Best Mac Cleaner Software To Free Up Space (2024)

Blog Summary: The blog post explores the importance of using a dedicated Mac cleaner application to maintain the health of your system. It suggests one of the most popular and helpful Mac cleaning applications, Cleanup My System by Systweak Software, which offers excellent cleaning, optimization & protection modules for keeping your MacBook in tip top shape.

The post also includes the entire list of Mac Cleanup Applications that are ruling the market and a comparison table that helps you make the right decision.

While the latest Mac models (MacBook Air M2, MacBook Pro M2, and MacBook Pro M2 Max ) are powerful machines that offer excellent performance and speed, some users may still prefer to use a dedicated Mac cleaner application to maintain their system’s health. For example, if you use your Mac for heavy-duty tasks such as video editing or gaming, you may find that your device accumulates a lot of temporary files and cache data over time. This can slow down your system and reduce its storage capacity. A dedicated Mac cleaner app can help you remove these unwanted files and optimize your system’s performance.

Another reason why some users may prefer to use a Mac cleaner app is that it can help them identify and remove duplicates, hidden redundant files or other security threats. While macOS does come with some built-in optimization and security features, they may not be as effective as third-party apps. Dedicated Mac Cleanup Apps offer more advanced features and can help you enhance your system performance and overall security from a wide range of threats.

How Does A Mac Cleaning Software Works?

Using a Mac cleaner app is essential for maintaining the health of your system. It helps you remove unwanted files, cache data, and other unnecessary items that take up valuable space on your hard drive. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to choose the right Mac cleaner app and suggest the most popular and helpful Mac cleaning applications that you should consider using in 2024.

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What To Look For In The Best Mac Cleaning & Optimization Software?

Here are some prominent features to look for in the best cleaner for macOS:

  1. One-Click Cleaning: Quickly identify and delete obsolete and useless files that hamper the overall performance of a Mac. A single click to enjoy seamless functioning is necessary!
  2. Junk File Scanning and Cleaning: Capable of finding junk files, unwanted cache, log files & other data that clutter Mac’s storage.
  3. Software Uninstaller: Not only uninstalls unwanted programs in bulk but also helps in removing the associated leftovers.
  4. Startup Manager: Capable of disabling useless startup items to boost the overall performance of a slow & sluggish Mac with a rainbow wheel.
  5. Unwanted Background Process Killer: Can help in preserving CPU processing power, by detecting and removing unnecessary background processes.
  6. Duplicate Cleaning: Capability to find and delete unwanted clone copies of the same videos, photos, music files, documents & other multimedia data.
  7. Old Downloads: Can manage old and partial downloads, which occupies a significant amount of storage space.
  8. Shredder: A security tool with a blend of cleaning & optimization that can be used to permanently delete sensitive files.

These are some of the most important features to look for when choosing the best cleaner for Mac that guarantees a significant performance boost.

Comparing Top 10 Cleaner Software for Mac (2024 Edition)

Here’s a comprehensive list of Top Cleaning & Optimization Tools, you can use right now to tune up your Mac.

1. Cleanup My System

Cleanup my system logo

Cleanup My System

  • All in one Mac Cleaner
  • Uninstalls apps
  • Cleans Trash, Junk, Cache & Logs
  • Deletes Online Traces
  • Disk Storage Visualization

Free App

Price: In App Purchase

Cleanup My System is a Mac cleaner that is developed by Systweak Software. It is an ultimate Mac optimization application with multiple features to support cleaning, optimization, and privacy. It allows you to remove all the clutter from your Mac and free the storage space. The latest addition in this software lets you get a visualization of the disk space from the Disk Analyzer module. It also provides you with the necessary safety from online trackers by removing online traces.

Apart from cleaning, it can easily manage login items and uninstall applications. It can remove unwanted mail attachments, large and bulky files, cache, log, junk, and trash. Read the complete review of Cleanup My System.


  • Manage Login Items successfully
  • Remove applications with associated files
  • Clears crash reports, system and user logs, and cache files
  • Delete the unwanted bulky files.


  • No antimalware module to sake keeps Mac

2. CleanMyMac

Cleanmymac logo

CleanMyMac X

  • Offers malware scanning and removal.
  • Remove browsing history along with online and offline activity traces
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Update and uninstall apps.
  • Disk cleanup.

Free Trial: Yes

Price: $34.95

With drag and drop features, and visual and textual information about disk usage, CleanMyMac X is considered to be the best Mac file management & speed boosting app. It is easy to install and simple to use. Using it, you can verify the startup disk and structure of the files to configure parameters. Not only this, CleanMyMac X also allows cleaning caches and other redundant data that makes your machine run slow. It also helps in uninstalling useless/old/large applications in bulk.

Using it, you can recover gigabytes of space in no time and even flush DNS Cache, repair disk permissions, delete unnecessary language files, useless universal binaries, Trash items and more. Moreover, managing built-in widgets, plugins and preference is an effortless task for this Mac cleaner. To know more about it, read the complete review on CleanMyMac X.


  • An all-in-package to clean and optimize your Mac
  • One-click cleaning and optimization feature to save time
  • Frees up RAM, repairs disk permission, flushes DNS Cache, etc.
  • Malware cleaner and removal tool


  • Not pocket friendly

3. Disk Clean Pro

DiskCleanPro logo

Disk Clean Pro

  • One-click cleaner.
  • Junk & Logs cleaner.
  • Manage partial & old downloads.
  • Duplicate finder & cleaner.
  • Tools for maintaining Internet privacy.

Free Trial: Not available

Price: $26.99

Developed by Systweak Software, this app is malware-free, easy to use, and it detects app cache, system cache, old downloads, unwanted language packs, and more. With a plethora of cleaning features, this one is my favorite Mac cleaning app. Disk Clean Pro is an amazing disk cleanup software & it is priced at $23.99.

Moreover, it has been the #1 disk cleanup utility on the Mac App Store. This top Mac cleaner is compatible with all macOS versions and is a well-designed cleaning software and optimization utility. Read the Complete Disk Clean Pro Review


  • One-click cleaning
  • Helps recover valuable disk space
  • Boost Mac performance
  • Compatible with both old and latest macOS


  • No feature to detect malware infections

4. CCleaner for Mac

Piriform CCleaner


Piriform CCleaner

  • Safer browsing
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Junk file cleaning
  • Fully customizable.
  • Uninstaller to remove unwanted files in a go.

Free Trial: Yes

Price: $19.95

Offered by Piriform CCleaner is a popular name in PC cleaning software, and the same is now available for Mac too. After using this professional cleanup tool, I noticed a significant performance boost in the overall functioning. It offers three tabs Cleaner, Tools, and Options, which comprises all essential functionalities required to optimize Mac.

Available both as free and paid, it is mostly used as a free Mac cleanup software. While testing this tool, I understood due to its accuracy and simplicity, people love this Mac cleaner. Read the complete Ccleaner for Mac Review


  • Real-time junk file scanning
  • Lots of cleaning & optimization tools in one package.
  • Safer internet browsing
  • The free version is equally good.


  • The malware scanning feature is missing.
  • When compared with other best Mac optimizers, it offers fewer features.

5. App Cleaner & Uninstaller

App cleaner and uninstaller

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

  • Uninstall apps & associated junk files.
  • Disable unneeded launch agents
  • Remove browser extensions & Internet plugins
  • Restore accidentally deleted apps in no time
  • Gets frequent updates to enhance user experience

Free Trial: Yes

Price: $19.90

Moreover, this top Mac uninstaller app helps users to manage system & browser extensions and disable unwanted startup items to enhance overall boot time. During our tests, we were able to scan and delete caches, support files, preferences files, widgets, screensavers, plugins, and other junk data in no time.

Not only this, using the Mac Cleaning and Optimization Software, you can also reset applications without uninstalling them. The feature will help you to easily restore the entire program to their original settings while removing accumulated junk & temp files that slow down operations. Read the full review to know more about this genuine Mac cleaning software!


  • Ability to turn off or even remove login items
  • Help to remove useless browser extensions.
  • Basic & expert modes for fast uninstalling or app resetting
  • Multilingual application.


  • Focuses only on uninstalling apps
  • No malware protection feature

6. MacBooster 8

Macbooster 8 logo

Macbooster 8

  • Full security protection
  • Deep system cleanup, memory booster, and startup app optimizer
  • Performance booster
  • Fixes Mac disk permission issues.
  • Large files finder & duplicate cleaner

Free Trial: Yes

Price: $59.95 (3 License price)

MacBooster offers a robust set of safety modules and cleaning features. It’s mainly good at maintaining Mac’s performance and security. Moreover, it helps in deep system cleanup and identifying duplicates. Once this comprehensive Mac maintenance software is installed on your Mac, you will not have to worry about malicious files or any infection type.

The main interface of MacBooster is effortless; in just a click, you can scan the system for junk files, viruses, memory optimization. Once the scan is finished using the paid version, you can fix all detected errors. Read the complete Macbooster Review


  • Deeply scans your Mac to locate problem creating files
  • Suitable for users having devices with smaller SSD
  • Noticeable performance boost after first scanning and cleaning
  • Best malware removal tool for Mac


  • The app was not able to find the latest threats.
  • The free version is minimal. This doesn’t help know how error fixing works

7. Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor

  • Two different themes
  • Powerful Disk cleaner
  • Browser speed booster
  • Great uninstaller module.
  • Help remove unwanted iOS Software Update and iOS Backups

Free Trial: Yes 

Price: $2.99

Disk Doctor application helps perform operations that maintain the system and optimizes its performance. It fixes possible errors and allows users to fine-tune hidden preferences. This small yet effective app tells a lot about itself. Once the Disk Doctor finishes scanning 6 areas that include Application Cache, Browser Cache, Broken Login Items, and others, you can trash all junk data without worrying about accidentally removing important files.

The app can automatically detect and remove unneeded files – application logs, browser cache, application cache, application leftovers, iTunes Temporary files, unused applications, iOS software updates, etc. from Mac.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Full Retina Support
  • Compact utility
  • The simplest way to remove browser cache


  • No free version available
  • The malware removal tool is missing

8. Drive Genius

Drive Genius

Drive Genius

  • Automated Monitoring and Protection
  • Creates a secondary startup drive to maintain a startup drive
  • Checks Mac for hardware related problem
  • Searches for Malware.
  • Active file alert

Free Trial: Yes

Price: $79

Driver Genius is an award-winning drive management tool, and it offers the world’s best and advanced engine to optimize disk. One thing I specifically like about Drive Genius is that it provided a variety of options. Using it, you can clean junk files, clone the disk, scan for malware, boost speed, run Boutwell, and a lot more.

For me, it is the perfect drive optimization solution for Mac. This top disk cleaner tool is a complete disk cleanup suite. Using it, you can clone a disk, recover data, and clean viruses. This means no longer need to worry about losing data.


  • Inbuilt malware scanner
  • Drive testing and repair
  • Disk defragmentation
  • Real-time monitoring


  • Not fully compatible with macOS Catalina

9. Advanced Uninstall Manager

Advanced Uninstall Manager

Advanced Uninstall Manager

  • Removes associated leftover files with app uninstallation.
  • Manage Login Items, Preferences Pane, Plugins & Downloads.
  • Save apps to Favorite list.
  • Shows Apps history.

Free Trial: No

Price: $4.99

Here comes another effective Mac Cleaner Software that you can try using to uninstall unwanted apps alongside their leftover/belonging files in bulk. Additionally, it can also be used for identifying & removing useless Preferences Panes, Internet/Spotlight Plugins, Partial Downloads etc. on Mac and reclaiming a huge amount of storage space in a few clicks. You can easily add or remove the programs from the startup to improve the boot time of Mac.

Not only this, using the Mac cleaner and optimizer software, you can create & maintain a list of Favorite apps to prevent certain applications from getting accidentally deleted. It receives frequent updates to enhance overall user experience and is now compatible with the latest macOS 12 Monterey version as well.


  • Lists down leftovers, thus helping to recover storage space.
  • Finds & cleans preferences pane, plugins & downloads as well.
  • Manage Login Items
  • Uninstall Applications
  • Removes associated files.
  • Supports multiple languages.


  • Lacks advanced optimization tools.

10. OnyX

OnyX - Mac cleaner


  • In-depth cleaning and maintenance tool
  • Storage manager
  • Accurate identification of junk files
  • Multilingual Mac cleaning tool.
  • Recover gigabytes of storage space

Free Trial: Yes

Price: Free

OnyX is the perfect Mac maintenance tool that can be used easily without running any terminal commands. In addition to this, it helps speed up Mac and manage disk for complete optimization, the most complicated thing one could do on its own.

This feature-packed Mac utility is best for verifying startup disk, structuring the system files, configuring parameters, etc. Using this app to optimize Mac, I was able to clean disk errors, delete cache, and rebuild databases.


  • Great startup optimization app
  • Help uninstall Widgets from Mac
  • Lists down leftovers, thus helping to recover storage space
  • Multi-Lingual


  • No security-related features.

11. AVG TuneUp Premium

AVG TuneUp Premium

AVG TuneUp Premium

  • Remove junk files and other unwanted data
  • Duplicate file finder & cleaner
  • Security & speed-boosting modules
  • Multilingual Mac cleaner.
  • Uninstall apps in a few clicks

Free Trial: Yes

Price: $24.99

AVG TuneUp has a powerful scan engine, and it offers a great range of features. An attractive, user-friendly UI helps AVG TuneUp stand out from the crowd. This Mac cleaner and optimizer is worth checking out – particularly if you are looking for an effective way to clean duplicate photos and files this app has something for you.

When it comes to deleting duplicate and similar photos without installing a third-party tool, the Find photos module of AVG TuneUp is the best Mac optimizer. After using it, I recovered almost 2GB of space that was taken up with such photos. Read the full review!


  • Offers tons of useful Mac cleaning and optimization features
  • Offers a more stable network to perform more tasks
  • Lists down leftovers, thus helping to recover storage space.
  • Multi-Lingual


  • No security-related features

12. Avast Cleanup Premium for Mac

Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup Premium

  • Thoroughly clean junk files
  • Clean browser caches.
  • Delete forgotten trash items.
  • Get rid of logs & temp files
  • Say bye to duplicate data.

Free Trial: Yes

Price: $29.99

You probably remember Avast for its excellent antivirus software, but not many people know that it has several other product lines. This includes – Avast Cleanup, a top-notch optimization software that works dedicatedly to improve overall speed and make your machine run like a new one. It has a free trial (for 30 days) and paid versions, available for Windows, Mac, and Android OS. The application brings a comprehensive set of Optimization & Tuneup toolkits to enhance your overall productivity while using the machine.

Ranging from tools like app uninstaller, disk cleaner, photo cleaner, duplicate finder, and browser cleaner. With Avast Cleanup, you no longer have to worry about hidden junk files or redundant data that makes your Mac behave sluggishly.


  • Straightforward & intuitive UI.
  • Solid feature set to take out the digital trash
  • Capable of removing external drives junk as well
  • Deletes the useless core files of your apps after uninstallation


  • Scanning process may take a significant time
  • Lacks security & protection features
  • The company has a controversial background.

Mac Cleaners That Were Not Able To Make A Cut (But, Well Deserved!)

  1. EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac 5.0 – When compared with other Mac cleaners, it had limited features. Additionally, it has compatibility issues with the latest macOS versions.
  2. Avira Mac Optimizer – No option for batch cleaning, and it offers only a handful of features.
  3. Daisy Disk – Delete functionality is disabled in the trial version. This means unless you spend $9.99, you cannot know how this Mac cleaning and optimization app works.
  4. Parallels Toolbox – This Disk cleaning and optimizing utility don’t uninstall programs completely. You can find app leftovers scattered around the Mac system.
  5. Sensei – Works only on macOS Catalina or higher and no scheduling option for built-in utilities.

WeTheGeek’s Choice For Best Mac Cleaning Software

We have already listed the best bunch of cleaning and optimization utilities available for Mac. However, if you ask us our personal favorite, then we would highly recommend using Cleanup My System, since it features all the essential tools needed for comprehensive cleaning, speed boosting, and keeps security intact. All these amazing features are available in an affordable package, so you can rely on the product to enjoy peak performance and optimal functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions: Top Mac Optimizer

Q1. Which Is The Best Mac Cleaning App?

Cleanup My System is one of the best tools to clean and optimize Mac. It offers a wide range of features and helps optimize Mac so that you can use it to its optimum speed.

Q2. Is Mac cleaner safe?  

To be honest, we cannot completely rely on any product. To stay safe from any unforeseen situations regardless of the popularity, we should review scan results ourselves. Moreover, if a company fails to offer a trial version or doesn’t let you check scan results, it might not be safe to use it. Therefore, when looking for a dedicated app to clean Mac, do thorough research.

Q3. Why do you need a Mac cleaning app?

Reasons for having a cleaning software and optimization utility for Mac:

  • To get rid of “Your disk is almost full” warnings.
  • To save time spent on manual cleaning and to speed up Mac.
  • Secure Mac from malicious threats, clean and optimize Mac
  • Optimize disk, manage data, delete duplicates, remove junk files.
  • Get rid of unwanted login items and startup programs.
  • Boost performance, remove unwanted apps.

Q4. Are Mac Cleaners Worth It?

Yes! Manually cleaning junk files, unwanted files isn’t easy. Therefore, we should consider using an optimization and cleaning app. Also, having a tool that offers privacy & overall protection is best. Features like junk file cleaning, duplicate cleaning, etc. are reasons for using Mac cleanup apps.

Q5. Is There A Free Mac Cleaning App?

Yes, there are several free cleaning software for Mac. They claim to clean and optimize your Mac, but you don’t know what they might be doing in the background. Therefore, we suggest using a paid app. However, before paying for any Mac cleanup tool, use its trial version to see how it works.

Q6. Does Mac Have Built-In Cleaning App?

Well, yes, your macOS has a built-in Mac Cleaning Utility called Optimized Storage. It lets user’s free up storage space by making the system keep things in iCloud automatically. Though its capabilities are limited, you can use the Optimized Storage feature for basic system cleanup. For extra flashy features & protection, you must switch to a dedicated Mac Cleaning Software.

Comparison Table Of Cleaner For Mac

Product Price File Size macOS versions Version Trial 
Cleanup My System $34.99 21 MB macOS 10.11 or later 2.20 Yes
CleanMyMac X $34.99 118 MB macOS 10.13 or later 4.14.2 Yes
Disk Clean Pro $26.99 4.1 MB macOS 10.7 or later 6.4 No
CCleaner for Mac $19.95 10.9 MB macOS 10.12 or later 2.07.166 Yes
App Cleaner & Uninstaller $24.95 (For 2 Macs) 24.4 MB macOS 10.11 or later 8.2.2 Yes
MacBooster $59.95 (For 3 Macs) 58.7 MB macOS 10.7 or later 8.2.0 Yes
Disk Doctor $2.99 6.4 MB macOS 10.7 or later 4.4 No
Drive Genius $79 70 MB macOS 10.12 or later v6 Yes
Advanced Uninstall Manager $4.99 9.5MB macOS 10.11 or later 3.1 No
OnyX Free 7.1 MB macOS 13 or later 4.4.2 Yes
AVG $24.99 (Upto 10 devices) 16.1 MB macOS 10.8 or later 14.0.4766 Yes

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