How To Organize Files And Folders On Mac

“Good order is the foundation of all things,” they say. Don’t you agree? Organizing stuff is not a one-time job; it’s like a journey that has to be enjoyed. Whether it’s your house, your work desk, your surroundings, or almost anything, being organized allows you to be more productive, and achieve more with minimal hassle.

When was the last time you took out some time from your monotonous schedule to organize your cluttered desktop on Mac? Yes, we know your desktop is the primary space where you land all the files and folders, and then they keep lying there forever.

Organize Files And Folders On Mac
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There are two kinds of people: One who’s messy and is quite ok about it. And the other whose OCD gets hyped after seeing mismanaged files and folders crawling up on the device screen. If you belong to the latter category, we want to share some tips, tricks, and hacks that will help you arrange files and folders on Mac.

There’s probably a lot of stuff stored on your device, from documents to pictures, audio files, videos, and essential data. Once you effectively arrange folders in Mac, you can easily find what you’re looking for and access your files quickly. Here’s a quick guide enlisting useful ways to organize files in Mac that will allow you to do more with minimum time and effort.

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Ways To Organize Files And Folders On Mac

Let’s get started.

Start with your Desktop—always

Whether you use your Mac for personal or professional uses, your desktop is one of the most-used spaces where all your files and folder eventually land. So, to arrange files and folder on Mac, you need to tidy up the desktop first.

Ways To Organize Files in mac
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First, group all the common items together, select the items, create a new folder, and place all those files in a folder. Repeat the same set of steps to organize files and folders on your Mac by grouping them into various categories. Like you can create separate folders, one for your work files, or personal stuff.

Use Smart Folders on Mac

Another way to arrange files and folders on Mac is by using the “Smart folders.” Do you know what the best part about using Smart Folders is? Smart folders automatically gather the files and items based on type, or what data the files hold. Using Smart Folders gives you a great edge when looking for a specific file based on attributes like file size or file type.

Ways To Organize Files in mac

To know more about how to create and use Smart Folders on Mac, visit this link.

Download Folder Tidy

How pleased will it make you feel if there was a magical solution that saves you from all the hassle to arrange files and folders on Mac? Folder Tidy can be your savior and help you organize files and folders on Mac in just a few clicks.

Download Folder Tidy
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No matter where your files are stored, desktop, folder, subfolder, or anywhere on your device, Folder tidy is your one-stop solution to organize your Mac quickly. You’ll be amazed to know that this nifty tool can sort up to 10,000 files in just a couple of seconds.

Here are a few key features that come along with Folder Tidy tool:

Lightning-fast: Speed is one of the most notable highlights of the Folder Tidy tool. Folder-tidy scans your entire device to look for unorganized folders and, within a fraction of seconds, arranges them into folders and subfolders based on categories which include pictures, music, compressed files, PDF, and more.

How To Organize Files And Folders On Mac

Easy to Use: Folder tidy comes with an easy to use interface, and the installation of the tool is super simple as well. You can easily use this tool, navigate all useful features, and quickly arrange files and folders on Mac with the help of Folder Tidy.

How To Organize Files And Folders On Mac
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Customization: You can also create your custom rules for organizing files. Custom rules can be created based on file kind, file sized, geolocation, and so on.

Undo Changes: Not satisfied with the results offered by the Folder Tidy tool? You can anytime undo the changes and revert whenever you like.

If your Mac is all messy and stacked up with tons of unorganized files, download the Folder Tidy tool from the Mac App Store to declutter all files and folders in just one click.

Here was a quick guide on how to arrange files and folders on Mac. When all your files and folders are correctly grouped and arranged in organized folders, you can easily access the files that you need to work on and boost productivity.

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