10 Handy Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard and mouse are a dynamic duo! We are so used to mouse nowadays that we often forget that using a keyboard is much faster.

Have doubts? So let’s give you a hypothetical scenario.

Say you want to sign in to your Facebook account, first you’ll drag the mouse to launch web browser, then you’ll probably click on Facebook from recently open tabs. What next? You are probably gonna need the keyboard now, to enter your user ID and Password. Got the point? Tiresome chain of actions!

However, working on keyboards is very convenient, especially if you know how to make the most of it by using a bunch of handy shortcuts Besides, it makes you look geek chic!

Here are some useful Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts that will not only improve your productivity but also (hopefully) make using your Mac even more fun!

1. The Web Savior

Command + Up Arrow – To scroll to the top of any web page

Command + Down Arrow – To scroll to the bottom of any web page

2. The Grammar Nazi

Command + Semicolon – To cycle through misspelled words in any given document.

3. The Super Ninja


Command + H — Lets you quickly hide all open windows from the currently active app.

4. The #NoMoreRegretsAnymore

Command + Shift + T (For Chrome) or Command + Z (For Safari)

Yes, because we understand how dreadful it is when we accidently close a tab.

5. The Quick Peeper


Command + F3– Moves all your open windows to the side and lets you take a quick peek at the desktop.

6. The Obsessive Listener

Option + Shift + Volume Up/Volume down – For Increasing/decreasing volume in small increments that while compared to the jumps that the normal volume keys provide.

7. The Indiana Jones

Select (highlight) any word and press Control + Command + D – Instantly fires up the dictionary to search the meaning of the highlighted word.

8. The HideMan

Command + M – Minimizes the active window of your current app

Command + Option + M – Minimizes all the windows of your current app

Command + Option + W – Closes all the windows of your current app

Command + Option + D – Hide and reveal the Dock

NOTE: These shortcuts won’t work on full-screen Apps.

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9. The Garbage Caretaker

Command + Shift + Delete – Completely empties the Trash.

P.S. This will only work while the finder app is active. Also, think twice before using this shortcut as all the files will be permanently deleted, this action cannot be reversed.

10. The Sherlock Holmes (with magnifying glass)

Command + Shift + 3 – To capture a screenshot.

Command + Shift + 4 – Turns your mouse pointer into a small viewfinder. Click-and-drag to take a screenshot of just a specific area of your computer screen.

Command + Shift + 4 (+ Space) – Use the first three keys to turn your mouse pointer into a tiny viewfinder. Then release all the keys and press just the Space Bar. This will turn your pointer into a time camera. Use it to highlight and capture any specific window as your screenshot.

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Did we miss any of your favorites? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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