Best Video Editor Apps For iPhone 2022

iPhone’s camera has improved to an extent that you can even shoot 4K videos. Its incredible camera allows you to take both still photographs and high-definition videos with utmost clarity. If you love capturing videos and want to edit them directly on your phone, here are 5 best video editor apps for iPhone in 2018.

Video Editing For iOS

1. Videoshop:


Videoshop is one of the best video editor apps for iPhone that lets you perform myriads of experiments on your videos. It lets you record the clips directly from the app or you can import from camera roll to edit. You can tilt, shift, add text to the clip, add narration, merge multiple clips into one, and a lot more. It’s a professional tool that reenergizes your video and makes it interesting enough to show and share.Get here

2. Cameo:


Cameo is another good video editor app for iPhone, which is developed by Vimeo. Apart from basic editing, Cameo offers movie maker, audio adjuster and cinematic video edits. You can add captions and titles to your video along with enhanced resolution including ultra-high definition 4K and it’s free.Get here

3. Quik:


Quik is one of the popular video editing apps for iPhone, developed by GoPro. As its name, Quik lets you quickly create alluring videos with just a few taps. Its smart enough to analyze your footage, find great moments, add beautiful transitions and effects then syncs everything to the beats of music. Quick can add up to 200 photos and video clips from library and offers you to select from its vast selection of 26 video styles, where each is designed to perfection. Its free and lets you save your videos in HD qualities and share it with your friends.Get here

4. Video Crop:

Video Crop

Video Crop is dedicatedly designed to perform just one task – cropping videos. If you’re looking for a tool that is free from unwanted features and offerings and does the cropping, Video Crop is for you. With its intuitive interface, you choose the video you want to crop and select the area to be cropped, it’s as simple. If you want it to be precise, it supports custom ratios for cropping.Get here

5. Magisto:


Magisto is a simple yet popular video editor app for iPhone. It may not offer features like tilt shift, text overlay but you can import your photos, videos and choose a theme for them within the app. It lets you add music to your videos once you’re done with theme selection. You don’t have to face multiple screens for the app to create a video for you, it sends you a notification once your video is ready.Get here

Overall, video editing doesn’t require professional skills as Apple App Store has multiple tools to help you do that. These are among the best video editor apps for iPhone in 2018. You can choose an app according to your needs and device compatibility to make the best out of them.

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