Lite Versions For Popular Smartphone Apps

Speeding up your device can be tricky. Most users might consider using a booster app, or killing apps that hog on smartphone power and resources. But instead of going through all that trouble, you can install lite version for the applications you have on your smartphone. It’s not necessary that you’ll find lite versions for all the apps on your smartphone. Nevertheless, most popular apps have their lite versions on the app store.

In this article, let us understand what are lite apps and for what all applications have their lite versions available.

What are lite apps?

Big companies like Facebook twitter Google etc. want every smartphone user to use their application. They design their applications in way that they can look attractive and full for features. Not necessarily every smartphone user is having unlimited data and a high-end phone. To cope with this these companies’ lite version of their apps which consumes less data and takes lesser space on the disk. In the lite version of applications, you may see only the basic features.

Popular applications for which you can get lite version

1. Facebook lite:

facebook lite

Facebook is one of the most popular app on the play store and you can find almost everyone on Facebook. It is also a powerful tool to reach people and this is why Facebook want every smartphone user should have this app. So, for the users having limited data and limited free space Facebook is having its lite version which takes less than 2 MB of space on your disc. If the only purpose you solve with the facebook app is checking notifications and going through news feeds than you should certainly go froth lite version.

2. Facebook Messenger lite:

facebook messanger logo

If you majorly use Facebook messenger to communicate with your friends then you do not need to carry the bulky messenger app Facebook messenger is also having lite version. Size of application is approximately 12 MB and you will not find features such as video or voice calling SMS integration but you can carry on with the basic text chat with the lite version of the app.

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3. Google Go:

Google Go

If you are having Facebook search app on your smartphone then you can replace it with the lite version known as Google Go. It is just a basic google search app with some useful links such as weather, translator Maps etc. in it. If you will go for this app you need to compromise Google feeds. In nutshell if you don’t want to compromise with the google Search App and lacking space then Google Go will be the right choice.

4. Skype lite:

Skype lite

We need to keep so many applications because different people use different apps to communicate with us. So, if like me your grandparents still use Skype to reach you than you should go for this app. Because it is the lite version so you may need to compromise in video quality. But it is a good option to keep in touch with those who still depend on Skype for video and voice calls.

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5. Twitter lite:

twitter lite logo

As I mentioned earlier in this article Twitter is also having a lite version for its main app. The app is an efficient tool to quickly tweet and to go through the tweets of people you follow. Interface of the application is very neat and easy to understand. Because the application is lite version so it takes only few MBs on your device.

This is how you can increase the disk space on your device by having the lite version of apps. People also use mobile web version for some of these utilities as an alternative. But installing a lite version of the same app is far more convenient.

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