to Fix Premiere Pro Unsupported Video Drive

The problem is most common in Computers with double graphics cards. Here, we’ll explain to you-

Method 1- Restart Your Computer


Sometimes restarting your computer could help you resolve minor errors. As the computer when shut down, will close all the background processes and removes the temporary bugs from your computer. You can go to Windows icon on the desktop and select Power> Restart to restart your PC .

Method 2: Update Graphics Card To Resolve The Premiere Pro Unsupported Video Driver Problem

1. Update the graphics card driver on your computer Manually.

Device drivers are crucial parts of your computer. If your computer is already performing slower than usual, it might be due to old device drivers. Device drivers are softwarethat let various hardware components communicate with your computer. As device drivers become obsolete, computers can become sluggish slow and have performance concerns, which can be a significant inconvenience. Your computer will function more smoothly if these drivers are up – to – date.

How To Update Video Card Drivers Manually?

  • Go to the website of the manufacturerof your graphics card.
  • Direct to the Downloads or Drivers’
  • Select your model in the menu and press the Search button.


  • Click on the Download button.


  • After downloading the driver application, double-tap the configuration file to install it.
  • To finish the procedure, follow the commands on the computer.

Manually downloading drivers might be time-consuming;, nevertheless, you may automate the process with specialist software like Advanced Driver Updater, which helps to fix Premiere Pro unsupported video drivers. 

Use Advanced Driver Updater To Update Drivers & Preventy Unsupported Video Driver Error

Advanced Driver Updater is one of the best driver updater software that  can update drivers to reduce common computer faults, and sudden crashes.

1. Download and install Advanced Driver Updater.


2. Clicking on Start Scan will help you find problematic drivers that are causing PC troubles.

Note: The scan might take some time, so sit back and relax.


3. The scan results once in, will show you all the outdated drivers’ list.


4. If you are using the a trial version, you need select individual driver and click Update driver next to it to update. However for the registered version, you can click Update All to update all the corrupted, damaged or outdated drivers.

Move to the next step, if you see the issue reappears.

Method 3. Use Your Specialized Gpu To Run Adobe Premiere Pro

Is Dedicated GPU Required for Video Editing?

A graphic card, in my opinion, is an excellent addition. Although a competent GPU is not required, I believe it has a strong CPU and  high-resolution graphics. I plan accordingly because most projects demand RAM ranging from 8 to 16 GB.

  • To access the Settings application, press Windows Key + I.
  • Select System from the Settings menu to view the tab shown below.


  • In the left window, choose Display. Then, on the right side of the window, select the Graphics option.



  • If Adobe Premiere Pro is not shown, choose the Browse option. Then locate the program on your system and install it.


  • Then, inside the Graphic settings box, pick Adobe Premiere Pro and select Options.


  • For your specialized AMD or NVIDIA graphics card, select the High-performance option. Now, press the Save option.


Still not able to prevent Unsupported Video Driver message from reoccuring, proceed further.

Method 4: Disable Your PC’s Internal (Embedded) GPU

I wondered  whether it was possible to enhance performance by turning off integrated graphics. That’s when I found that disabling the integrated graphics card improves rather than worsens performance. As a result, I concluded that the marginal gain would not be sufficient to compensate for the increased power use. Since the standalone graphics card consumes far more power than the integrated one. Therefore, I disabled the inbuilt graphics card. Check the steps I followed to do that:

  • Choose Device Manager first on the list by pressing Windows Key + X.


  • Select the Display Adapters section by double-clicking it.


  • Right-click the PC’s inbuilt GPU (most likely an Intel) and choose Disable device.


  • To agree, click Yes.


If the issue, still appears, please follow all the steps below.

Method 5: Update Your Windows

Keeping Windows Up to date is important. Sometimes, when we stall Windows updates, the issues like this occur. Ensure your Windows is up to date. To check follow these steps:

  • Press Windows and I to get Settings window.
  • Click Update & Security.


  • Click on Check for Updates. This will check if there is a pending update for Windows


If an update is available make sure you download and install it. Once the computer restarts, check if the issue persists. If yes, proceed to the next step.

Method 6: Block The Unsupported Video Driver Notification

Once I updated all the needed drivers, and still the message flashed; all I did was, disable the notification.

  • Fire up Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Select Edit from the menu.
  • Proceed towards the General area by selecting Preferences.
  • Then uncheck the item labeled”Show system compatibility concerns at startup.”
  • Then press the OK option.


If upgrading Premiere Pro unsupported video drivers does not resolve your issue and you desire to revert to a prior version, you must first remove the current version. The preceding installation bundle should then be available in your temporary directory.

Uninstall & Reinstall Adobe Premiere Pro

Tried every method, can’t get rid of the message? The last resort could be uninstalling and reinstalling the software. You can follow the steps:

  • Press Windows and R to get Run window and type appwiz.cpl. This will open a window to uninstall the program
  • Go to Adobe Premiere Pro and right-click & select Uninstall to remove the program.
  • Once done, restart your computer and reinstall the tool from the official website.

We hope this article will help you find the solution to fix Premiere Pro Unsupported Video Driver message reoccurrence. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comments section below. Share the information on social media. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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