How To Fix Monitor Randomly Goes Black On Windows 10 PC?

If your monitor randomly goes black, then you are not alone because this issue has been reported by many on technical forums across the globe. The first step is to determine if this is a hardware problem or a software one. Hardware issues would require repairing or replacing the monitor but a software issue can be easily fixed. This guide will describe the easiest and quick troubleshooting steps to fix your monitor screen goes black randomly issue on Windows 10.

Steps On How To Fix Monitor Randomly Goes Black On Windows 10 PC

Four major troubleshooting methods have been recommended by experts around the world. The best thing is that you can follow these methods in any order and check if the issue has been resolved after every step. If the issue seems to be resolved, then you do not have to carry out the remaining methods.

Method 1: Cable Connections

cable connections
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The first step includes simply checking the cable connections of your monitor. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn your computer off.

Step 2:  Next, carefully remove the video cable connecting your monitor and your computer. You may need to unscrew the connectors before pulling them out of the port.

Step 3: Check the cable ends and the port connectors on your monitor and computer. If dusty, then use a simple paintbrush to remove the dust particles.

Step 4: Connect your cable properly and check if the monitor randomly goes black issue has been fixed.

Note: If you have a different cable then try using it and this will identify cable issues if any.

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Method 2: Power Settings

Power Saving Mode is one of the major reasons if your screen goes black randomly. Check if you have enabled a customer power setting or turned on the screensaver mode. Follow the below-mentioned steps to check your current power settings:

Step 1: Type Power in the search box located in the left bottom corner of the taskbar.

Step 2: Select Power & Sleep Settings under Best Match.

Step 3: Now, make sure that the dropdown option is set to Never under Screen When Plugged In, Turn Off After option.


Step 4: Also the Never option must be selected under Sleep When Plugged In, PC goes to sleep after option.

Step 5: Now that the power settings have been taken care of, let us check the screen saver settings. For this exit out of the power settings and type Screensaver in the search box on your taskbar.

Step 6: Select, Turn Screensaver On or Off from the search results and click on it to open the Screen saver settings window.

Step 7: Check if the dropdown menu under Screen Saver is set to none. Click on the Apply button at the right bottom corner (if applicable) and then on the OK button.

Step 8: Reboot the computer and check if the PC screen turns black randomly issue has been resolved.

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Method 3: Update Drivers

Drivers are supposed to bridge the gap of communication between the hardware and the software. If the drivers are kept updated, then this would result in a smooth and flawless experience in using the computer. To update drivers on a PC, you can follow either of the two options listed below:

Option 1: Update The Drivers Manually

If you want to update the drivers manually, then you first need to identify the hardware make and model number. Once you have identified that then you can navigate to the official website and search for them. Every hardware manufacturer maintains an official website that hosts the most updated driver for your system. Once you have downloaded the driver, execute the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it and this will resolve the screen goes black randomly error.

Option 2: Update The Drivers Automatically

The alternative to update drivers manually is to install a third-party driver updater tool like Advanced Driver Updater. This app can help to scan and identify driver issues in your system like drivers that are outdated, corrupted, or missing. It then searches for the latest and most compatible drivers on the internet and replaces the existing ones on your computer. Here are the steps to use Advanced Driver Updater on your PC to resolve monitor randomly goes black issue:

Step 1: Download and Install Advanced Driver Updater on your system by clicking the download button below.

Step 2: Launch the app and click on the Start Scan Now button.


Step 3: From the list of driver issues displayed, locate your graphic driver and click the Update Driver link beside it to begin the update process.

update all

Once the drivers have been updated, restart your system and check if the PC screen turns black randomly issue has been resolved.

Method 4: Reset Monitor

Reset Monitor
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There is a special feature in your monitor that allows the user to reset all the settings back to the Factory Settings. You would have to check your Monitor’s manual to know how to carry out this. If you do not have a hard copy of your manual, then you can either search for tech videos on YouTube or download a softcopy of the manual from the manufacturer’s website.

To factory reset your monitor, you have to click on the menu button on the monitor and search the settings to locate an option that allows this. Once the reset process is complete, check if the screen goes black randomly issue is now fixed.

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The Final Word On How To Fix Monitor Randomly Goes Black On Windows 10 PC?

If you are facing the PC screen turns black randomly issue then you can follow any of the steps given above and resolve this issue. It becomes very difficult to use a monitor that randomly goes black as this will not allow you to use your computer. Try updating the drivers as this would result in enhanced performance of your PC. However, updating drivers manually is an impossible task and it is recommended to use Advanced Driver Updater for this very purpose.

For any queries or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below. We would love to get back to you with a solution. We regularly post tips and tricks, along with answers to common issues related to technology.

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