Mac Can’t Connect To iCloud Issue – 6 Ways to Fix

Mac can’t connect to iCloud? Yes, that sounds disheartening. iCloud stores all our data, literally. And being unable to access iCloud from your Mac is utterly frustrating. Curated by Apple, iCloud is a dedicated cloud storage service for Apple devices including Mac, iPhone, iPad where you can store your images, videos, documents, notes, and more, and access them anywhere. Not just macOS, iCloud is accessible on Windows as well. Did you know that?

Mac Can't Connect To iCloud Issue

Well, moving on to our subject, did you just encounter an unknown error on Mac? Well, even if you keep entering your Apple ID correctly multiple times, macOS still keeps popping this error message on the screen. Before you start wondering and questioning yourself whether you’re entering the accurate Apple ID password in the box, just wait and give it a thought

So, if you’re unable to access iCloud on your Mac, what would you do next? Confused? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this post, we have listed 6 effective troubleshooting ways that will allow you to fix the “Mac can’t connect to iCloud issue” with ease.

Let’s get started.

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Why is Mac Unable to Connect to iCloud?

When you hit this unexpected hurdle while you try reaching out to your iCloud account on a Mac device there may be several reasons why this issue may occur. Some of the most common causes include poor Internet connectivity, Apple servers down, corrupt OS, and another possible set of reasons.

iCloud is quite crucial for all of us! Isn’t it? So, let’s quickly learn how to overcome this issue on Mac using the simplest troubleshooting hacks. But before we proceed, backup all your important data, including photos, messages, notes, reminders. It will help you from keeping all your precious data intact, even when anything goes wrong.

How to Fix “Mac Can’t Connect to iCloud Issue”?

1 Quit All Apps and Programs

Before we proceed towards complex solutions, let’s start with the basics first. Try quitting all the active apps on your macOS to see if it resolves the issue.

You can simply press the Command + Q key combination to close the active app. Make sure that you quit all the active apps one by one. Also, if certain apps are not able to terminate, you can use the “Force Quit” option.

Mac Can’t Connect to iCloud Issue
Image source: Apple Support

To force quit an application on macOS, press Option + Command + Escape keys. Pick that troublesome app from the list and tap the “Force quite” button to shut it down.

After you quit all the apps on macOS, reboot your device to check if you’re able to connect to your iCloud account or not.

2 Set Date and Time Automatically

Most of you must’ve noticed, when anything goes wrong with your device, the OS reflects an incorrect date and time. (Even on Windows) So, if you see an abrupt date and time on your macOS, this solution can prove pretty helpful. Our next workaround to resolve the “Mac can’t connect to iCloud issue” is quite simple. You simply need to alter the date and time settings of your macOS. Follow these quick steps:

Tap the Apple icon, select “System Preferences”. Tap on “Date and Time”.

Mac Can't Connect To iCloud Issue

Check on the “Set date and time automatically” option and then save the recent changes.

3 Verify Apple ID Details

Before you start entering your Apple ID and password haphazardly and start panicking for no reason, make sure that you verify your Apple account details from its official website.

Launch any web browser and visit Apple ID’s official webpage.

Mac Can't Connect To iCloud Issue

Enter your Apple ID credentials and hit Enter. If you’re able to successfully log in to your Apple ID account, that’s great! But if you’re unable to sign in then, change your Apple ID password by using Two-Factor authentication.

Once you’re able to access your Apple ID account, verify all the details thoroughly.

If you want to reset your Apple ID password, visit this link.

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4 Check iCloud’s System Status

To make sure that Apple’s services are up and running on your macOS, Apple offers you a simple way to find that out.

Visit Apple’s system status website.

Mac Can't Connect To iCloud Issue

Here you will get a complete glimpse of the active status of all of Apple’s apps and services. If you see a green-colored icon next to all the apps, it indicates all the apps are currently working. In case, there’s an issue related to any of the Apple apps, you will see a red-colored triangular icon next to the apps’ title. To fix it, you have no other option but to wait until Apple resolves the issue from the server’s end.

5 Sign Out Your iCloud Account

iCloud stores almost all of our important data, including photos, videos, notes, documents, emails, and probably everything else. To address the “Mac can’t connect to iCloud issue” we will try signing out your Apple ID account temporarily.

To sign out your Apple ID account on macOS, tap the Apple menu icon and select “System Preferences”.

Select “Apple ID”.

Sign Out Your iCloud Account

In the Apple ID account window, switch to the “Overview” tab from the left menu pane.

Hit the “Sign out” button.

Hit the “Sign out” button.
Image source: Business Insider

After signing out your Apple ID account on your macOS, reboot your machine and then log in to your Apple ID account again.

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6 Try a Different Apple ID

Tried all of the above-mentioned solutions and still no luck? Still not able to access iCloud on your macOS? Well, we now recommend you try a different Apple ID instead just to be sure about what’s the underlying issue.

Try a Different Apple ID
Image source: Apple Support

You can ask any of your friends or family member’s Apple ID account details and login with it on your Mac device. If everything is working fine with the alternative Apple ID account, try reaching out to the Apple support team as they can guide you further.

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Here were the 6 most effective and simple troubleshooting workarounds to fix the “Mac can’t connect to iCloud issue”. You can use any of these solutions to start accessing your iCloud account again on Mac without any interruptions. Have any other queries in mind? Feel free to hit the comments space.

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