10 Best Notepad++ Alternatives For Mac (2023)Free & Paid

Notepad++ is one of the most popular and useful utilities among web developers, coders, and programmers. Its streamlined interface and essential functionalities like syntax folding, support for several programming languages such as SQL, Pascal, PHP, C, C++ and more, make it one of the best text editors for Windows. Unfortunately, there’s no dedicated version of Notepad++ available for Mac users. But that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize those amazing features at high execution speed. Wondering how? Well, we are discussing the Best Notepad++ Alternatives For Mac in this article!

Best Notepad++ Alternatives (2023)

The market is packed with tons of text & code editors for Mac Operating Systems which are on par and even better than Notepad++. So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

1. BBEdit

BBEdit is a feature-rich text editor designed for Mac users with effortless functionalities for searching, editing, and manipulating textual data and source code. The Notepad++ alternative is mostly utilized by software developers and web designers to work with numerous programming languages in one place.



  • Elegant interface.
  • Robust HTML Markup tools.
  • Supports multiple programming languages.
  • Useful functions like Syntax Coloring, Code Folding & more.


  • Irregular updates.

Price: Free Trial (30 Days) | $49.99

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2. Brackets 

Brackets is a lightweight but powerful text editor application like Notepad++ for users to work in CSS, HTML, Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript & more. It comes with useful Live Preview features that let users immediately see the changes done to CSS and HTML files in the browser of their choice.

brackets for mac


  • Useful Live Preview feature.
  • Open-source Notepad++ alternative.
  • Lightweight applications can be run on older Macs.
  • Proffers all the tools required by Web Developers.


  • Start-up takes significant time.

Price: Free

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3. Atom

Next on our list of Best Notepad++ alternatives is Atom for Mac users. It is a simple and straightforward text editor and source code editor, which makes it one of the most preferred text editors among professionals. The tool is equipped with appealing syntax themes and customizes the overall look and feel according to your convenience.



  • Supports HiDPI with next to no scaling issues.
  • Receives regular updates.
  • An extensive list of packages with the Package Manager.
  • Lets you make core modifications through hacking.


  • High memory consumption.

Price: Free Notepad++ Alternative

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4. Sublime Text

Designed & developed by Microsoft, Sublime Text is an effective Notepad++ substitute for Mac users. It comes with plenty of documentation & a wide array of extensions to make upgrades. You can utilize the software to debug code directly in the editor using an interactive console. Sublime Text helps to sync your code between the editor & the server, without installing any additional utility.

Notepad++ Alternatives


  • Better file organization.
  • Highly responsive & works on all popular OS.
  • Lightweight yet supports a lot of IDE features.
  • Fastest start-up & coding.


  • Missing toolbar, required for easy access.

Price: Free | $80

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5. jEdit

jEdit is an advanced text editor and source code editor for Mac. The application is completely free and has pre-mapped shortcuts for effortless coding. It even has a marker feature to quickly return to a marked position. Additionally, you can copy numerous lines of code, as it has an incredible clipboard.



  • Extensive support for numerous extensions.
  • Learn a lot about programming while using jEdit.
  • Syntax highlighting support with more than 150 language modes.
  • Highly adjustable Notepad++ alternative according to users’ needs.


  • Dependable on Java.

Price: Free Alternative To Notepad++

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6. Komodo Edit

Next on our list of Best Notepad++ Substitutes for Mac users is Komodo Edit. The code editor comes with a beautiful dashboard and helps you effortlessly organize your projects. It also allows users to develop code in a wide variety of programming languages. It even includes extensive documentation to improve overall workflow.

Komodo Edit 


  • Use custom commands to run files.
  • Advanced editor to track changes.
  • Supports programming languages like Python, Ruby, etc.
  • Syntax checking.


  • Irregular updates.

Price: Free Notepad++ Text Editor Alternative

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7. Coda 2

Our list of Top 10 Notepad++ Alternative is certainly incomplete without mentioning Coda 2. It is a convenient open-source text editor with an automation feature to get the task as soon as possible. It even proffers visual tabs and syntax coloring options for effortless coding. With Coda 2, you get several extensions packed with the tool to enhance overall productivity.

Coda 2 


  • Effective Live Side-By-Side Preview.
  • A convenient mobile preview is also available.
  • Plenty of plugin options are supported.
  • Table & writing surface in one place.


  • Requires little technical expertise.

Price: Free | $99

8. SlickEdit

SlickEdit is an award-winning alternative to Notepad++ that has been designed by developers for developers using Macs. The application comes with advanced code editing features and tons of graphical project tools. Additionally, it includes a dedicated command palette and the ability to manage multiple projects, symbols, and classes along with numerous files.



  • Highly compatible with most programming languages.
  • Easily debug & compile files.
  • Click on the Error button to detect the exact error location.
  • Supports nine different platforms.


  • Lags when working with large projects.

Price: Free | $299

9. MacVim

MacVim arrives as one of the highest configurable text editors for Mac users which is available free of cost and can be used on different platforms. Unlike most of the Notepad++ alternatives, MacVim supports multiple windows with tabbed editing. Additionally, it features a full-screen mode, ODB editor, and multibyte editing.




  • Not intended to be a WYSIWYG processor.

Price: Free Notepad++ Alternative for Mac

10. Nova 3

Last but not least in consideration, Nova 3 is a dedicated application that helps in creating text-based documents and structures. The Notepad++ alternative provides extensive search and replaces capabilities along with syntax coloring tools and support for FTP/SFTP. All the features are packed in a minimalistic interface, making it a suitable choice for both novice & advanced users.

Nova 3 


  • Simple & straightforward dashboard.
  • Wide range of text manipulation capabilities.
  • Easily apply syntax coloring patterns.
  • Set up complex find and replace rules.


  • Slow with large files.

Price: Free | $99

Which Is The Best Notepad++ Alternative Tool To Use On Mac? (2023 Picks)

That concludes a list of Top 10 Substitutes for Notepad++ for MacBook users. As we always say, there can never be just one software that is best for your needs. That’s why we suggest trying a couple of text editors from this list and selecting the most suitable ones for you. Most of these have a free trial period, hence It will be easy for you to use them and conclude to an ultimate decision.

If you don’t want to invest too much time in finding the best option for text editing and manipulation, we recommend using BBEdit & Brackets

Frequently Asked Questions | More About Top Alternatives To Notepad++ For Mac (2023)

Q1. Is Notepad++ Available For Mac?

Unfortunately, a dedicated version of Notepad++ is not available for Mac users. But you can try the aforementioned text editors & code manipulation software to get the job done.

Q2. What Can I Use Instead Of Notepad++?

Atom, Sublime Text, Coda 2 & Komodo Edit are some of the great utilities to use in place of Notepad++.

Q3. Which Text Editor Should I Use For Python On Mac?

Sublime Text & MacVim are the ultimate choices to use for Python on Mac.

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