Best Grammarly Alternatives To Up Your Writing Game

Everyone loves Grammarly and we are no different. But, if you go by the title, you might wonder why then are we talking about Grammarly alternatives. Isn’t keeping options open, a wise thing to do?  Plus, there are times when we wish Grammarly had a little more – it could be that plagiarism checker or a better translator or wider word database.

We are humans and make a variety of mistakes, we sometimes get trapped and fail to understand the context. So, we have listed some online and offline proofreading tools which will pander to the grammar nazi in you or to the least make you a better writer –

1.   Ginger

ginger - grammarly alternative

Thinking of a free Grammarly alternative, the first tool that immediately strikes is Ginger. Be it fixing your punctuation, writing style, structure or the dreaded grammatical errors, Ginger is a force to be reckoned with. It’s also a very practical writing editor that comes with the features mentioned below –


  • Keeps your grammar on point every single time. It fixes errors like subject-verb agreement, noun issues, confusing words, contextual spelling errors, just to name a few
  • Ginger has a vast database of words, thanks to its English dictionary. If a word is overwhelming, worry not! The dictionary has got your back.
  • Ways to phrase a sentence are endless. Let’s cut this short, fear that your content might get stuck with plagiarism, Ginger’s rephraser will fix it
  • Text to speech reader that helps you speak with a proper accent. It even lets you vividly listen to what you have written

Platform/ OS

Available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and all major web browsers


With free version, you get access to features like limited grammar checks, an extension for browser and definitions. The premium variant that starts at $20.97 monthly gives you unlimited grammar checks, exhaustive practice on your mistakes, sentence rephraser, an in-depth analysis report and a lot more.

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2. ProWritingAid

prowriting aidalternative to grammarly

ProWritingAid time and again has proved its worth as a Grammarly alternative. It is available as a free Grammarly alternative and has a premium version too. It can be incorporated into a browser easily, and it corrects the issues in your text whenever you are typing in Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress, Facebook or any other social media platform.


  • Has more than 1000 style improvements to make you glide through your editing process
  • In-depth error reports so that you have a better grasp of your strengths and weaknesses
  • It has a dedicated thesaurus and word explorer that make you find the right words every time
  • When you eliminate errors you get the right error prompts which makes it easy for you to learn from your mistakes
  • Plagiarism checker available as a paid tool

Platform/ OS

Available on Windows and Mac


The base plan starts at $70 per year and if you want the services of this grammar editor for the lifetime, you will have to spend $240

3. Hemingway

hemingway - grammar editor

The need of the hour is to frame sentences that immediately grasp a reader. There are times when even well-written sentences fail to catch attention because they are not readable. Hemingway is a Grammarly alternative that focuses on the readability of the content apart from conducting necessary grammar checks.


  • Easy to use interface, ease of formatting the text
  • One-click integration through which you can post directly to WordPress or medium
  • Supports various formats such as .docx, PDF and many more. You will no more have to copy and paste from one platform to another
  • Highlights remain intact even when you save in PDF. This can be useful if several people are working on a file

Platform/ OS

Available as an online tool and on Mac and Windows


Starts at $19.99

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4. Slick Write

slick write - proofreading tool

You could be a writer, blogger, teacher, student, if you like free treats, this Grammarly alternative is for you. Don’t go on its free status, it has some incredible features like the ones mentioned below


  • Can be accessed anywhere since its online. The grammar checks are very quick
  • You can customize feedback depending on your writing style
  • With Slick Write, you even have an option to encrypt data
  • Customizable settings for marking quotes, checking basics and sentence structures

Platform/ OS




5. WhiteSmoke

whitesmoke - Grammarly alternative

You see every writer has a style and while most grammar editors at times fail to pay heed to this aspect, WhiteSmoke is a Grammarly alternative that closely monitors your writing. The makers of WhiteSmoke are themselves expert linguistics and engineers, and they have employed the most advanced natural language processing  algorithms to create a tool that can identify writing errors


  • Detects more errors than any Grammarly alternative
  • Has a text translator that translates over 50 languages
  • Has dedicated style, punctuation and spell checker
  • Integrates completely with Outlook and Microsoft word

Platform/ OS

Windows and all major web browsers  


WhiteSmoke is a paid Grammarly alternative that has two variants

  • Yearly: Starts at $4.16 per month
  • 3 year: Starts at $2.78 per month

In The End

So, there you are ! take whatever you have written for a spin, use the above paid and free Grammarly alternatives and come up with an error-free masterpiece. If you liked this blog and found it to be useful, don’t forget to share it with friends and family. And, for more such content keep reading Systweak Blogs.

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