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WhatsApp has at last launched its desktop version. Yes, today WhatsApp has showcased a desktop app which will be available for Windows and Mac users. The desktop version will embrace all the features and shortcuts featured in WhatsApp Web. Although the difference is that it won’t demand support from the mobile version of the communication platform, unlike WhatsApp Web.

The desktop app is compatible with systems running OS above Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.9. Users can also take advantage of better keyboard shortcuts and other desktop notifications.

The motive behind the launch of the desktop app as stated by WhatsApp is, “The desktop app reflects the messages and conversations of the mobile phone so that users can stay connected all the time, whether from phone or computer”.

The wait is over-WhatsApp Desktop app launched for Windows and Mac

WhatsApp’s Latest Features:-

Lately, the encryption service by WhatsApp made it the most reliable messaging source for communication.  As a matter of fact, WhatsApp is augmenting its services to introduce new features for users. The rumors indicate that it is planning to get more features, such as call back button, zip file sharing support and voice mail.

WhatsApp is also working on video calls, NFC tags and group invites. However, it is still not clear if the feature will be for beta participants only or for everyone.

Further, it is also trying out ways to exhibit features by which members of a limited group can invite other WhatsApp users to join as well. Just a while ago, a report stated that iOS and Android WhatsApp users will have a “call back” option. This call back option will feature notifications about the missed call along with a callback button. Users can “call back” without the need to open WhatsApp.

Not only this, in the series of new exciting features, WhatsApp is going to introduce voicemail service for iOS devices. The new “Record Voice Mail” and “send voicemail” buttons will help users to send a voice mail during a call itself. One can also expect the voicemail to record and share in-call audio.

This approach by WhatsApp to extend its reach beyond smartphones and tablets will definitely give it more users. With the principle of WhatsApp which is ‘staying connected all the time’, users can easily sync desktop with their phones and enjoy the services without skipping a beat. Stay tuned!

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