Lite Apps For Android To Save Space And Data

No matter how alluring and engaging your favorite apps are, they drain your phone’s battery, eat up your phone’s memory, and slow it down, do you agree or not? Has the evil thought of uninstalling the culprit app crossed your mind? Well, don’t worry, you don’t have to stop using an app, just because it is using too much memory. There are lite versions of popular apps available on the Google Play Store, which help users save space and data.

In this post, we have curated a list of lite apps for Android. The list covers popular social media platforms along with some famous apps which are hard to live without. The lite version of these apps will help you stay hooked and will save storage space too.

List Of Lite Apps For Android:

Use the lite apps for Android to connect with people on the internet and much more and still maintain the storage space in your phone.

1. FB Lite Messenger-

Messenger Lite

If you wish to continue using Messenger on your Android device, but the storage won’t allow, go for FB Messenger Lite. This is an efficient way to use the app by saving up the data on your phone. The app is of less than 10MB in size. Messenger Lite free download is available on Google Play Store. With the app, you can make one on one free voice and video calls over WiFi. Send chat messages in a group or to an individual along with files to any contact on Facebook, Messenger or Facebook Lite. The advantage over the Messenger app is that it requires less cellular data to load and therefore works in low network areas too.

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2. Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite apps for android 

Twitter Lite is another one of the important apps to help you save data and space on your Android devices. It is an app which will take less than 3MB of storage space on your phone. Check the updates on your phone with 2G and 3G effectively, and don’t let you miss out on anything new. Get all the notifications and text with your contacts and other people on Twitter. You can explore the trending topics and the latest hashtags on the app. Images, videos, GIFs, live news broadcasts can be easily played on the Twitter Lite app.

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3. Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite apps for android

Instagram Lite can be used for all of the features from the original app, but this will use less of the storage space and data of your phone. The app lets you post pictures and edit them with filters. Add multiple photos on the story feature and share them with the world. Explore the app for different posts from the accounts from all over the world. You can also send and receive messages from your friends on this Instagram lite app for Android. 

4. Pubg Lite

Pubg lite apps for android

Pubg Lite is another one of the popular lite apps for Android. The famous game has many glued to it but to keep it using on the phone is a little bit of a problem as it requires a lot of space. The original app needs a 1.8 GB of space whereas Pubg Lite is of 514MB only. This app has upto 60 players on the smaller map with the same combat experience. Use voice chat while playing with your friends in a team. A fair environment is provided with the anti-cheating techniques used for all the players on this app.

5. FB Lite

FB Lite apps for Android

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and this can be said as quite engaging. Therefore we would suggest getting FB lite app for your Android to keep using the app but on lower consumption of data. All the functions of Facebook are available, and this app works on 2G too. FB lite download will help you stay connected with your Facebook friends and contacts regularly. Use it to share posts, pictures, memes using Facebook emoji. Get the notifications of comments from friends and leave your reactions on other’s posts. Use Facebook Marketplace to make purchases or to sell and write reviews.

6. TikTok Lite

TikTok Lite apps for android 

TikTok Lite is a 30 MB of size as compared to the 72 MB of the original TikTok size. Being smaller in size, it saves data and is lighter on the phone storage. The battery consumption is although the same as the video playback is same for both apps. TikTok Lite has fewer features than the main app. TikTok Lite can be used to copy links to other platforms while the sharing option remains absent. The TikTok videos can be reported within this app.

7. YouTube Go

YouTube Go 

YouTube is the top video streaming platform around the globe and this one of the most sought after app. YouTube Go comes in compact size as compared to the YouTube app for your smartphone. It works for slow internet connection and low cellular data. Select from the data saver options for streaming a video on the app. It is made for the less internal storage available on your phone and hence one of the great lite apps for Android.

8. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Lite is the lighter version which is to be used as a lite app for Android. It allows the users to continue with their reading on the go. The app is not affected by network issues as it also works on a 2G connection. You can read online or download the books from the wide collection on Kindle with this app. The app allows you to personalize the reading experience with font sizes, light and dark modes. It also helps you check on the data usage on WiFi or cellular data on your phone.

9. Uber lite

uber lite 

Uber Lite works best for booking cabs on the 2G network. This app can be useful for the slow connection, this lightweight app can be easily squeezed in your low storage on the device. Use the app to book the rides just the same as the traditional app. You can share the ride status, and track your ride in this lite app for Android.

10. Line Lite

Line Lite

Line Lite is a less than 1MB and is one of the most useful texting and calling app for Android users. It was released a few years back with the demand for users with less internal storage. To use the app, sign in to your account and add your friends. Make voice and video calls with them or connect over texts and it will work for the slower network easily. This is one of the useful lite apps for Android for communication.

12. Skype Lite

Skype Lite apps for Android

Skype Lite is one of the most needed apps as it is considered as one of the best video calling apps on Android. This app is a lightweight version of Skype, but you can still make group calls on it. This is basically meant for the Indian market, and the app is used widely in the country. The app lets you use the SMS feature for the contacts on Skype and the Android device. The inbuilt feature of data usage will help you keep your data usage in check.

Wrapping up:

All these lite apps for Android will be good for your phone data and also good for the ones with limited internal storage. Uber, Facebook, Pubg, Amazon Kindle. Skype, Messenger, Line chat messenger, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube Go, etc are the apps we require to use every day.  So download the lite version of your favorite apps and forget the worries of low storage space.

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