What is Monitor Ghosting & How To Fix It?

Monitor Ghosting is a hardware issue that occurs on your monitor when you are playing a video game that requires high-end graphics or when you are editing videos. In other words, this issue occurs if you are viewing something that requires a fast movement of multiple images on your screen. This issue is very common and not serious as it can be fixed with the troubleshooting steps provided below.

How do I know that I am Facing Monitor Ghosting issue?

Monitor Ghosting also occurs when you move your mouse cursor swiftly from one point to another in addition to playing games with high graphics resolution. You can observe the following anomalies on your screen:

  1. Objects or images moving on your screen have a trail following them.

  2. You would be able to see the previous image or part of it even though you have moved further from that point in the game.

  3. Blurry images which take time to sharpen.

  4. Images with different colors than the original intended with a yellow tint.

  5. Blending of two or more images or objects and appearing as one.

Why does this happen?

Monitor Ghosting has been observed mainly in LCD monitors but it is not uncommon in other monitors as well. The two main factors responsible for Monitor Ghosting are Refresh Rate and Response Time.

Refresh Rate means the rate at which a new image is displayed on your screen. If you have a monitor that offers a 60Hz refresh rate then this means that your monitor can refresh itself 60 times in one second. The more refresh rate you have the better experience you will get.

Response Time is calculated by the time taken by a pixel to shift between colors. It is important to have a shorter response time so that when images are changed on your screen it does not take time for the pixels to change colors.

How to Fix the Monitor Ghosting Issue?

Before you start with the troubleshooting steps, it is recommended to carry out an online test on your monitor by using the UFO TEST online. For monitors with no issues, this test would display a Green bar and if your monitor does have some issue then it would display an Orange bar. Here are the methods that you can follow to fix monitor ghosting:

Method 1: Check Cables & Peripheral Devices

monitor ghosting
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A. Monitor Cable and Ports.

Unplug your monitor cable from the CPU and Monitor and check for damages along with the cable/ Next check for ports on the CPU and Monitor to identify if they are intact. Slight damage to these ports could result in Monitor Ghosting and eventually lead to no display. Reconnect the cable and check if the issue persists.

Note: If you have an alternative spare cable or a second computer, then you can try replacing the cable and ascertain that the cable is alright.

B. Peripheral Devices.

In some rare situations, it has been observed that certain peripheral devices can interfere with the functioning of the monitor as all devices are connected to the same motherboard. In this case, you must remove all the additional devices like printers, scanners, speakers, USB drivers, etc, and then check your monitor. If the issue is resolved, then try adding the peripheral devices one at a time and this will help identify the faulty device.

Method 2: Alter Monitor Settings

The next method on how to fix monitor ghosting is to adjust and modify certain settings of your monitor. This can be done by altering the Response Time and adjusting the Refresh Rate.

To alter the response time, you have to use the display settings on your monitor and try to lower the response time. This is a different process for different brands of monitors and you can check the documentation provided in the box or visit the monitor’s support website.

To increase the refresh rate, you will need to modify and make changes in your Windows Operating System. This can be done by following these steps:

Step 1: Click on the search box in the left bottom corner of your screen and type Advanced Display.

Step 2: From the results that appear, click on View advanced display info.

Step 3: A new window will open where you can check your Monitor’s Refresh Rate. You can increase the Refresh Rate by changing the value. Some monitors do not allow and have a fixed Refresh Rate.

Method 3: Update Drivers.

The next alternative on how to fix monitor ghosting is to update the drivers especially Graphic Card Driver. This can be done by visiting the official website for your graphics card and downloading the driver from there. Alternatively, you can use automated software to update drivers like Smart Driver Care. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download and Install Smart Driver Care on your PC using the download link provided here.

Step 2: Follow the on-screen prompts to install the software.

Step 3: Click on the Scan Now link below Scan Drivers to begin the scanning process.

Smart Driver Care

Step 4: After the complete scan process has been completed, a list of all the drivers’ errors will appear on the screen.

Smart Driver Care

Step 5: Check for the graphic card driver in the list and click on the Update Driver option next to it.

Step 6: Once the process completes, Reboot your PC.

Method 4:Hardware Issue


fix monitor ghosting


The final step that you can take is to check your monitor with another PC and vice versa if that is a feasible option for you. Else you could call a technician to look at it or visit your monitor’s service center and ask them to get it fixed. If your monitor is under warranty, then you can get it fixed from the service center else a local technician might be more cost-effective.

The Final Word On What is Monitor Ghosting & How To Fix It?

Without a clean and clear display using your PC can be quite troublesome and a bad experience, not to mention the damage and strain it could have on your eyes. You must get this error fixed as soon as possible. Updating drivers have helped to bridge the communication gap between the hardware and software and ensure that your PC delivers smooth and flawless performance at all times.

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