Top Picasa Alternatives To Manage Your Photos In 2023

Picasa was one of the most wondrous image organizers of its time and provided other important quick editing tools. But, its discontinuation in 2016 left many of us stranded in the thoughts of Picasa alternative.

Though Google Photos took its place for following services but all those who wish to try their hands on multiple other features, we have got you covered with the best replacement for Picasa.

 Here Is The List Of Best Picasa Alternative

  1. Adobe Lightroom CC
  2. Flickr
  3. Photo Organizer
  4. Microsoft Photos
  5. Photoscape
  6. FastStone Image Viewer
  7. IrfanView

 Let’s explore each of the Picasa alternatives in detail below.

Picasa Alternatives in 2023

1. Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC - Picasa Alternative

Give yourself this best replacement for Picasa that helps in image management as well as editing effectively. It totally works on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. What is cool about this best substitute for Picasa is that edited images are saved separately, whereas the original image is kept far.

Another important feature to note is the capacity to save photos in the cloud so that you can access your pictures from anywhere, no matter which device is being used. All the editing tools are easy to grab, and even beginners do not need the training to operate it. You can go for a free trial before finally putting your hands completely on the same.

2. Flickr

Flickr - Picasa Alternatives

When searching for the photo storage solution, Flickr stands tall. This is one of the best photo managers, which is simple to use and even allows photo sharing with others. It lets you find your community whom you can inspire or get inspired by as well. No matter how high the photo quality is, the uncompressed version can even get uploaded well.

Enjoy ad-free browsing experience here and even check how well your uploads are performing.

Use Flickr.

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3. Photo Organizer

Photo Organizer - Picasa Alternative

The tool runs on Windows pretty well to optimize your photo collection smartly. It scans your whole PC and finds all the images that are scattered all over the system. Later it organizes them all intelligently in folders based on metadata. Moreover, the subfolders could also be made according to month, date, camera model, etc.

In fact, duplicates can be deleted here, and renaming of batch images is also very much possible. This Picasa alternative allows you to quickly access the required picture, without any hassle of a manual search. Cool, right?

Use Photo Organizer.

4. Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos

Available on platforms like Xbox One, Windows PC, mobiles and Holo lends, Microsoft Photos is one of the best replacements for Picasa. You can view your photos, make videos, edit them, make movies out of them, and even create own albums. Its video editor allows fine adjustments including filters, motion, music, and text addition.

Additional 3D effects like butterflies, lasers, or explosions can be simply added to make the overall experience exciting. Indeed, the best replacement for Picasa to call for.

Use Microsoft Photos.

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5. Photoscape

Photoscape - Picasa Substitute

Make some exciting changes in your photo gallery with Photoscape. How? Enjoy viewing your own photos through the slideshow. Now you can edit one image or simply go for batch editing. From here, now you can resize, change brightness, adjust colors, make corrections, add text, draw pictures and whatnot.

In fact, merging of multiple images to form one final stop is available with some animations to be added. Where you can make so many editions, enjoy this one of the best alternatives to Picasa.

Use Photoscape.

6. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer

If you think it stays limited to the image viewer, you need to read ahead. FastStone is also a powerful editor that comes with good effects for free. It provides a slideshow, gives the option for quick editing and offers batch editing for multiple pictures at a time.

Though the interface can be said to be a little cluttered, ease of use and leading suites make it stand apart from the list and known for best Picasa alternative.

Use FastStone Image Viewer.

7. IrfanView


IrfanView is one such tool that is powerful for professionals and supports various files and formats, to begin with. Its essential features include batch conversion/editing, aligning of pages, directory browsing, painting, slideshow, etc. It is being used for photographers around the world to make multiple changes within.

Enjoy this fast and compact style of IrfanView which is one of the coolest Picasa alternatives to look for today.


Well, they say that no single tool could have done justice to Picasa. Though Google Photos is one such tool but others like Adobe Lightroom, Photoscape and IrfanView are matching the same level. These Picasa alternatives will make your pictures look better in any manner as well as create various other versions like videos, clips, etc. from the same.

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Since Picasa has already waved a goodbye sometime back, which tools did you choose after that? Or rather, which one you will be choosing from the list above? We would like to know your preferences and feedback in the comment section below.

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  • comment_avtar
    Paul Jansen
    With Picasa I could make great website albums of thumbnails, enlarged to a greater view with one click. From a photo album, Picasa produced all the code for the pages in te website. Is there a successor for this great function?

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mansi Vijay
      Hello Paul, For those who have already downloaded Picasa, it will continue to work as it does today. But the company will not be developing it further, and there will be no future updates!

      2 years ago

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