iPhone Touchscreen Not Working ? Here Are The Fixes!

We can imagine the situation when you pick up your ringing phone, slide it and it doesn’t respond. It can certainly grind your gears! Now that you are trying to unlock it for searching a contact or reading a WhatsApp message and iPhone Touchscreen is not responding to the touch, it most probably requires some fixes.

These issues could be due to many reasons including software related, screen crud, screen damage or the problematic phone itself. But some quick fixes at home can work to a great extent. So what are these fixes for iPhone Touchscreen not working ? Well, keep scrolling!

iPhone Touchscreen Not Working ?

1. Check Whether Your Fingers & Screen Are Clean

We don’t realize that some of the particles or their residues get settled on the screen and hinders the touch response. These particles could be of oil, liquids, moisture, food crust or anything else. Similarly, your finger could also be containing such foreign material that makes the iPhone screen unresponsive.

So all you have to do is begin with wiping the screen using a cotton cloth. If oil patches are still visible, try using a damp cloth. Moreover, wash your hands and dry them properly before sliding the lock off.

In some cases, the thick screen protector becomes an obstruction. Better remove it off and apply to troubleshoot the flaw.

2. Re-check 3D Touch Sensitivity

When you are willing to fix your iPhone screen, it is best to adjust 3D touch sensitivity.

For the same, reach to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch > Toggle On/Off 3D touch and adjust the sensitivity in between Light to Firm.

Re-check 3D Touch Sensitivity

For each of them, check the responses and finally settle on one which works for you.

3. Apply Hard-Rebooting

Yes, you can simply restart the phone as well when the iPhone touchscreen is not working. But hard-rebooting is known to be more effective and force the iPhone to act way better.

How to apply it? Hold Volume Down button + Power button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If you carry iPhone 6S or older, click the Home + Power buttons until the Apple logo comes on the screen.

If any software has frozen or a minor bug has been itching the flow, iPhone’s touch screen would surely start working.

4. Free Up Space On iPhone

Things can get tangled when there is no space left and the iPhone screen may not respond to your touch. If you wish to check the situation, head to  Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Free Up Space On iPhone

You shall keep deleting unused apps by yourself from time to time as it not only gives space for the future but also kills old bugs or unresponsiveness. This is extremely necessary for smooth functioning as well as fixing the iPhone screen.

5. Reset Your iPhone

It is well known that resetting will remove everything from your phone, so better take a backup beforehand using Systweak Right Backup. Start everything fresh post resetting and it will quite probably start working.

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Reset Your iPhone

After this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

iPhone Screen Still Not Responding ?

You might have tried every step mentioned above, yet the screen is giving you a blank look due to unknown reasons?

Well, if your iPhone screen is unresponsive, don’t panic! Visit nearby Apple repair store or contact Apple support. Though rebooting the phone usually repairs minor problems related to the touchscreen but a major breakage or hardware problem may not get resolved.

We would also like to know which method worked for you in the comment section below. Let us know and do not forget to like & subscribe to our Facebook & YouTube page.

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