Keep Quarantined Or Delete: What Should You Do About A Malware?

Often, when you complete a regular scan with your Antivirus software & it asks permission to take the necessary required action. Whether you would like to Quarantine the detected virus or Delete it. Depending upon the importance of your file, you clicked the ‘Yes’ button to Quarantine it. But what does it actually mean? Is it safe for your computer?

It’s essential to understand the depth, so you know what happens when you quarantine files that are detected as unsafe for your computer.

Antivirus: Quarantine VS Delete

Here’s a quick rundown of both the functions:

Quarantining a file means, it will no longer be able to trigger its malicious codes which can harm your data or OS. Instead, the detected virus gets moved to a safe location that the Antivirus Solution manages. The file gets automatically shifted to a secure path known as Virus Chest!

Deleting a file means, it would completely be eliminated from the computer. As with any deleted file, the files removed via Antivirus Software is longer visible to you & can’t get in use ever.

Deleting a file
Quarantine VS Delete

Why Quarantine?

Since Quarantine is a special storage location explicitly designed for storing the objects potentially infected with viruses. People may think that they might pose a serious threat to your PC at some time. But in reality, it’s safe storage that’s under the control of Antivirus application you’re running. In fact, quarantining viruses has your best interest in mind. Wondering how?

Well, with the first being said, the detected malicious content can entirely be a false alarm. In simple terms, the Antivirus service you’re using might detect that something is suspicious and thus asks you to put the files into quarantine. And once you do that, there might be chances that suddenly important program stops running on your PC. A perfectly harmless file can appear out to be inappropriate, and that’s the solid reason to quarantine a file, rather than removing it from your system, for the proper functioning of other programs stored on your system.

So, next time one of the programs that you regularly use suddenly stops working after you quarantine something. It’s likely the file is safe, and you can go ahead to restore them from the Quarantine folder.

Another great reason to quarantine viruses is so that the Antivirus company can investigate them. It helps the software not to produce the same false alarm again & ultimately keep you safe from similar viruses and malicious content.

Why Delete?

Deleting a file eliminates your chance to check the importance of file that is tagged as harmful, (but might not be a serious threat). But once the file is deleted, you can never use it or help the program or app that might be facing issues without the detected file that was safe to use.

So, What Do You Do With The Infected File? Do You Quarantine? Or Do You Delete?

Well, the answer is much more complicated. Both security functions are essential. Initially, it’s suggested to leave the file in quarantine folder so that you can figure out more about the related effects.

Most of the Anti-malware programs keep the Quarantined files for a certain duration, after a time they get automatically removed. Within time, you can observe all the programs you use are working effectively. Keeping files quarantined is actually a middle ground for times when you can easily restore a file that was mistakenly tagged as harmful by Antivirus software.

It helps the security solutions to know which files to ignore while scanning, associated with legitimate apps that are perfectly harmless and ultimately reduce the false alarm reports for the same.


Why Quarantine
Source: BitDegree

What Is The Simplest Way To Protect Your Computer?

Using a reliable Antivirus Solution would be job one, that uses smart and advanced algorithms to detect and helps you analyze which file you should Quarantine & which to Delete.

We recommend using, Advanced System Protector for Windows users and Systweak Anti-Malware for macOS users. Both the security solutions play a crucial role in safeguarding your PC by providing a shield to protect the data stored on it. The Anti-Malware software comes loaded with amazing features that help users to scan and remove every type of threats, malware, spyware & adware strings.

Download Advanced System Protector

Download Systweak Anti-Malware

Both the software works with effective & powerful engines and gets frequent database updates. So, that no existing or upcoming security threat can pose a danger to your system.

Other tactics you can try to protect your computer from Malware are listed right here & here!

Learn about some other Best Antivirus Solutions for Windows & macOS!

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