7 Best Screenwriting Software To Use In 2023 [Free & Paid]

Trying to draft or edit a script using standard word processing tools can feel like pushing a boulder uphill. Popular utilities like MS Word & Notes can help you create a screenplay, but you need to keep wrestling with the margins and layouts, which undoubtedly makes the entire process time-consuming.

While using an ideal screenwriting application helps users perform composition, editing, formatting, and printing scripts used for various purposes used in TV Shows, Films, Video Scripts, etc. Using any of the listed paid & free screenwriting software, individuals can follow the specific industry’s required formatting guidelines and use correct language and grammar to offer the best output. Since choosing an ideal Scriptwriting software can be a confusing process. We have listed the most popular & reliable screenwriting utility just for you. So, here’s a run through to all the useful utilities.

Top Three Best Screenplay Writing Tools (2023)

Final Draft

Final Draft

  • The Industry Standard Solution
  • Advanced visualization tools
  • Text to speech utility
Best choice (Recommended)



  • Your Ultimate Pre-Production Suite
  • Compatible with rich text editors
  • Supports cloud-based solution
Best choice



  • Clean & intuitive UI.
  • Supports real-time collaboration.
  • Screenplay auto-formatting included.
Best choice

Best Screenwriting Programs (2023) – Bring Your Stories To The Big Screen

After reviewing a dozen screenwriting programs, we have chosen the perfect options based on suitability, price, ease-of-use, and editing tools.

1. Final Draft: The Industry Standard Solution

Final Draft is a popular software used by lots of screenwriters, filmmakers & other industry professional individuals. It offers plenty of templates with a plethora of formats to help you create professional scripts. The tool is multipurpose, easy to use, and offers all the essential tools that help you learn the entire process as you use it. Just a gentle reminder, just because it’s the Final Draft, it doesn’t mean it’s your final draft.

Final Draft: The Industry Standard Solution 
Key Highlights: Advanced visualization tools, format scripts according to industry standards, automatic file backup, keyboard shortcuts, revision mode, support for text to speech, more than a hundred templates. 

Suitable For: Individuals & Organization looking for a tool that fulfills industry-standard screenwriting needs that most TV Shows & Motion Pictures use.

Price: Starting From $199.99 (Purchase Here)

Compatibility: Windows, Mac & iOS.

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2. Celtx: Your Ultimate Pre-Production Suite

With this excellent scriptwriting software, you can take your script from pre-production to the shooting process. Celtx offers a complete set of tools to draft screenplay, make breakdown reports, create shot lists according to the sequence, and print out the scripts. Additionally, you can make the most out of screenwriting tools using collaboration tools with your teams to work simultaneously across multiple docs.

Celtx: Your Ultimate Pre-Production Suite 

Key Highlights: Work with a single master file, tools for creating production calendars, strip-boards, compatible with rich text editors, supports cloud-based solutions, and manages in real-time (best for collaboration). 

Suitable For: Users looking for turning simple, scattered ideas into full-fledged ideas. A useful screenwriting tool for novelists!

Price: $20 per month (Purchase Now)

Compatibility: Cross-platform, cloud-based script writing program  

3. WriterDuet: Collaborative Screenwriting Application

WriterDuet is an excellent scriptwriting software designed and developed to write and edit screenplays in a modern, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. It offers various functions and tools for real-time collaborations, online/offline editing, and it even has the functionality to tell you whether the script has passed the Bechdel Test.

WriterDuet: Collaborative Screenwriting Application 

Key Highlights: Supports multiple plugins for customization, compatible with a plethora of devices and popular browsers, a wide array of formats & script templates, supports backup feature, ability to track edits, proffers dedicated tutorial to understand the scriptwriting tool.

Suitable For: Professional writers and screenwriters 

Price: Starting at $11.99/Month (Purchase Now)

Compatibility: Cloud-based 

4. Movie Magic Screenwriter: Best Substitute To Final Draft

As popular and reliable as Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter tools automatically format your script according to the industry standards. Like other paid and free screenwriting software, it offers great screenplay templates for novels, comic books, podcasts, and more, making it one of the best scriptwriting programs. Moreover, it provides lots of collaboration tools to work with your teammates online.

Movie Magic Screenwriter
Key Highlights: Capability to tag characters and locations, tools to format scripts according to industry standards, lots of color-coded features, a tool for text to speed translation, plenty of professional templates.

Suitable For: Education sector 

Price: Starting at $169

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

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5. Highland: Best Screenwriting Software For Beginners

From professional screenplays, novels, blog posts, and school reports, Highland is an extensive scriptwriting software, packed in an intuitive design with innovative tools to help you focus you on writing and formatting. The tool works excellent with various file formats, including Fountain file format, compatible with almost all popular screenwriting programs.

Best Screenwriting Software For Beginners 

Key Highlights: Supports automatic formatting, track time while working, Scratchpad, free templates, lots of themes, useful keyboard shortcuts, proactive customer support. 

Suitable For: Bloggers and aspiring scriptwriters.

Price: Starting at $49.99 (Purchase Now)

Compatibility: Mac

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6. Trelby: Open Source, Best Free Script Writing Application

Looking for free screenwriting software? Well, choose none other than Trelby, an open-source screenplay program recommended by aspiring scriptwriters. The final output comes without lock or watermark; you can craft unlimited scripts without any hassles. The screenwriting application comes with an ability to import Final Draft, Celtx, Fade In & more.

Open Source, Best Free Script Writing Application 
Key Highlights: In-built screenplay editor, lots of reporting options, ability to generate PDFs, supports in-built character name database, supports importing multiple file formats like. fdx, .celtx, .fountain, .astx, .fadein & more.

Suitable For: Writers looking for a free scriptwriting program.

Price: Completely free of cost, codes are available on Github as well. (Purchase Now)

Compatibility: Windows & Linux 

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7. Kit Scenarist: Useful For High-Level Scriptwriting

Meet another open-source screenwriting app, Kit Scenarist. A great platform to export scripts available in multiple kinds of file formats. The software works with industry standards and offers many tools to provide users with exceptional scriptwriting experience. Used by over 3000 authors worldwide, Kit Scenarist keeps up with the latest technology and offers new updates almost every month.

Useful For High-Level Scriptwriting 
Key Features: Tools for statistical analysis, in-built card module, the capability to export scripts, supports multiple themes, Rich formatting tool, integrated with i-built character, and set management tools.

Suitable For: Looking for multilingual screenwriting software.

Price: Best free screenwriting tool, cloud-service is paid. (Purchase Now)

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone

What’s Next? Start Writing Your Script!

Without a doubt, these Paid or Free Screenwriting Software will not help you transform into a professional screenwriter. These solutions will help become the best in formatting, managing layouts, printing, and more as the real success is writing and rewriting!

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