Why Use A Password Manager Over Web Browser-Based Password Managers

When it comes to browsing the world wide web, web browsers are spectacular, hands down! But can you trust them with your passwords because that’s one of the features that many popular web browsers have to offer? At the outset, we are not demeaning web browsers, they are great in several other aspects but as for saving passwords and more so, securing them or sharing them, that’s an aspect we shall be looking at closely in this post.

Where Dedicated Password Managers Have An Edge Over Browser-Based Password Managers?

1. Cross-Browser, Device, And App Compatibility


Many of us don’t just stick to one browser for our browsing needs and why would you when you have so many great options to choose from.  It could also be that you use one browser for personal browsing sessions and another for your organizational tasks. This is where another drawback of a browser-based password manager surfaces – it is not easy or next to impossible to access passwords on one browser onto another.

Most third-party password managers, on the other hand, come with dedicated browser extensions which means once you have saved your credentials in a password manager’s vault, you will even be able to access them on other browsers via their extensions. Plus, dedicated password managers work fine, regardless of what app you are using or what device or OS you are using (Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and others)

2. Defense Against Malware Attacks


Unique and strong passwords are the need of the hour. But here’s the fact- no matter how strong and unique your passwords are, on a browser-based password manager, they are always at the risk of malware attacks. You must be wondering, how’s that possible? In case you accidentally stumble upon a malicious website or even download a malicious file, your whole computer will be under the clutches of the malware, leaving alone the browser.

Take password-stealing Trojans for example. They lure users to malicious websites and then they install password-stealing trojans with the help of which they collect passwords, login credentials, and even users’ activity.

Most third-party password managers, on the other hand, are powered using end-to-end military-grade encryption. Also, they keep your passwords and other credentials safe behind a master vault. So, even if malware strikes your computer, your password manager will keep all your passwords safe.

3. Storing Credentials

Passwords are not just the only confidential piece of information that can wreak havoc on your life if exposed. Even your debit/ credit card details, social security numbers, bank account details, several ID cards, software license keys, medical records, your private notes, and many others hold the same importance and should be kept behind a strong secure password-protected wall. The downside with web-based password managers is that they offer very little when it comes to saving a variety of confidential credentials.

Dedicated third-party password managers don’t just let you save almost all kinds of confidential credentials, but even offer ready-made templates which further make the task of saving such details easy and hassle-free.

4. Systems For Checking The Strength Of Passwords


Using a password for your account is more than just storing or retrieving them and more or less, browser-based password managers stick to that. It is not much you can do to check if the password or credential you have chosen or created is strong enough that no hacker on this Earth will be able to conquer it.

A dedicated third-party password manager will help you or prompt you to select strong passwords which are mostly a mix of the right number of alphabets, numbers, special characters, etc. Many of them even keep checking on whether you have recycled a password manager or not. And, knowing the fact that coming up with a strong and unique password is next to impossible, most third-party password managers come armed with password generators.

Looking for a Password Manager, We’ve Got The One For You

TweakPass is one of the password managers which ticks all checkboxes for a powerful and efficient password manager.


It is user-friendly and comes packed with a variety of features like the ones mentioned below –

  • AutoFill online forms with saved information
  • A single master password and a single vault can secure not just your passwords but every crucial confidential information that you hold
  • SSL security
  • Extensions for web browsers – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera,and Mozilla Firefox. You can easily import passwords from these browsers
  • Actionable password strength report to intensify the strength of your password
  • Password generator
  • Multiple device support – Android| iOS | Windows

How To Use TweakPass Password Manager


Want to know more about TweakPass Password Manager. Do check out our posts on why TweakPass is the ultimate password manager.

In The End

It does matter where you are storing your passwords – in a browser-based password manager or in a dedicated third-party password manager which has been crafted to secure your passwords and confidential credentials from all directions. If you second us, do let us know in the comments section below. For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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