Netflix Account Hacked? Here’s How To Recover It

Is your Netflix account hacked? You are likely hacked if you are locked out of your account or see suspicious activities. Hackers are everywhere, and they are clever in stealing our details. Such hackers send you fraudulent messages which convey you to change Netflix details, passwords, and other credentials. Sometimes, you fall prey to it and lose your accounts to their hands. Beware of the fraudulent messages and calls to protect you from cybercriminals and hackers. Now, if you are sure you are hacked or suspect, this article will give you an insight on what to do next. 

How to confirm whether your Netflix account has been hacked?

a) Sign in with your account:

  • Try signing with your login credentials.
  • If you cannot sign in, your account might be at risk.

recover hacked Netflix Account

b) Check the content which you have viewed recently:

  • Simply click on Watch it again or continue watching tabs.
  • If you find the content you haven’t watched earlier, there might be a chance that your Netflix account has been hacked.

recover hacked Netflix Account

c) Verify your Streaming Activity:

If you feel suspicious about your Netflix account activity, it’s time for you to examine your streaming activity. To look at your viewing history, the steps to be followed are,

  • Go to My account> Streaming activity> Recent device streaming.
  • Once you go to the Recent device streaming, you can see the names of devices logged in through your account.
  • If you find suspicious devices, you can deny them from using your subscription.

Netflix Account Hacked

d) Check the language of your Netflix Account:

If the hacker does not belong to your country, there might be some chances that they have modified your Netflix interface language to a crude language. So when you notice such activity in your account, then your account is likely to be hacked. To check the language in your account,  follow these steps:

  • Open your Netflix account. Click the down arrow in the upper right corner of your browser screen.
  • Click “Account,” which is an option in the menu.
  • Scroll down to My Profile, the last section on that page.
  • You will directly find the Language option below the icon and name. Click on this option.
  • This option directs you to the Menu, which lets you choose the preferred language.

Netflix Account Hacked

Netflix Account Hacked? Here’s How To Recover It

The first thing hackers do after hacking your account is changing your login credentials. Do follow the steps below to save your account from the hackers:

1. Sign out all the users:

The main reason to make all the users sign out from your account is that all the devices connected with your account log out. To sign out of all devices, click on Account> select> Log out of all devices. 

Netflix Account Hacked

2. Change your Password:

Once you are sure someone is using your profile, you can change the password. To update the password, you should open the Netflix app and navigate the cursor to More> App settings> Account> Change Password. Then, enter the existing password as well as the new password.

The important step in this process is never to forget to tick the checkbox which asks you, “Require all devices to sign in with the new password.” Enable two-step authentication and hit the save button to save the new password.

recover hacked Netflix Account

The problem often faced at such times is that you are required to enter the current password. But as some of us are used to staying logged into the accounts on our devices, we forget the passwords. Therefore, as a solution, we recommend getting a password manager for your device.

Netflix Account Hacked

We suggest using TweakPass, which is a good password manager. It allows you to save your passwords and email credentials for various accounts. It also provides you with an option to autofill the credentials for your accounts. All the passwords remain safe under the Secure Vault under one Master Password. So, you will need only one Master password instead of remembering numerous passwords.

3. Request Backing from Netflix:

If you find some credentials dubious in your Netflix account, then the best way is to contact Netflix for their support.

To opt for this benefit, firstly log in to Netflix with your valid credentials and then scroll down to More> Help> Call or Chat.

However, if your account is completely hacked and the hackers modify the details, you may face difficulty regaining access. Instead of that, you may request that Netflix that your account is permanently deleted.

Netflix Account Hacked

What to do if the Email was changed:

If the hacker intends to sell your Netflix account, they will likely change your sign-in credentials. This makes it so that you can no longer access your account. Sometimes, you don’t receive an alert email regarding the changes in login credentials. In that case, just follow these simple steps:

1. Open

2. Click on the “I don’t remember my email or phone” option.

3. Furnish your details which are given regarding the information of your account.

4. Once the above process is done, click the option “ Find Account.”

Netflix Account Hacked
IMAGE COURTESY: Cellular Waves

In the worst scenario, if the hacker has already hacked your credit and debit card information, it’s time for you to block your account and simultaneously ask Netflix to delete your account permanently. You can use this website to cancel your payments

IMAGE COURTESY: Business Insider
IMAGE COURTESY: Business Insider

How to protect your Netflix account from hackers:

Below is a list of easy-to-use methods to prevent potential hackers from gaining access to your Netflix account.

1. Maintain Internet Safety.

Don’t connect your accounts through unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Avoid connecting to these networks that don’t ask you for a password. Generally, we can find these Wi-Fi networks in public places. When you connect to these networks while watching Netflix, your account can be hacked.

2. Add a Recovery Mobile Number :

  • Sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Account.’
  • Find the option Membership & Billing settings and pick the option which directs you to register a mobile number.
  • Verify your identity and follow the instructions indicated on the screen.
  • Choose the country from where you are accessing Netflix.
  • Add your Mobile number.

This process is successful once you receive a text message from Netflix conveying that your mobile number has been registered.

recover hacked Netflix Account


Q1. How to change the payment mode in Netflix?

Log in to your  Netflix account and select Icon profile> My Account> Manage payment info> add payment Method. After this procedure, on the payment info page, select Make preferred to add desired new billing method and click Remove to remove the old ones.

Q2. How to contact Netflix for help?

There are many ways to contact Netflix. Some of them are:

You can directly open the Netflix app and scroll down your cursor to Contact us or call us.

Q3. How to create a strong password for Netflix?

Netflix suggests users use a unique password not used for other websites or apps. It also means you use a password of a minimum of 8 characters, which must be a combination of uppercase and lower case alphabets that include numbers and special characters that hackers cannot easily guess.


No network is safe in this digital world. Hackers have become more and more potent in stealing one’s accounts. You should be more careful and create a protective layer around your accounts to safeguard them. Create strong passwords, login in, and log out to block the free users from your account. If the sensitive credentials have been hacked, immediately block all your accounts and assist the cyber help. Make sure that you give access to only your trusted contacts. Ensure you follow every minute step to protect your Netflix account from hacking. Use the technology wisely and never fall prey to online hackers or phishers.

I recommend all the users of Netflix to keep your account personal to you and share your account credentials only with your trusted contacts. Prevent using your account with public wifi networks, where hackers might steal your details. In case you guess that your Netflix account is running out of your control, you should first block all the sensitive credentials to prevent a huge loss. Always try to opt for help from the experts. Netflix already assists its customers for free. Whatever, if you sense something is wrong with your account, take action immediately.

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