iOS 15 Common Problems and Issues You Should Know Before Installing

The most awaited and first-ever update for iOS users that is not mandatory – iOS15, is out for various iPhone models. If you haven’t installed it yet, I will suggest you read this article. 

I am not saying there’s anything wrong with iOS 15, or you should avoid it. However, just so you know, like other iOS updates, iOS 15 also has its share of issues. So, before you decide to download it, why not know about these issues and common problems that you might face once you have iOS 15 on your favorite iPhone.

Is It Safe To Upgrade To iOS 15?

Well, it doesn’t look like updating to iOS 15 will do any harm. Still, it depends on you, whether you want to upgrade to iOS 15 or not. Recently Apple said, it has patched 22 vulnerabilities in iOS 15.

However, one thing is for sure, it doesn’t matter how extended the beta process is, problems make their way through cracks. In simple terms, Apple’s new version of iOS 15 is not as smooth as was thought. Many users who have upgraded to iOS 15 have reported certain problems. A lot of these problems are brand new, others are persistent and carried over from iOS 14.

So, without any further delay, let’s know about the common iOS 15 problems.

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Common iOS 15 Problems

Before, through the list of common issues, here’s an important bug that has been recently reported. The issue is said to affect the performance of touch screens. Some users aren’t able to use touch screens while others say that the screen becomes completely unresponsive. At first, it looked like it was an app-specific problem. But that doesn’t seem to be the case as users are facing this problem while using different apps.

The only way to fix this problem, as of now, is to let the battery drain. This helps make the phone and touchscreen responsive. 

It’s not a new issue. The same was reported in the beta version of iOS 15.

Now let’s know about the existing issues reported by iOS 15 users.

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Common iOS 15 Problems and Issues And How To Fix Them

1. iOS 15 – Shared with you not working on

iOS 15 Common Problems and Issues

The latest iOS 15 feature Shared with You allows others to share content with you from the Music, Apple TV, News, Photos, Podcasts, and Safari apps. Using this feature, any content shared in the Messages app is automatically organized in a Shared with You section in the Music, Apple TV, News, Photos, Podcasts, and Safari apps.

This new feature makes revisiting things sent by friends and family in Messages easy. However, after upgrading to iOS 15 many users are facing problems with Shared with You. 

Fix – If the feature doesn’t work with Safari and Photos, try using it with Apple Music as it works with 6 different apps. Until a fix is released, you can try this workaround.

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2. iOS 15 – iCloud storage could not be upgraded at this time

iOS 15 Common Problems and Issues

We all know Apple offers 5GB of free iCloud storage space. This space is used to synchronize important data. However, when it gets filled, you either have to delete data or purchase additional space. If you fall in the latter category and are planning to upgrade iCloud storage with the cheapest £0.79 option, sadly you cannot. iOS 15 is not allowing users to upgrade iCloud storage. This means after upgrading to iOS 15 if you try to upgrade storage space on iCloud, Apple won’t let you do it.

Fix – Talk to Apple support and see if they can resolve it.

3. No sound on Instagram after upgrading to iOS 15


Many users complain that after upgrading to iOS 15, there is no sound on their Instagram stories. Since each new version of iOS brings some or the other problems this is not surprising. But, the growing list of issues in iOS 15 is alarming. Fix – Turn off the silent mode and switch back to regular mode. The trick has worked for many users and it might work for you too, to get the sound back. In addition to this, you can also try updating the Instagram app to the latest version. In case nothing works, you have to wait for another update or can contact Apple support.

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4. FaceTime SharePlay not working in iOS 15

iOS 15 Common Problems and Issues

The new FaceTime feature SharePlay allows users to have a shared experience primarily, while on a FaceTime call is not working for users after upgrading to iOS 15.

Using this feature when on Facetime, you can switch to other applications such as Apple Music, Apple TV, etc. Also, when they play music or video on either of these applications everyone on FaceTime can listen to it in sync.

Furthermore, each member on the session has access to multimedia controls – volume and playback options & can communicate via iMessage. But SharePlay stopped working in iOS15, the reason is unknown. 

Fix – Report the bug to the developer or wait for the latest iOS 15 update

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5. Widgets went black after updating to iOS 15

iOS 15 Common Problems and Issues

If widgets on your iPhone are randomly showing a blank screen or have gone black. You are amongst the few unlucky iOS 15 users for whom Widgets aren’t working. 

Fix – To get it fixed, close all your apps, including the ones running in the background. Remove the widgets that aren’t working. Add them again.

If this doesn’t work, you will need to remove and reinstall apps with widgets. In addition to this, go to iPhone settings > Face ID & Passcode > enable today view under the option > Allow Access When Locked.

This should help fix the problem. 

If nothing works for you, then there is no other option but to wait for the iOS 15 update.

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6. iOS 15 Bluetooth problems

After updating to iOS 15, if you are facing Bluetooth connectivity issues, here are a few workarounds. 

Fix – First forget your Bluetooth connection. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to iPhone Settings > Tap Bluetooth.

2. Using the “i” in the circle, select the connection.

3. Tap Forget this Device > try reconnecting.

If this doesn’t work, we will need to reset the iPhone’s Network Settings.

Follow the instructions to reset network settings:

Note: Resetting network settings will delete saved Wi-Fi passwords. Therefore, before you follow these steps make sure you have the passwords with you.

4. Go to iPhone’s Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Wait for a minute or so to finish the process.

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7. iOS 15 GPS Issues

After updating to iOS 15 if GPS starts to act weirdly, before following the steps mentioned below, try restarting your phone. If rebooting the phone doesn’t help, follow the steps:

1. Go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Locations Service > tap the app in question > leaving Never select some other option.

Now see if this helps.

Note: Selecting Never will stop GPS.

In addition to this, try disabling and enabling GPS service.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Service > Toggle off and wait for 2-3 seconds > enable it.

That’s it this should fix the GPS issue. 

tipsAdditional Tip

If you’re unhappy with iOS 15 and regret updating. The only way out is to downgrade from iOS 15 to iOS 14. For this, you can read a previous post on how to go back to iOS 14. Remember you can go to the latest iOS 14 update that is iOS 14.8, you cannot go to the older iOS 14 version. 

Common iOS 15 Problems Without A Fix

1. iTunes cannot run because some of its required files are missing. Please reinstall iTunes.

iOS 15 Common Problems and Issues

This looks like a serious bug. However, the fix for this one is not yet available. This means, if you are facing this problem, you’ll have to wait for Apple to fix this problem. 

2. iOS 15 – Running out of storage space

iOS 15 Common Problems and Issues

This is a very common problem for iPhone users. However, in iOS 15 it has taken a new turn. Even though users have enough storage space, they get Storage Almost Full messages. It is likely a glitch in iOS 15 and the only way to fix it is to update iOS when Apple releases a patch.

Wrap Up

The iOS update is something that all iOS users look forward to. However, alongside bringing new features it also brings a load of bugs and problems. In this post, we listed some of the common problems that have been reported by iOS 15 users. You can try the fixes as explained and see if it works for you. In case nothing works, you can downgrade to iOS 14.

To stay updated and know more about iOS 15 issues and how to fix them, bookmark this page and subscribe to our social media channels.

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